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Games Investment Returned to Pre-Zynga Levels in 2013, Thanks to Mobile

A slight recovery, but a recovery nonetheless, according to Digi-Capital.

Clash of Clans / Supercell

Gaming investment in 2013 returned “to 2010 levels,” an increase of 16 percent over the year before, according to the latest Global Games Investment Review, released by Digi-Capital today.

Why is 2010 interesting? Because Zynga’s not-so-awesome IPO scared off many investors after the company’s stock cratered in early 2012. Now at a safe remove from that episode, those investors have forgiven or forgotten, or just noticed new opportunities that weren’t as obvious in the heyday of social-gaming hype.

Unsurprisingly, Digi-Capital attributes the return last year to approximately $1 billion in games investment to mobile games and gaming technology/B2B companies, with little investment activity in the social/casual, console/PC or advertising sectors of the industry.

The report also notes a new record for gaming mergers & acquisitions, up to a value of $5.6 billion in 2013, attributed to “mobile and Asia.” Read: Thanks a bunch, SoftBank and GungHo, for plunking down $1.5 billion on Supercell last year.

Digi-Capital predicts that by 2017, mobile and online games will represent 60 percent of a $100 billion overall revenue tally for gaming.

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