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Moneyball: Andreessen Horowitz's Latest $1.5 Billion Fund Is Oversubscribed

More dough for the high-profile firm.

Earlier today, Fortune’s Dan Primack reported that one of Silicon Valley’s most powerful VCs was close to raising another $1.5 billion fund.

Sources confirmed the effort to Re/code, which should be wrapped up by the spring, and noted it was oversubscribed.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the high-profile venture firm — which has majorly impacted the investing game throughout the sector in a variety of ways, engendering both envy and admiration — would be able to easily raise money, even more so as the tech sector has continued to boom.

The new fund will be its fourth in just five years — previous ones have been its first for $300 million, the second for $900 million and a third for $1.5 billion. The initial fund has apparently already yielded returns two times over and included big wins such as Skype (sold to Microsoft) and Nicira Networks (sold to VMware). Andreessen Horowitz’s third fund included Zulily, which has had a successful IPO.

As the firm’s co-founder Marc Andreessen had noted when he launched the firm, its investments have been wide-ranging in size, from $100 million in GitHub in 2012 to a recent $25 million investment in Coinbase in late 2013.

An Andreessen Horowitz spokesperson declined to comment.

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