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Impeachment, explained

The ultimate guide to the Donald Trump impeachment saga

Stephen Miller promoted white supremacist, anti-immigrant articles in private emails to Breitbart

A report by the Southern Poverty Law Center provides a window into Miller’s thinking on immigration.

Disney+ is a treasure chest of forgotten films and TV. Here are 6 gems to revisit.

Disney’s long-awaited streaming service has arrived with a cavalcade of obvious and obscure content.

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Who is above the law?

Today the Supreme Court heard the case about a border patrol agent who shot and killed a 15-year-old boy. Ian Millhiser explains why it could make holding federal agents accountable a lot harder.

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Nearly half of Americans say they’ve been hit with a surprise medical bill

We’re barely using the best tool we have to fight obesity

Pimple patches are everywhere, but do they work?

The extremely small number of votes it takes to win the Iowa caucuses, explained

What to expect at the impeachment inquiry’s first public hearing

Vox Sentences: DACA on the docket

Vox Crossword

Disney+’s Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, is a triumph of atmosphere — and little else

Trump just claimed Ivanka created 14 million jobs. The entire economy added 6 million.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Noelle, starring Anna Kendrick, doesn’t bode well for Disney+’s holly jolly future

Pixar’s touching animated short Float is one of the best new things on Disney+

Pop culture unites us as Americans. Will streaming services change that?

A Republican memo details the party’s impeachment inquiry defenses. They aren’t very strong.

Roger Stone trial testimony casts doubt on Trump’s answers to Mueller

The best case for and against a fracking ban

Disney says its new Disney+ streaming service is so popular you can’t stream it

Why is SMS texting a mess? Fixing it is harder than you think.

Trump’s attempt to smear DACA recipients as “hardened criminals” is untethered from reality

The new Sonic the Hedgehog trailer gives Sonic a much-needed glow-up


How Mars photos inspired the first CGI

Climate change lawsuits are not going away

How should billionaires spend their money to fight climate change? I asked 9 experts.

If you are a unionized journalist, this labor ruling should worry you

The 2 quid pro quos at the heart of the impeachment inquiry

Fare evasion costs cities millions. But will cracking down on it solve anything?

The Supreme Court will hear my case today. Trump will not win on DACA.

10 lessons for Disney, Apple, and all the new streaming companies trying to take down Netflix

Vox Sentences: The bad E in e-cigarettes

How Heroes of the Fourth Turning, about Catholic intellectuals, became one of fall’s buzziest plays

Why alt-right trolls shouted down Donald Trump Jr.

The Seattle politician Amazon tried to oust has declared victory

The one big policy change 2020 Democrats want to make for veterans, explained

Trump’s big veterans health care plan has hit a snag

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The 2020 election calendar


China’s fight with the NBA, explained

WeWork is reportedly in talks to hire a new CEO, and he’s a character

Martin Scorsese’s fight against Marvel isn’t really about Marvel movies

Trump’s lie about impeachment transcripts is one of his laziest yet

Singles Day is China’s biggest shopping holiday. Why hasn’t America caught on?

A demonstrator was shot and a man set on fire in Hong Kong’s protests