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The Brexit extension drama, explained as much as possible

Prime Minister Theresa May asked the EU for a short Brexit extension — and is looking for a third vote on her Brexit deal.

The Instagram-famous plant that used to be impossible to find

What started as a niche social media trend has spread to big brands like Walmart and Home Depot.

There’s finally a drug for postpartum depression. Too bad it’s $34,000.

Brexanolone was designed to address an unmet medical need. It’s also complicated to use.

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Tried six times for the same crime

Today the Supreme Court hears oral arguments about Curtis Flowers, who has been tried six times for the same crime: a quadruple homicide at a furniture store in Mississippi. Madeleine Baran, host of the “In the Dark” podcast, explains how this case represents a fundamental problem with jury selection in the United States.

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on the filibuster, 2020, and Medicare-for-all

CNN’s “Badass Woman” puff piece about Kellyanne Conway completely misses the point

John Hickenlooper: how come we’re not asking women whether they’re willing to put a man on the ticket?

3 key takeaways from John Hickenlooper’s CNN town hall

Vox Sentences: The $34,000 drug that helps new mothers

Us is Jordan Peele’s thrilling, blood-curdling allegory about a self-destructing America

Trump’s top Pentagon official is now under an ethics investigation

Trump’s strange rant about John McCain’s funeral, decoded

Why the US and China are sparring over 5G in Europe

What the college admissions scandal says about racial inequality

Trump’s feud with Kellyanne Conway’s husband, explained

Why a cat always lands on its feet

Christchurch helped turn my mosque from a place of worship into a place of fear

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Bill Gates: AI is like “nuclear weapons and nuclear energy” in danger and promise

Here’s what Disney owns after the massive Disney/Fox merger

George W. Bush really did lie about WMDs, and his aides are still lying for him

Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood trailer is glitz and glam and little else

Watch: Stranger Things 3’s first trailer has lots of teenage love — and monsters

Wednesday’s “supermoon,” explained in one chart

Why the Washington measles outbreak is mostly affecting one specific group

How crafters are using Peeps to explain science

What listening to hundreds of hours of Tucker Carlson will teach you

How to make more Vox Video happen

Trump’s legal jeopardy goes far beyond Mueller

Aidy Bryant’s clothes in Shrill are a plus-size dream. Here’s why you can’t buy them.

We read Democrats’ 9 plans for expanding health care. Here’s how they work.

Report: a Kirsten Gillibrand staffer resigned after she felt the office mishandled her harassment allegation

Joe Biden’s plan for an early VP selection is a terrible idea

The Green New Deal aims to get buildings off fossil fuels. These 6 places have already started.

How deadly pathogens have escaped the lab — over and over again

After investigating Neil deGrasse Tyson for sexual misconduct, TV networks aren’t sharing details

The spring equinox is Wednesday: 7 things to know about the first day of spring

I was on Jeopardy. The thing I remember most is meeting Alex Trebek.

The psychology behind Trump’s fear of self-driving cars

Rep. Devin Nunes’s bizarre $250 million lawsuit against Twitter, explained

Aziz Ansari’s new standup set, and its complicated, necessary role in #MeToo

I saw the comedian perform in Chicago. His latest material could take the #MeToo conversation to a new place.

Nearly all Americans fail to eat enough of this actual superfood

Vox Sentences: Warm water, frozen land

A fake Tom Ford quote about Melania Trump is going viral on Twitter

Robert Mueller’s team says it will be very busy in the coming days