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Who gets to mourn a miscarriage?

Partners and family members feel the loss too.

Amazon Prime Day could usher in a new wave of fear-based social media usage

Amazon’s Ring was a Prime Day bestseller. Get ready for more neighborhood surveillance and fear-based social media.

The Trump administration is dramatically restricting who can seek asylum

The new regulation will force those traveling to the US southern border to seek asylum protections in another country first, though the rule is likely to be quickly challenged in court.

You’ve heard of lab-grown meat. Now there’s lab-grown ice cream.

Scientists have created a vegan treat that requires absolutely zilch from cows.

Study: Volkswagen cheated on emissions standards — and made thousands of kids sick

A new study analyzes the effects of the "clean diesel" fraud. They’re not good.

Kamala Harris just introduced a bill to give housekeepers overtime pay and meal breaks

Domestic workers don’t have basic labor rights.

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What raids?

Immigrant communities across the United States spent the weekend on edge awaiting so-called "ICE raids." Reporter Tal Kopan explains what happened and immigration attorney Claudia Cubas describes the detention process.

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How Chicago built house music from the ashes of disco

Joe Biden’s record on school desegregation busing, explained

Mark Esper, President Trump’s pick for defense secretary, explained

How Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post-credits reveal could shape the future of the MCU

Recode Daily: More homes will have surveillance devices after this Amazon Prime Day

Flight attendants keep getting sick. It’s likely because of their uniforms.

Apollo 11 memorabilia sells for a high price — but who should really own NASA history?

The Farewell director Lulu Wang on challenging “what Americanness means”

Why Bill de Blasio is so hated, explained

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Why Barry dropped much less rain on the Gulf coast than forecasters expected

The racism in Trump’s attacks should be impossible to deny

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Vox’s guide to where 2020 Democrats stand on policy

Keep up with the policy debates that will shape the Democratic 2020 primary.

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Vox Sentences: Raising the bar for asylum

Amazon workers are celebrating Prime Day with a protest

House Democrats will vote to condemn Trump’s racist tweet about 4 progressive lawmakers

Lashana Lynch will reportedly be the new 007. But she probably won’t be the next James Bond.

The GOP silence in response to Trump’s latest racist attack is deafening

What makes Zendaya a great celebrity

Vox Video Lab

How to make more Vox Video happen

The 2019 Emmys drama race is wide open, thanks (in part) to Game of Thrones

Trump says he’s not concerned about being racist because “many people agree” with him

Trump’s latest tweets are about silencing women of color in Congress

Trump’s racist Twitter tirade about “the Squad,” explained

Parenting can be a full-time job. Activists want the tax code to treat it that way.

Nearly all Americans fail to eat enough of this actual superfood

Amazon Prime Day and the psychology of sales, explained

More than 1 million people have RSVP’d to “storm Area 51,” in the name of memes

Recode Daily: These influencers and fans are ready to leave YouTube behind

Pottery Barn is releasing a Friends collection for the show’s 25th anniversary

Clothing you don’t have to wash, explained

Donald Trump’s long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2019

Progressive activists know their enemy in the 2020 Democratic primary: Joe Biden

Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks about systemic racism, regulating tech, and the divided Democratic Party on Recode Decode

I was a fast-food worker. Let me tell you about burnout.

The roster for the second Democratic debate will be determined this week

Kamala Harris’s path to the Democratic nomination, explained

Big Little Lies episode 6, “The Bad Mother,” tries to show why women don’t report abuse

ICE raids: what we know

Tropical Storm Barry: What we know

Democrats defend congresswomen Trump says should “go back” to their “corrupt” countries