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Marissa Mayer in Las Vegas, Giant TVs and CES Ghosts: Re/code on TV

A CES extravaganza.

For Re/code, International CES was the gadget convention at which to see the latest televisions — and to be seen on them. The event brought with it an array of TV appearances for the Re/code team, with Kara Swisher, Walt Mossberg and their colleagues weighing in on everything from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s keynote performance to smart homes. Here’s a selection of TV appearances from the week:

Kara Swisher on Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer:

Walt Mossberg on hot CES Gadgets:

Liz Gannes on smart homes

Kara Swisher on Microsoft’s search for a new CEO:

Walt Mossberg and Liz Gannes: “Seeing The Future at CES”

Lauren Goode on the ghosts of CES past:

Peter Kafka on the fate of Web TV services:

Liz Gannes and Walt Mossberg on smart things:

Ina Fried on BlackBerry:

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