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BlackBerry OS Update Adds New Gestures, Improved Call Handling

Users can also now reply from the lock screen or unlock using a picture-number combination.


BlackBerry announced a new software update Tuesday designed to improve the usefulness of two key areas: The central BlackBerry Hub and the phone dialer.

In the Hub, a new pinch gesture allows BlackBerry owners to filter their inbox to show a designated set of messages, such as those that are unread, high priority or flagged for follow-up. The phone app now allows users to swipe one direction to answer a call or decline the call and reply via either BlackBerry Messenger or text message.

CEO John Chen has said the company is putting its focus on improving the productivity features of BlackBerry to make it more useful to its core base of customers — business people relying on their phones to keep them in the loop.

Overall, BlackBerry said that the OS update, version 10.2.1, adds “hundreds of new enhancements and refinements.” Other changes include the ability to reply to certain notifications from the lock screen as well as the option to unlock a phone using a combination of a picture and number.

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