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The voting rights push in Congress is over. The fight for democracy isn’t.

The war for American democracy can still be won despite the Senate’s failures. Here’s where to start.

The parents of the youngest children are not okay

An epidemiologist on the health risks of the omicron variant, child care issues, and the unique pandemic struggles of working parents.

Biden’s offshore wind plan is also a jobs plan

Europe has already invested in offshore wind power. Now the US is getting onboard.

Wordle is a deceptively easy game for burnt-out pandemic shut-ins

Wordle helps us feel like we’re being social when we’re really not. Perfect!

Texas went big on oil. Earthquakes followed.

Thousands of earthquakes are shaking Texas. What the frack is going on?

Biden’s immigration polices have left Haitians stranded in Mexico

Record numbers of Haitians are seeking asylum in Mexico because they have no other option.

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The man with a pig heart

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

The world has moved on from Colleyville. American Jews can’t.

Democrats’ failure on filibuster reform will haunt them

It was a great day in the Supreme Court for the bribery of lawmakers

Democrats’ voting rights debacle

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

Why 5G is causing flight cancellations

What you need to know about Biden’s free rapid test program

Could a universal Covid-19 vaccine defeat every variant?

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Microsoft is buying one of the biggest names in games — if Washington lets it

Is confidence a cult? These sociologists think so.

Am I asymptomatic, or do I just really not want to have Covid-19? A guide.

We’ll never have a normal flu season again

A physicist’s lessons about race, power, and the universe

How to sponsor an Afghan refugee family

One Good Thing: ABC’s Abbott Elementary breathes new life into the mockumentary

TV’s buzziest shows aren’t trying to trick viewers anymore

Could a 54-year-old civil rights law be revived?

How seditious conspiracy charges change the January 6 narrative

The Christian right brings a Supreme Court case it actually deserves to win


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What BBB means for climate policy

Can the White House and Congress see eye-to-eye on climate?

Even Tories are over Boris Johnson’s scandals after “Partygate”

The Supreme Court can’t get its story straight on vaccines

The pipeline at the center of geopolitical drama

The intimacy of the TV star death

This is what long-term immunity to Covid-19 might look like

Nearly half the world’s kids are exposed to dangerous levels of lead

The most consistently botched part of the US pandemic response

Kyrsten Sinema’s opposition to filibuster reform rests on a myth

Earth is running low on wildlife. Plants will be next.

Protecting voting rights isn’t enough to save democracy

The true cost of Amazon’s low prices

A syllabus for a new world

Texas shows the dangers of indifference to omicron

Is Covax finally going to vaccinate the world?

The empty promise of instant delivery

The lesson America refuses to learn about Covid-19 and the economy

Can randomly selected citizens govern better than elected officials?

The Supreme Court takes up a case, brought by Ted Cruz, that could legalize bribery

The latest data on US climate pollution is very bad

Virtual reality is reality, too

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