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If Biden wins, here’s how he could undo Trump’s deregulation agenda

Biden could use Trump’s playbook to reverse his regulatory moves on pollution, worker safety, health care, and more.

Exclusive: Rashida Tlaib and AOC have a proposal for a fairer financial system — public banking

Rashida Tlaib and AOC are rolling out a plan to help create public banks across the country.

Silicon Valley is spending way more on the 2020 election than it did on 2016

New numbers show just how much tech is spending to get rid of Trump.

Black voter turnout was down in 2016. This time looks to be different.

For many Black Americans, the best way to fight a pandemic and systemic racism is to vote.

Trump may try to steal the election. Americans may have to take to the streets.

An expert on nonviolent civil resistance talks about when protests work, how they work, and when they become necessary.

Watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown with a 5-year-old

Our critic-at-large (39) and critic-at-small (5) discuss the most iconic Halloween special of them all.

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The Trump Years: Health of the nation

In the fourth of our five-part series, Vox’s Dylan Scott explains how a president with no plan on health care evolved into a president with no plan for the pandemic.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Beauty businesses are struggling without us

If the Supreme Court decides the election, it will likely all come down to Brett Kavanaugh

Facebook glitch blocks certain political ads, raising new questions about transparency

The economy could lose a generation of working mothers

What the public is getting right — and wrong — about police abolition

As Covid-19 surges, the world’s biggest tech companies report staggering profits

Money Talks: The father and son running a coffeehouse together

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Support for Trump is tearing apart Vietnamese American families

Europe’s second wave of Covid-19 doesn’t excuse Trump’s failures

The 3 biggest governor races to watch in 2020

Race in America

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One Good Thing: A nonfiction portrait of witchcraft that becomes a spiritual quest

One of Barrett’s first cases asks if religion is a license to discriminate against LGBTQ people

How do you put on a comedy show when laughter is a risk?

A guide to the Trump administration’s biggest scandals, accomplishments, and policies 

How the press calls elections, explained

A terror attack in Nice threatens to turbocharge France’s debate on free speech and Islam

Polls show Trump is losing ground where the coronavirus is surging


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Lessons learned from Trump’s first term

Ezra and Matt look back on what’s surprised them.

FBI warns that hackers are targeting hospitals while coronavirus admissions surge

Is this the end of American optimism?

The invisible struggle of the Asian American small-business owner

3 small-business owners on life after shutting down

Cars too dangerous and dirty for rich countries are being sold to poor ones


Why LGBTQ rights hinge on the definition of “sex”

One Good Thing: Kiki’s Delivery Service is the sweetest, most wistful witch movie ever

Young Latinx voters could be the ones who finally flip Arizona 

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Georgia’s two super-competitive Senate races, explained

“I am humbled by what we’ve been able to create”: Small-business owners on when they knew they’d made it

Retailers are pushing sales before the election

How Trump could win the 2020 election through the Electoral College

Exclusive: Biden leads Trump by 12 points in a national UT Dallas poll 

5 fact-checks from the Senate’s hearing on social media

The Supreme Court’s latest decision looks like a win for voting rights. It’s really a threat.

The unmasking of Anonymous, explained

Republicans accuse Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and other Big Tech CEOs of violating their free speech rights


The Instagram aesthetic that made QAnon mainstream

Big Oil’s hopes are pinned on plastics. It won’t end well.

Daylight saving time ends Sunday: 8 things to know about “falling back”

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