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Start Spreading the News -- This "Stay, Sean Hannity" Video Rocks

The grievance train to victim town makes a very funny stop.

Jon Stewart does perhaps the most perfect skewering of Fox loud-talker Sean Hannity, trying to help him with options after New York governor Andrew Cuomo pondered out loud that New York might not be a good place for loud-talking right-wing conservatives to be.

Not surprisingly, Hannity loud-talked about it for days and days on cable: “Why should I move forward when my governor says there’s no place for me in New York?”

Noted Stewart perfectly, listing all the means of transport from the state:

“It’s not East Germany, you can get out any time,” he said, pointing out that Hannity preferred instead to take “the grievance train to victim town, which is really the only public transportation he has been on.”

But then he followed up with this musical gem topper to convince Hannity to stay:

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