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The world is worried about the coronavirus. It’s equally concerned about climate change.

Nearly 70 percent of people in 14 countries say climate change is as big a threat as the spread of infectious disease.

Trump’s new attack: Biden “wants to listen to Fauci”

Except Americans trust Fauci more than Trump on the Covid-19 response.

“We just don’t know what’s happening in our bodies”: Covid-19 long-haulers are still suffering

The terrible uncertainty of symptoms that persist for months and months.

A political scientist explains why the GOP is a threat to American democracy

And why the November election is an opportunity to fix it.

Silicon Valley megadonors unleash a last-minute, $100 million barrage of ads against Trump

Facebook billionaire co-founder Dustin Moskovitz has put more than $20 million into a little-known Democratic super PAC that is spending big.

What should Democrats do about the Supreme Court?

"Democrats need to squarely face the question: Are you willing to give up democracy in order to keep the current structure of the Court?"

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Block the vote?

The 2020 election is well underway, as are efforts to prevent people from voting.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

How Biden — or Trump — could win 270 electoral votes


How America could lose its allies

3 of Trump’s signature immigration policies are on the line at the Supreme Court

2020’s psychedelic drug ballot measures, explained

Bill Barr and Elizabeth Warren find a common enemy: Google

Democrats are cheering a Supreme Court ruling on mail-in ballots. Here’s why it’s worse than it looks.

Trump said the opioid epidemic would go away. It didn’t.

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Everywhere basic income has been tried, in one map

Why everything from furniture to diet soda is so hard to buy right now 

Race in America

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This week in TikTok: The influencer hair salon that’s under attack

Can a pair of jeans kill the coronavirus?

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Texas Sen. John Cornyn is facing his first real challenge from newcomer MJ Hegar

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The battle for Latino voters in Arizona and Florida, explained

Trump is trying to win over Latinos in two key states. Is it working?

A gruesome murder in France rekindles the country’s debate on free speech and Islam

Colorado is fighting its largest wildfire in history

Senate Republicans could be the real roadblock to getting a stimulus deal passed

How America gave up on fighting the pandemic and saving the economy


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Trump's second term agenda

Dara, Jane, and Matt break down the policy stakes in 2020

Report: Massachusetts rarely fires state troopers, “no matter what they have done”

The US is plagued by long voting lines. Here’s how other countries do it better.

The great hypocrisy of California using Indigenous practices to curb wildfires

Nancy Pelosi sets a deadline this week for getting a stimulus deal before the election

One Good Thing: This animated miniseries perfectly captures the loneliness of autumn

Hybrid school might be the worst of both worlds

It’s the most important election in our lifetime, and it always will be

Fitness studios moved outside to stay afloat. Now winter is coming.

Democrats want to rebuild the State Department. They’re deeply divided over how.

John Cornyn becomes the latest Senate Republican to ramp up criticism of Trump

Trump keeps on holding rallies even as Covid-19 cases surge

Sen. David Perdue’s racist treatment of Sen. Kamala Harris’s name was all too familiar 

The return of “lock her up”: Trump won’t stop attacking Gretchen Whitmer

SNL takes on dueling Trump and Biden town halls in its cold open

Polls: Senate races in Alaska and South Carolina are surprisingly competitive for Democrats

In 2017, women marched against Trump. Now they’re marching to get rid of him.

Thailand’s protest movement gains momentum amid a government crackdown

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wins historic reelection

Why Trump flip-flopped on California disaster relief

A new study shows malaria’s often neglected toll on a vulnerable population: Pregnant women