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Trump’s shortlist of potential Supreme Court nominees, explained

Trump wants to remind loyalists that, if he wins in November, they’ll get more judges who will enact Republican policy.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death is a tragedy. The Supreme Court’s rules made it a political crisis.

How to lower the stakes on Supreme Court vacancies.

CDC reverses guidelines, telling people to get tested for Covid-19 even without symptoms

The previous changes seemed to be politically motivated to favor Trump. The CDC just walked them back.

McConnell says he’ll make sure Trump’s replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg gets a vote

The Senate majority leader didn’t specify the timing of the vote — but confirmed that he supports it.

The one thing Democrats can do to stop Trump from replacing Justice Ginsburg

Court-packing is the only solution.

“The slight figure alone at the big table”: The enduring image of RBG

The Supreme Court justice was a brilliant legal mind. The way she presented herself was important, too.

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Class of Covid-19

Colleges reopened. Outbreaks followed. Robert J. Jones, chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, explains why he still thinks bringing students back was the right decision.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Two movies that celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg

How to vote by mail in 2020

Religious leaders are becoming content creators to keep their followers engaged

“Reopening” isn’t enough to save bars and restaurants — the US needs a bailout

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The outcry over ICE and hysterectomies, explained

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A living rain: How one planetary scientist imagines life on Venus

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Trump’s dark National Archives speech was white resentment run amok

Joe Biden’s latest pandemic plan: At least $3,000 in cash to parents for every child

One Good Thing: No TV show understands the horror of middle school better than PEN15

A progressive vision to make America great

The bogus Steve Bannon-backed study claiming China created the coronavirus, explained

What to watch this weekend, on all your favorite streaming platforms

Conservative media is setting the stage for delegitimizing a Biden victory

Why the number of people getting tested for Covid-19 has dropped in the US

Trump moves to shut down WeChat in the US. But TikTok will live until after the election.

The state of ex-felons’ voting rights, explained

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This might be your most important flu shot ever


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One Billion Americans

Ezra and Matt discuss the early days of blogging, Twitter, climate change, and Matt's case for having 1 billion Americans.

The pandemic forced mental health care to change for the better

The new Covid-19 case surge in Europe, explained

“They didn’t see me as innocent”

Can you remember your first experience with the police? For these 9 Black and brown people, the encounters would shape their sense of safety forever.

Chief Justice Roberts’s lifelong crusade against voting rights, explained

How #SaveTheChildren is pulling American moms into QAnon

How the pandemic is affecting liquor stores, according to one shop owner

Want to vote in 2020? Do it early.


What long voting lines in the US really mean

What wildfires in Brazil, Siberia, and the US West have in common

Trump says US Covid-19 deaths would be low if you excluded blue states. That’s wrong.

The stunning hypocrisy of Bill Barr

A woman in ICE detention says her fallopian tube was removed without her consent

Former model Amy Dorris says Donald Trump sexually assaulted her

The policing reforms in the Breonna Taylor settlement, explained

Want to fight climate change effectively? Here’s where to donate your money.

America needs a democratic revolution

One Good Thing: Spiritfarer is an adorable video game about life and death

What Trump said about Covid-19 in private versus what he said in public

From BTS fandom to video games: How 4 new friendships formed during lockdown

USPS delays are affecting the businesses that need it most