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How do you cover a presidential campaign during a pandemic?

What happens when the campaign trail is an ethernet cable?

Mike Pompeo and Robert O’Brien, top US officials, are campaigning for Trump in crucial states

Some experts believe the speeches violate federal law.

This billionaire built a big-money machine to oust Trump. Why do some Democrats hate him?

Reid Hoffman symbolizes a bigger debate over whether Silicon Valley disruption has any place in our politics.

Who should get the Covid-19 vaccine first? The equality vs. equity debate, explained.

Some ethicists are taking issue with the World Health Organization’s proposal.

9 experts reflect on the US reaching 200,000 Covid-19 deaths

Public health experts explain what went wrong in America’s coronavirus response.

Kayleigh McEnany has made a mockery of her promise not to lie. Tuesday’s briefing was case in point.

The White House press briefing is like a parody of dystopian governance.

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Working from work

What do a bus driver, a teacher, a McDonald’s employee, and a project manager with a conference on her calendar all have in common?

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Marvel pushes Black Widow to 2021, delaying the MCU’s future even further

Trump’s Justice Department proposes legislation that could end the internet as we know it

How the coronavirus outbreak is roiling the film and entertainment industries

Troubled Blood sees J.K. Rowling at the mercy of all her worst impulses

How bad is your state’s Covid-19 outbreak?

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Farms have bred chickens so large that they’re in constant pain

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Trans Twitter and the beauty of online anonymity

The Vox Senate interview: Cal Cunningham is running down the middle to win in North Carolina

Pigs are as smart as dogs. Why do we eat one and love the other?

The long history of trans voters’ disenfranchisement, explained

North Carolina’s all-important 2020 Senate race, explained

How to fix Lebanon’s political crisis

Welcome to The Great Rebuild Issue of The Highlight

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We can end America’s unemployment nightmare

The problem with our social safety net is clear. The solution is, too. 

The extremely profitable (and ethically murky) business of reselling dumbbells

How the coming fight over Ginsburg’s SCOTUS replacement could shape the Senate elections

At the UN, China’s Xi showed he understands the system better than Trump


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After RBG

Vox’s judiciary expert Ian Milhiser joins the panel to explain Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy and the future of American jurisprudence

How Trump let Covid-19 win

How to vote by mail in 2020

156 countries are teaming up for a Covid-19 vaccine. But not the US or China.

The best alternative streaming services, from anime to arthouse

Everything you need to know about voting in 2020 (but were afraid to ask)

The hell that is remote learning, explained in a comic

Trump wants the Supreme Court to let him weaponize the census against immigrants

Inside the Biden campaign’s surprising influencer strategy

The Republican Party is an authoritarian outlier

“It affects virtually nobody”: Trump erases coronavirus victims as US death toll hits 200,000

Court-packing, Democrats’ nuclear option for the Supreme Court, explained

Why Walmart thinks TikTok is the future of its business

David French and I debate polarization, secession, and the filibuster 

Trump at the UN: America is good, China is bad

Mitch McConnell has the votes to move forward with a Supreme Court nominee

How to save the economy for everyone

The battle to define the Biden economic team, explained

You can now personalize your iPhone home screen. People are already making it weird. 

What it’s like fighting for the right to vote as an ex-felon

The best $40 I ever spent: A not-quite-tarot deck