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Virginia Republicans’ messy, Trumpy race to pick a nominee for governor

The Republicans running for governor in Virginia signal a lot about the future of the GOP.

The falling Chinese space rocket is a policy failure

International law governing rocket reentry is too lax.

A leaked Walmart memo highlights the daunting challenges facing the world’s largest retailer

The document makes blunt assessments about competitors Amazon, Target, and Instacart.

The Supreme Court made the GOP’s new voting restrictions possible

Voting rights mean little if the Court refuses to enforce them.

National Geographic faced up to its racist past. Did it actually get better?

Inside the reckoning at an American media institution.

How the world missed more than half of all Covid-19 deaths

A new IHME analysis finds 6.9 million deaths worldwide, and suggests countries have been undercounting since the beginning of the pandemic.

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“Free the vaccine!”

President Joe Biden heeded calls from low-income countries to try to relax patents on Covid-19 vaccines so they can make cheaper generic versions. Big Pharma was furious.

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5 reasons why Biden’s new conservation plan is such a big deal

Vox’s audience support program, explained

Why Democrats’ ambitions for health care are shrinking rapidly

RSVP now to talk Gold Diggers with Sanjena Sathian and the Vox Book Club

Don’t freak out about the jobs report yet

Novelist Akwaeke Emezi talks writing a nonbinary novel

A Canadian study gave $7,500 to homeless people. Here’s how they spent it.

Biden agreed to waive vaccine patents. But will that help get doses out faster?

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The Big Lie is the GOP’s one and only truth

One Good Thing: A Zoom experience that will still be fun post-pandemic

The great American chicken wing shortage is upon us

There’s a better way to protect yourself from hackers and identity thieves

Rachel Cusk’s lovely, vicious Second Place seethes with the desires of a woman on the verge

Apple has an antitrust problem. Here’s one way to solve it.

Right-wing coffee companies want to make coffee great again

The census shows the US needs to increase immigration — by a lot

Here’s just how much people have stopped talking about Trump on Facebook and Twitter

Will Covid-19 vaccines protect you against variants? 9 questions about variants, answered.

Was Liz Cheney too honest?


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The app store war

The Verge's Makena Kelly talks with Matt about Apple's legal battles, Facebook's oversight board, and the prospect of overhauling antitrust legislation

Anti-vaxxers aren’t the cause of America’s dropping vaccine rates

“Talk to your doctor” might be key to easing concerns about the vaccine

The First Amendment has a Facebook problem

Trump is Facebook’s problem, again

The second wave of “cancel culture”

Biden’s plan to make America less terrible for parents

Why getting vaccinated for Covid-19 is more popular in the UK than in the US

Why there’s talk about China starting a war with Taiwan

What does it mean to be Asian American?

The inadequacy of the term “Asian American”

What’s with these invasive “crazy” worms and why can’t we get rid of them?

Donald Trump won’t be coming back to Facebook anytime soon

Iowa is making it harder to be a low-income renter

The weird science of the placebo effect keeps getting more interesting

Online shopping changed, and we barely noticed

What’s behind Arizona’s bizarre, haphazard, and highly partisan “audit” of the 2020 election

The biggest impact of the Gates divorce may have nothing to do with the Gates Foundation

Trump’s new communication tool is more like a blog

The logic of Biden’s new July 4 vaccination goal

India’s ruling party lost a key election. It’s worrying that it even stood a chance.