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Saudi Arabia may say it killed Jamal Khashoggi by accident

It’s possible this is all just an effort to absolve Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of blame.

Traditional clothes don’t work for some people with disabilities — and that’s a major problem

Stylist Stephanie Thomas helps her clients find smart, fashionable looks and wants to make adaptive clothing more readily available.

Why so many people who need the government hate it

Everyone benefits from welfare. Here’s why most people don’t know that.

Hurricane Michael showed how woefully unprepared the military is for extreme weather

The military says climate change is a "threat multiplier." It’s still struggling to prepare for those threats.

I’m a sexual assault survivor. And a conservative. The Kavanaugh hearings were excruciating.

I’m appalled at the response from my own community on Kavanaugh.

Registered to vote? Here are the voter registration deadlines in all 50 states.

The 2018 midterm elections are less than a month away.

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Remember, remember the 6th of November

Midterm elections are three weeks and a day away. Vox’s Dylan Scott says if you think the country's polarized, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels’s defamation suit against Trump, requires her to pay his legal fees

Republican Duncan Hunter is baselessly calling his Mexican-Palestinian-American opponent a “security threat”

What has become of the engagement ring Pete Davidson gave Ariana Grande?

The GOP plan to get Americans off food stamps puts 4 million children and seniors at risk

The social science guide to picking a career you'll love

Progressives have nothing to learn from “nationalist” backlash politics

This autism dad is fighting anti-vaxxers because he’s worried they’re winning

The 13 most important governor elections in 2018, briefly explained

Vox Sentences: Lights out in Northern California

German leader Angela Merkel was just dealt a major political blow

The weekend in the US-Saudi fight over Jamal Khashoggi, explained

The only thing that can protect you from your gadgets is more gadgets

The Proud Boys, the bizarre far-right street fighters behind violence in New York, explained

Hillary Clinton’s defense of Bill Clinton is why women don’t come forward

Why Bill Gates is worried

Pharma’s new plan to put more info — but not drug list prices — in TV ads

Trump taps Medicaid critic to run Medicaid

What Elizabeth Warren’s DNA teaches us about ancestry

Get ready for the tabloid headlines about Meghan Markle “flaunting her baby bump”

The alt-right loves YouTube

The biggest political problem in America, explained in one chart

How to save a stranger’s life

At the Instagram restaurant where nobody is Instagramming

MLM companies say they can make you rich. Here’s what 7 sellers actually earned.

Oscar Romero, a martyr for social justice and the newest Catholic saint, explained

The criminalization of blackness isn’t just about adults. It affects black kids too.

Why the Marvel Cinematic Universe feels empty

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is an old West folk tale, with a signature Coen brothers twist

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From “Mad Dog” to “Democrat”: How Defense Secretary Mattis lost Trump

Proportional representation could save America

The untold story of the migrant “caravan”: how Trump’s border crackdown endangered immigrants’ lives

Sears filed for bankruptcy, but some of its stores will stay open

No helmets, no problem: how the Dutch created a casual biking culture

A guide to the 2018 midterm elections

The 2018 midterms could be pivotal for the future of the Trump administration. Here’s everything you need to know about who’s running, what to watch, and why it matters.

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The best way to reduce your personal carbon emissions: don't be rich

Victoria’s Secret has a new app, designed to build a nationwide sorority around buying underwear

Elizabeth Warren releases her DNA test results and dares Trump to make good on his $1 million bet

First Man’s screenwriter thinks Neil Armstrong would be disappointed by the flag controversy

How your third cousin’s ancestry DNA test could jeopardize your privacy