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The US government wants to stop the biggest deal in video game history

Microsoft is facing a US antitrust suit. Again.

Layoffs, buyouts, and rescinded offers: Amazon’s status as a top tech employer is taking a hit

A leaked memo shows Amazon was concerned with attracting and retaining top engineers earlier this year.

How migration has shaped the World Cup

The number of foreign-born players at the World Cup is increasing. Here’s why.

Elon Musk’s tunnels to nowhere

The billionaire dug himself into a hole with the Boring Company.

Apple makes it easier to keep your data secret from hackers, cops, and even Apple

How to encrypt most of your iCloud data — and why you should.

Why is Hulu’s Fleishman Is in Trouble so boring?

The TV adaptation, now on Hulu and FX, is too literary for its own good.

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The prisoner swap for Brittney Griner

US officials are sending the “Merchant of Death” — a notorious arms dealer named Viktor Bout — back to Russia in exchange for the WNBA star’s release. We revisit our conversation with author Douglas Farah, author of “Merchant of Death: Money, Guns, Planes, and the Man Who Makes War Possible.”

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Trading Brittney Griner for the “Merchant of Death”

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What the Respect for Marriage Act actually does

Why Republicans are so intent on rolling back the military’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

The people who hate Sam Bankman-Fried the most

Amy Coney Barrett appears likely to block the GOP’s latest attack on democracy

AI is finally good at stuff, and that’s a problem

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Mauna Loa is erupting in Hawaii. Here are 7 things to know about volcanoes.

The 4 major criminal probes into Donald Trump, explained

We don’t need another Twitter

World leaders have 2 weeks to agree on a plan to save nature

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Every “chronically online” conversation is the same

The Good Morning America anchors made cheating scandals fun again

What your kid’s teacher really wants for the holidays

China’s health system isn’t ready for the end of “zero Covid”

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The 3 winners and 3 losers from the Georgia runoff

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Raphael Warnock is officially Democrats’ 51st senator. Here’s why that matters.


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The bipartisan bill that could protect elections

Why lawmakers are trying to reform a 135-year-old law.

A Senate breakthrough on immigration might still be a long shot

Trump’s company was just convicted of fraud. That’s the least of his legal worries.

The US has never recorded this many positive flu tests in one week

What to know about the $60 price cap, the plan to limit Russia’s oil revenues

Lots of bad science still gets published. Here’s how we can change that.

5 key questions the Georgia Senate runoff will answer

We forgot to fix unemployment insurance yet again

China’s protests are testing the surveillance state

Inside the fight for an end-of-year deal on the child tax credit

The White Lotus is reinventing the ugly American tourist

Why does the US keep running out of medicine?

A driver killed her daughter. She won’t let the world forget.

Large vehicles and unsafe streets are killing too many people, including 5-year-old Allison Hart. Now, her mother is fighting for safer streets.

What Congress can do with Trump’s tax returns

The deranged Supreme Court case that threatens US democracy, explained

Qatar’s anti-LGBTQ policies, explained

Biden and Putin just said they’re open to talks. Don’t count on it happening soon.

Illustration of two holiday ornaments wrapped in hundred dollar bills hanging from the branch of an evergreen tree.

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The next Congress will be the most representative of Latino identity ever

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The Future Perfect 50

The scientists, thinkers, scholars, writers, and activists building a more perfect future.

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The big stakes in the Supreme Court’s new LGBTQ rights case