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The financial case for defunding the police

It’s time to ask why we continue to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on police misconduct lawsuits and billions more on policing that yields poor outcomes.

The truth about violent crime in American cities, explained in 11 charts

Trump speaks of "anarchy and mayhem" in cities. But understanding violent crime is much more complicated than simply looking at numbers.

The case for more — many more — Americans, explained

A conversation with Matthew Yglesias on families, the economy, global competition, and One Billion Americans.

Protesters hit the streets for a second night after officers aren’t charged with killing Breonna Taylor

At a Friday morning press conference, Taylor’s family and lawyers criticized the Kentucky attorney general’s investigation and questioned what he presented to the grand jury.

What we can learn about QAnon from the Satanic Panic

You’re Wrong About’s Sarah Marshall explains why debunking #SaveTheChildren and human trafficking statistics is so difficult.

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Dr. Fauci on pandemic politics

With mounting concerns over the politicization of federal health agencies, Dr. Anthony Fauci explains why Americans should still trust the vaccine approval process.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

The past 48 hours of Justice Department political shenanigans, explained

Senate Republicans were always going to do whatever they wanted with the Supreme Court vacancy

RBG, minority rule, and our looming legitimacy crisis

 Why art matters at the end of the world

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Apple won’t take a cut — for now — when Facebook sells online classes

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The future of the vote

Tech and our democracy are more connected than ever before.

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Why Beethoven’s 5th Symphony matters in 2020

Daniel Cameron, the Trump-supporting attorney general in the Breonna Taylor case, explained

One Good Thing: The trick uniting the internet’s funniest videos

On climate change, oil and gas companies have a long way to go

10 delicious food movies

The Vox Senate interview: John Hickenlooper believes he can help revive bipartisanship in the Senate

Republicans are losing the Colorado Senate race. Trump is a big reason why.

Amazon’s surveillance cameras fly now — which is unsettling


How the US keeps poor people from accessing abortion

Trump is proposing to limit student visas to two years for citizens of 59 countries

Trump made a rare public appearance in DC to pay his respects to RBG. It did not go well.


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After RBG

Vox’s judiciary expert Ian Milhiser joins the panel to explain Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy and the future of American jurisprudence

“It isn’t a question of politics”: Fauci on calling out Sen. Rand Paul’s misinformation

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The most dangerous conspiracy theory in 2020 isn’t about blood-sucking pedophiles

Critical race theory, and Trump’s war on it, explained

Pennsylvania’s naked ballot problem, explained

No cops were charged with Breonna Taylor’s death. This is how the system was designed.

The legal theories of Amy Coney Barrett, explained

“We’re gonna have to see what happens”: Trump’s comments about the peaceful transfer of power, explained

“I don’t want to be a nurse, a purse, or worse”: 5 seniors on dating online

Scientists fear the Western wildfires could lead to long-term lung damage

The commodification of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

How affluent people can end their mindless overconsumption

4 ways to make remote learning better for everyone

The shift to online education is worsening inequality. These schools have lessons that could help.

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Postal workers say they are ready for the mail-in voting surge

The first big test of Facebook’s oversight board will be the US election

How to fix America’s broken democracy

What happens to the law in a world without Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

How Mitch McConnell is changing the Democratic Party

Can Democrats pull off another Senate win in Arizona?

The election result the stock market is really afraid of

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The Trump administration’s war on birth control