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Microsoft Board Set to Meet This Weekend -- Just Not During Super Bowl -- With CEO Choice Coming Next Week

When will this endless search finally cross the goal line? In any case, go Hawks!

According to numerous sources, the board of Microsoft will be meeting sometime this weekend to begin its longish process of voting in its new CEO, which is likely to be enterprise head Satya Nadella.

One thing that will interrupt is the Super Bowl, which is apparently some big football game that is important to the Seattle area where the software giant is headquartered.

All joking aside, stepping on the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is a consideration; Microsoft sources said that the annual sports spectacle is likely to extend the final announcement into early next week.

Does that mean Monday? It would be a stretch. Tuesday. Perhaps. By Wednesday? Let’s hope so!

Re/code had first reported yesterday that internal candidate Nadella was likely to get the nod within a week, which was followed by other reports of his expected ascension to become the third CEO in Microsoft’s history.

That remains the case, with Nadella discussing with chairman, former CEO and co-founder Bill Gates a more active role in helping him out as he takes over a hopelessly complex and massive company.

Such involvement might include Gates stepping down as the board leader in favor of director John Thompson, a move first reported by Bloomberg. In any scenario, Gates would remain on the Microsoft board.

More to come, but let’s keep in mind that there has been no vote as yet and there will be no winner until the final whistle is blown.

Including in the Super Bowl. (Go Hawks!)

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