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Why “natural” food has become a secular stand-in for goodness and purity

A religion professor explains.

Scientists have estimated the cost of stopping 11 diseases that could kill millions in a pandemic

Creating new vaccines will cost billions, but it may be worth it to avoid the next Spanish flu.

A Florida officer punched a 14-year-old girl. That type of violence is not uncommon.

Viral video of the girl’s arrest is a reminder that police violence affects black women and girls too.

It’s okay to let your transgender kid transition — even if they might change their mind in the future

The interventions doctors recommend for kids who want to transition medically are completely safe and reversible.

All the ways Medicaid is on the ballot in 2018

In ways big and small, the 2018 elections are likely to leave a lasting impression on Medicaid.

Genetics has learned a ton — mostly about white people. That’s a problem.

The overwhelming whiteness of genetics research is holding back medicine.

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We're gonna need a bigger vote

A ballot initiative on November 6 might re-enfranchise over a million Floridians. Demetrius Jifunza explains what it would mean to regain the right to vote.

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Lululemon’s ex-CEO wrote an “unauthorized” history of the brand. Here’s what we learned.

2 high-stakes ballot measures could boost wages for nearly 1 million workers

Why conservatives keep gaslighting the nation about climate change

The Trump admin has cooked up a new plan to bring back preexisting conditions

Can a Christian foster care group reject non-Christians?

Trump says there’s another tax cut on the way. We have no idea what he’s talking about.

China’s new bridge will connect 70 million people — and give Beijing more power

MLM companies say they can make you rich. Here’s what 7 sellers actually earned.

Trump’s anti-trans proposal may increase prejudice. Here’s one way to combat it.

2 new polls find support for marijuana legalization is at an all-time high

California’s Proposition 10, explained

Deciem’s Brandon Truaxe: the world’s most controversial beauty CEO, explained

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk want a Mars colony to save humanity

The Trump administration’s latest anti-transgender action, explained

To defend journalism, we need to defend the truth and not just journalists

“Hidden Tribes,” the new report centrists are using to explain away polarization, explained

Trump says selling weapons to Saudi Arabia will create a lot of jobs. That’s not true.

Trump’s approval rating is going up — but voters still want Democrats to take Congress

What we know about 2018’s undecided voters

9 experts warn that Latino dislike of Trump may not translate into midterm turnout

Can technocracy be saved? An interview with Cass Sunstein.

Is the media making American politics worse?

Melmoth, from the author of The Essex Serpent, is a lurid novel of sin and redemption

Abortions by mail are available now in the US. Here’s what you need to know.

How “America First” ruined the “American dream”

In the age of Instagram museums, what happens to haunted houses?

Why do millennials love bullet journals? Control.

An exclusive look at Cory Booker’s plan to fight wealth inequality: give poor kids money

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NYTimes report shows how Twitter, McKinsey were complicit in helping Saudi Arabia silence critics

This Is Us goes to Vietnam for a poignant, gut-wrenching episode

“It’s not going to create or take away a single job”: why Trump’s excuse on the Saudis doesn’t hold up

The Trump administration reportedly wants the government to revoke civil rights protections from transgender people

13 found-footage horror movies actually worth watching this Halloween

Halloween’s post-credits “scene,” explained

The Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend. Here’s how to watch.

How Republicans are misleading voters about preexisting conditions

Alaska’s independent governor drops out of 3-way race and endorses a Democrat

Michael Cohen now wants to get out the vote