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Verizon Tests Lower-Priced Monthly Plan

The $60-per-month plan includes just 250MB of data.


Verizon Wireless on Monday announced a lower-priced option in its standard “Share Everything” data plans.

At $60 per month, the plan is $20 cheaper than the next-less-expensive plan. However, it includes just 250 megabytes of data, which isn’t much for one smartphone, let alone to share with any other devices. Verizon says the limited-time offer is designed to appeal to those who want unlimited calling and texting but don’t necessarily use much data with their smartphone.

Those with a basic phone can sign up for the same amount of data, unlimited calling and texting for $50 per month.

The move to add lower priced options comes amid tough price pressure from No. 4 carrier T-Mobile USA and No. 3 player Sprint, which earlier this month announced a new set of “Framily” plans that allow people to get group discounts by joining with friends and family but maintaining separate bills.

T-Mobile has made a variety of moves over the past year, including doing away with long-term contracts and phone subsidies, offering a $10-per-month early upgrade plan and, most recently, offering up to $350 to customers switching from another carrier.

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