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Why Is Marc Andreessen Going Nutso on Twitter? He Explains.

But he's not taking lessons from Rupert Murdoch.

After close to 1,000 days away from Twitter, it seems Marc Andreessen’s New Year’s Resolution is to tweet more.

A lot more, apparently, with the famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist and software-eating-everything pundit taking a page from media mogul Rupert Murdoch by becoming a manic poster of 140-character asides.

It began with a funny by Andreessen, with a reference made famous by Ronald Reagan:

In a call tonight, Andreessen told me that he timed the first tweet for midnight to give himself the inspiration to keep tweeting all year. He has not posted to the social communications service since a single tweet in April of 2011.

Before that, it was a year earlier and before that, nothing.

“I have always been tweeting in my head,” he said, which he also had tweeted yesterday. “But this has been on my list for a long time.”

Since then, the tweets have been plentiful and completely random. In five tweets, he made a list of why it was the best year in human history. In another, he quoted Steve Jobs.

Then there was a tweet on horse pollution. And robots, just three hours ago.

And it’s still going and will continue, said Andreessen. I reminded him of his short blogging career — though he still does post occasionally on the Andreessen Horowitz site — several years ago, when he told me he was going to really go to town on the Web.

“Well, I started a VC firm, so I was busy,” he said.

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