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T-Mobile CEO Calls AT&T's Bid to Poach His Customers a "Desperate Move"

John Legere insists customers won't be fooled into going back.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere shrugged off AT&T’s latest bid to win over his customers, saying their poaching bid amounts to a “bribe” that won’t fool anyone.

Earlier on Friday, AT&T announced a limited-time offer giving T-Mobile customers up to $450 in credit if they switch over to AT&T.

“This is a desperate move by AT&T on the heels of what must have been a terrible Q4 and holiday for them,” Legere said in an email to Re/code. “Consumers won’t be fooled. … Nothing has changed, customers will still feel the same old pain that AT&T is famous for. Just wait until CES to hear what pain points we are eliminating next. The competition is going to be toast!”

When AT&T called off its plan to buy T-Mobile, it had to pay a ton of cash to the smaller carrier — money that Legere said has been used to create a better alternative.

“We used AT&T’s cash to build a far superior network and added ‘un-carrier’ moves to take tons of their customers – and now they want to bribe them back,” Legere said. “I’m flattered that we have made them so uncomfortable!”

T-Mobile is expected to launch its latest offer at CES, in what it has dubbed “Un-Carrier 4.0.” Last year, T-Mobile made a series of moves including dropping long-term contracts and phone subsidies, offering the Jump early-upgrade program and giving free and low-cost options to customers traveling overseas.

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