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The remote work revolution hasn’t happened yet

Charlie Warzel and Anne Helen Petersen on why we need to rethink the role of work in our lives.

Congress is facing a December time crunch. Here’s what to expect.

Congress is running out of time to avoid a shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.

Want to donate to charity? Here are 10 guidelines for giving effectively.

How to do the most good possible with the money you give.

It’s time to stop demonizing “invasive” species

Climate change is forcing some animals to move. Don’t call them "invasives."

What you need to know about the omicron variant

Omicron is the newest Covid-19 "variant of concern," according to the World Health Organization.

Prices for food and gas are rising sharply. Is health care next?

Health insurance premiums could spike in 2022, experts warn.

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Salmonella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh

A deadly salmonella strain is spreading through American poultry, and there’s not much the government can do to stop it. ProPublica’s Bernice Yeung explains.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Want to help animals? Here’s where to donate your money.

Giving Tuesday, explained

One Good Thing: How fashion became a part of The Nanny’s legacy

How Puerto Rico became the most vaccinated place in America

Licorice Pizza proves Paul Thomas Anderson is a master of unexpected romance

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

In Sondheim’s Assassins, cornball Americana can’t cover a seething mass of violent rage

Why the future of animal welfare lies beyond the West

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Did you (or your dog) eat a suspicious mushroom? These very online mycologists want to help.

The modern family

Amid distance and estrangement and strain, some are happily replacing the clans they’re born into with chosen families.

The best $78.51 I ever spent: A knife just like my grandfather’s

Why Democrats shouldn’t cut paid leave from their social spending bill

Lawyers left racism out of the trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death. Here’s why.


Why you don’t hear about the ozone layer anymore

The significance of the guilty verdicts in Arbery’s murder

Why you should care about Facebook’s big push into the metaverse

Inflation isn’t just a US thing

GM dreams of electric fleets

They lost parents to Covid-19. Are we abandoning them?

The number of American kids whose caregivers have died in the pandemic has surpassed 140,000.


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Biden’s $3.40 a gallon problem

How do you make gas cheaper while fighting global warming?

Machismo is terror in Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog

Biden made one of the best decisions of his presidency this week

9 charts to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

The ironic spectacle of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Tucker Carlson interview

At-home Covid-19 tests are getting better. Experts say: Stock up for winter.

What can you even say about House of Gucci? It’s stupid. It’s perfect.

The supply chain crisis, explained by Adele

Red Notice is a huge hit for Netflix. But what does that actually mean?

Kyle Rittenhouse and the scary future of the American right

Office holiday parties are back and smaller than ever

It’s time for Americans to buy less stuff

The limits of popularism

Americans are mad about the economy, but still ready to shop

Democrats’ child care plan could help millions — or it could be a big mess

Sudan’s civilian prime minister is back. Here’s why thousands are still protesting.

India’s farmers confronted Modi and won. What happens now?

King Richard and reclaiming Richard Williams’s legacy

Two confusing questions about Covid-19 boosters, answered

The smart political argument behind the satire Such a Fun Age

Senate rules could undercut Democrats’ prescription drug plan

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