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Microsoft Sold Five Million Xbox 360s, Four Million Xbox Ones in Last Six Months

8.6 million total.


Correction: An earlier version of this story referred to an Xbox One sales number previously announced by Microsoft, when a press release today offered a higher number for the same time period.

Microsoft sold more Xbox 360s than Xbox Ones in the back half of 2013, but recorded a net increase in sales across the console family year-over-year, according to its Q2 earnings report, out today.

“We sold 8.6 million Xbox consoles during the first half of fiscal year 2014, compared with 7.5 million Xbox consoles during the first half of fiscal year 2013,” the company wrote in its official 10-Q filing with the SEC.

The Xbox One was not yet released in FY 2013, and the company previously announced that it had sold more than three million of the next-gen consoles sold 3.9 million Xbox Ones into stores in the last five and a half weeks of the year, according to a press release. So, that means it moved approximately 5.6 4.7 million Xbox 360s in the past six months.

That’s a drop of less than two three million Xbox 360s year-over-year and in the middle of a new hardware hype cycle. Not bad.

If those numbers surprise you, they shouldn’t. It’s customary for last-gen consoles (like past-year models of cars) to get price cuts after their successors come out, and those cuts often spur sales among price-sensitive gamers who had held out so far. This extends the life cycle of older generations; Sony famously didn’t stop making the PlayStation 2 (first released in 2000) until 2013.

And speaking of Sony — the Xbox One beat its main rival, the PlayStation 4, on U.S. store shelves last month, according to the NPD group, even though the PS4 is ahead globally. Combined, these recent console sales trends are perhaps a welcome sign to investors after Microsoft’s recent troubles in other hardware segments.

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