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Here's Me, Calacanis and Scooby-Don't Yammering on About Tech Stuff

Despite the goofy googles, this was a pretty good chitchat.

If you have absolutely nothing to do tonight, here’s “This Week in Startups,” the online show by Jason Calacanis, to watch.

Along with me, the other guest was Robert Scoble — whom I have nicknamed Scooby-Don’t (a term of endearment) and whom Gawker just described as an “overpaid manbaby technologist” (not meant as a term of endearment). As it turned out, it was a lively discussion about a wide range of topics.

Those include: Some jerky blog posts that were written by some dopey techies about homeless people in San Francisco; the New York Times editorial calling for some kind of clemency for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden; what’s up with our new website, Re/code; and other various and sundry techie things.

It’s actually a good discussion, though I had no idea Scoobs was wearing those goofy googles — for which I might have teased him mercilessly.

Here it is:

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