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House plans first-ever hearing on surprise medical bills

This is the first big action we’ve seen from the House on surprise medical bills lately.

Michael Avenatti has been arrested for allegedly trying to extort $20 million from Nike

There was a time Avenatti was floated as a serious 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

Florida passed a historic expansion of voting rights. Now Republicans want to hobble it.

Florida’s Amendment 4 restored voting rights to more than 1 million people with felony records. But GOP-sponsored proposals could limit who actually gets to vote.

Attorney General Bill Barr could wind up testifying in front of both the House and the Senate

Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham has said he plans to invite him for a public hearing about the Mueller report.

Apple is launching a new credit card for iPhone owners

Backed by Goldman Sachs, the card is an obvious extension of Apple Pay.

Thousands of Uber drivers are striking in Los Angeles

They want the company to reverse a 25 percent-per-mile pay cut.

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The report on the report

Robert Mueller's investigation has ended and Attorney General William Barr has furnished a four-page summary. Vox's Andrew Prokop says this is far from over.

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The Mueller report renders thousands of T-shirts irrelevant

A major Air Force base was damaged in the Nebraska flood

Instagram influencers constantly need new clothing. This startup wants to rent it to them.

Some conservatives say the end of the Mueller investigation is the beginning of new investigations — of Democrats

Dora the Explorer isn’t a kid anymore. She’s a teenage girl with a knife.

The Highlight by Vox launches on Apple News+

Jordan Peele’s Us had the biggest opening weekend of any original horror film in history

Michael C. Hall on playing a “benign psychopath” in the Documentary Now! season 3 finale

What we already know Mueller found

A former prosecutor explains why Barr’s hasty obstruction conclusion should raise red flags

Mitch McConnell wants a Green New Deal vote. Democrats should take him up on it.

Israel and Gaza inch closer to war after a rocket attack and a forceful response

Why disaster relief is so hard

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The Midwest floods are going to get much, much worse

The 2020 authenticity primary

Instead of hiding rips and tears, the visible mending movement turns them into art

6 unanswered questions from William Barr’s summary of the Mueller report

Russia is a threat to American democracy, with or without collusion

Robert Mueller was never going to end Donald Trump’s presidency

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Here are the actual quotes from Mueller’s report in Bill Barr’s summary

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer aren’t satisfied with AG Bill Barr’s readout of the Mueller report

Does AG Barr’s summary of the Mueller report “exonerate” Trump? I asked 15 legal experts.

House Democrats want Attorney General Bill Barr to testify on the Mueller report

Mueller report: The full text of William Barr’s summary letter 

The Barr letter is a massive political victory for Trump

The Vox guide to Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation

Everything you need to know about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s contact with Russia.

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Bill Barr’s letter summarizing Mueller’s findings, explained

Trump: Barr letter on Mueller report shows “total and complete exoneration”

Hate crimes reportedly jumped by 226 percent in counties that hosted Trump campaign rallies

The Mueller report: what we know and don’t know

2 Parkland school shooting survivors have died

Hulu’s The Act is hard to watch. That’s the point.

Indiana teachers were shot with pellets for a drill. Are active-shooting trainings going too far?

Shazam! is an unapologetically buoyant triumph of a superhero movie