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“They are dying. That’s true. It is what it is.” Trump’s Axios interview was a disaster.

Jonathan Swan just put on a clinic on how to interview Trump.

How Washington state primaries reflect the perilous position of the national GOP

A close look at some under-the-radar races helps us understand the congressional GOP’s electoral woes.

Jeff Merkley and Bernie Sanders have a plan to protect you from facial recognition

New legislation would require that companies get your consent before taking your biometric data.

Live results for the August 4 primaries

Voters in Kansas, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington are heading to the polls.

Exclusive: Kamala Harris leads Elizabeth Warren and Susan Rice in new VP poll

She is Democratic voters’ top choice for Biden’s running mate, according to a poll from SurveyUSA and FairVote.

Walmart has again delayed the launch of its Amazon Prime competitor Walmart+

Walmart+ will cost $98 a year and include same-day delivery of groceries, fuel discounts, and other perks.

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Everything that could go wrong with the November election

A worsening pandemic. A poll worker shortage. A hobbled postal service. Russian hacking. Donald Trump. Vox’s Ella Nilsen explains the many obstacles facing the United States as Election Day nears.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Mulan is coming to Disney+ as a $30 rental

How the coronavirus outbreak is roiling the film and entertainment industries

Rodham author Curtis Sittenfeld explains what it’s like to write in Hillary Clinton’s voice


How “forever chemicals” polluted America’s water

In the dazzling Harrow the Ninth, the lesbian necromancers are back in space

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America needs a bar and restaurant bailout

How Trump should change the way journalists understand “objectivity”

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Cori Bush wants to be the next progressive to upset a sitting congressman. Today’s her shot.

The best $295 I ever spent: Spanish classes as a Latina in Trump’s America

Last week the US wanted to break up Big Tech. Now it’s trying to supersize it.

Alabama’s and Mississippi’s troubling Covid-19 curves, briefly explained

The TikTok-Microsoft-Trump drama, explained

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After revealing in a sermon that she is trans, a Baptist pastor is fired by the church

Why the next coronavirus stimulus bill is still stalled in Congress

The 6 most interesting Michigan races to watch in Tuesday’s primary

Spend August reading the exquisite dark fairy tale The Vanishing Half with the Vox Book Club

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Scientists say the coronavirus is airborne. Here’s what that means.

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Why QAnon is here to stay

QAnon was born and perpetuated on the internet. What is it and why is it dangerous?

What scientists are learning about kids and Covid-19 infection

Okay, Google, how do I listen to Vox?

The murder spike in big US cities, explained

Trump’s tweets about saving the “Suburban Lifestyle Dream,” explained

Once upon a time, there was cottagecore

Arizona’s primaries could provide a hint as to whether Democrats can take the Senate

Kansas, of all places, is shaping up to be an important 2020 battleground

“The end of arms control as we know it”

Polls: Biden and Trump are nearly tied in North Carolina and Georgia

Covid-19 is exposing inequalities in college sports. Now athletes are demanding change.

As coronavirus cases increase worldwide, an Australian state is imposing tough new restrictions

Lawmakers still “not close” to a coronavirus stimulus deal, a day after $600 federal relief expired

The US ambassador to Brazil reportedly asked Brazilian officials to help Trump’s reelection

The Boston Marathon bomber’s death sentence has been overturned

The Supreme Court just handed Trump a big victory regarding his border wall

Umbrella Academy season 2’s ending, explained

MacKenzie Scott is donating her billions much faster than her ex Jeff Bezos

Umbrella Academy delivers a rambunctious, touching second season

A 17-year-old has been charged with 30 felonies over the big celebrity Twitter hack

Meet the African goddess at the center of Beyoncé’s Black Is King