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Lev Parnas’s dramatic new claims about Trump and Ukraine, explained

He said a lot of things. Can he back them up?

“Flood the zone with shit”: How misinformation overwhelmed our democracy

The impeachment trial probably won’t change any minds. Here’s why.

The surprising protest of Exxon’s law firm at Harvard Law

Law students want to cut off the supply of elite talent to firms that defend fossil fuel companies in climate change lawsuits.

Why Netflix’s fantastic new docuseries Cheer is so addictive

Netflix’s Cheer will make you want to ruin your body for Coach Monica.

Elizabeth Warren’s ambitious plan to bypass Congress and erase America’s student debt, explained

Can Warren wipe away student debt for 42 million Americans without approval from Congress?

The psychology behind over- (and under-) packing

Trip destination, previous travel experiences, and luggage type are some of the factors that influence how we pack.

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Ukraine International Flight 752

Canada now has the unfortunate job of dealing with the collateral damage from the conflict between Iran and the United States.

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The Netherlands has universal health insurance — and it’s all private

How the Dutch harnessed the market to cover everybody.

Top 2020 candidates will be stuck in Washington because of the impeachment trial 

How a clunky, retro hair dryer suddenly went viral

A federal judge stopped Texas from ending its refugee program

Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and other companies are calling for an end to Trump’s rule to keep out low-income immigrants

New York could put a hold on facial recognition in schools. Here’s why.

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What Netflix’s The Circle gets right about social media

Impeachment, explained

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

6 things to know about Peacock, NBC’s new (free) streaming service

House of the Dragon is the first Game of Thrones prequel that’s actually happening

Iran says it’s now enriching uranium at levels higher than before nuclear deal

HBO’s Game of Thrones prequels: what we know so far

The alarming trend of beached whales filled with plastic, explained

Google Chrome’s cookie ban is good news for Google — and maybe your privacy

USMCA, Trump’s new trade deal, explained in 600 words

The Senate has approved the USMCA, bringing Trump’s trade deal one step closer to reality

Trump’s hold of Ukraine aid was illegal, according to the US government’s top watchdog

The life and death of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, explained

The old-school pomp and circumstance of impeachment, briefly explained

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Facebook's fake deepfake problem

The dark origins of deepfake videos and Facebook’s new policy explained.

2020 Democrats finally got specific on foreign policy in the Iowa debate

Why #NeverWarren should make you nervous about 2020

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The Rehab Racket: Investigating the high cost of addiction care

Reporter German Lopez is looking into America’s notoriously opaque addiction treatment industry, which affects thousands of people each year.

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Wuhan pneumonia outbreak: What we know and don’t know

Voting rights advocates just won a small but important victory in Missouri

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Methadone can help people beat opioid addiction — if they can afford it

"I’m on a hamster wheel of trying to figure out how to pay this price. It just never ends."

These candidates were accused of sexual misconduct. They’re running again in 2020.

Bloomberg plans to make a secret pitch to Silicon Valley billionaires, showing he’s not afraid to schmooze Big Tech

The Russian government’s dramatic shake-up, briefly explained

The feud between Warren and Sanders supporters feels like 2016 all over again

How Broadway’s Jagged Little Pill tries to reinvent the jukebox musical

Trump wanted to repeal an anti-corruption law so US businesses could bribe foreigners

Trump signed a “phase one” trade deal with China. Here’s what’s in it — and what’s not.

After a controversial season finale, The Magicians is leaning into grief

The drive to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, explained

Australia’s weird weather is getting even weirder

New research shows what AI can teach us about the human brain

Talking about the Warren and Sanders handshake keeps us from having to talk about sexism

How much does sexism matter for female candidates?

Why Bernie Sanders supporters are trolling Elizabeth Warren with snake emoji