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Turkey’s president undercuts Saudi Arabia’s Khashoggi story

Recep Tayyip Erdogan offers a timeline to make the case that Khashoggi’s brutal murder was planned and premeditated.

A White House report points out that Mao and I both like low health care costs. True, but…

What the White House’s comparison of me to Mao gets wrong.

Trump’s bailout for farmers hit by trade war will also benefit Chinese companies

American taxpayers are now footing the bill for the president’s failed trade war.

No industry is weirder than the dead celebrity hologram industry

All the tech and legalese and drama behind Amy Winehouse’s 2019 tour.

Self-lubricating condoms, explained

Sex with these condoms felt better, researchers found in a new study. That could be a huge global health win.

Man accused of groping woman on airplane argues that Trump says it’s okay

The man "stated that the President of the United States says it’s OK to grab women by their private parts," according to the FBI.

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What the transgender memo means

A leaked Health and Human Services memo has left transgender Americans feeling like the Trump administration wants to define them out of existence. Dominic Holden from BuzzFeed News says the whole situation is much more complicated.

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Several of the Museum of the Bible’s prized holdings are forgeries

Lululemon’s ex-CEO wrote an “unauthorized” history of the brand

Sarah Silverman addressed the Louis C.K. stuff in her new interview. It got weird.

Members of Congress are richer than ever before, but plenty downplay their wealth

Why baby boomers need immigrants to fund their retirement, in 2 charts

Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed and Ed Whelan is back

How racist robocalls and an FBI inquiry are shaking up the Florida governor’s race

The Secret Service had to break up a fight between Kelly and Lewandowski in February

Ebola was incredibly important to TV news until Republicans decided it shouldn’t be

All the candy that’s sold during Halloween week, in one massive pumpkin

Suspiria reimagines a cult classic as a bone-cracking tale of women, power, and pain

Could a celebrity boycott of the Super Bowl really help Colin Kaepernick?

The White House, definitely not scared of socialism, issues report on why socialism is bad

These huge new wind turbines are a marvel. They’re also the future.

What Nate Silver’s learned about forecasting elections

White House anti-socialism report inadvertently makes a case for single-payer

Why conservatives keep gaslighting the nation about climate change

13 horror movies that explain the “found footage” subgenre

Apollo 11’s journey to the moon, annotated

Police found a bomb in George Soros’s mailbox

A new poll finds tight races in key House battleground districts

Why the right to vote is not enshrined in the Constitution

How The X-Files invented modern television

9 essential lessons from psychology to understand the Trump era

Motivated reasoning, bias, fake news, conspiracy theories, and more, explained.

Trump declared an emergency over opioids. A new report finds it led to very little.

The Supreme Court stepped in to stall a climate lawsuit. That’s really weird.

The hack gap: how and why conservative nonsense dominates American politics

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Augmented reality glasses could help us look at our phones less

Rage rooms are the latest self-care craze that won’t make us feel any better

The Congressional Black Caucus has been an important Pelosi ally. But they’re getting impatient.

Here’s when the polls open and close in all 50 states

Trump’s stump speech for Ted Cruz included his seemingly fake middle-class tax cut

It’s okay to let your transgender kid transition — even if they might change their mind in the future

Vox Sentences: The caravan reaches Mexico

How “America First” ruined the “American dream”

2 high-stakes ballot measures could boost wages for nearly 1 million workers

A body double and a “rogue operation”: the latest in Jamal Khashoggi news

The Trump admin has cooked up a new plan to bring back preexisting conditions

All the ways Medicaid is on the ballot in 2018