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Instagram is helping save the indie bookstore

Stores like Books Are Magic and the Last Bookstore are benefiting from love on #bookstagram.

What’s wrong with the stock market right now, explained

"Once you get spooked by something, you start being very sensitive to other bumps in the night."

Trump Foundation shuts down amid lawsuit alleging a “shocking pattern of illegality”

The New York attorney general is still pursuing a lawsuit against the president’s charitable organization.

Michael Flynn’s judge suggested he might be guilty of treason. He’s not.

The bar for "treason" is really, really high.

We have Penny Marshall to thank for the popularity of the monogram

The Laverne & Shirley actress and director of hits like A League of Their Own has died at age 75.

The cultural appropriation debate has changed. But is it for the better?

In 2018, many of the celebrities accused of cultural theft were people of color.

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The hidden calories in your booze, explained in 3 charts

How pimples, poop, and brain goo became the hottest toys of 2018

It’s time to rethink how much booze may be too much

Facebook let Netflix, Spotify, and other companies read your private messages

Rudy Giuliani lied about a Trump Tower Moscow letter of intent. CNN has receipts.

A Christmas Carol is incredibly cozy and incredibly creepy. That’s what makes it great.

Trump Tower Moscow, and Michael Cohen’s lies about it, explained

An autopsy of the American dream

The scooter stampede of 2018 is great news for urban transportation

Vox Sentences: “You sold your country out”

Senate Democrats join the push for sweeping anti-corruption legislation

Mary Poppins Returns — with a sadder story and forgettable songs

The scourge of “wine teeth,” explained

A just-passed bill will finally make dog and cat meat illegal

Tucker Carlson suggested immigration makes America “dirtier.” It’s costing him.

Penny Marshall’s groundbreaking directing career, explained in 3 movies

After 17 years of war, Afghan government and Taliban may meet for peace talks

Bumblebee is basically E.T., but with a Transformer. It’s delightful!

Vaping gone viral: the astonishing surge in teens’ e-cigarette use

Judge rakes Michael Flynn over the coals in sentencing hearing

The best $6,250 I ever spent: top surgery

Why Colombia is losing the cocaine war

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The Trump administration just banned bump stocks for guns

“Impact investment” funds advertise great returns and social impacts. They aren’t delivering.

Does anyone really buy the giant car bows you see in every commercial?

What the Republican tax bill did — and didn’t — do, one year later

Republican Martha McSally lost Arizona’s Senate race. She’s being appointed to the Senate anyway.

The winter solstice is Friday: 8 things to know about the shortest day of the year

16,932 people have lost Medicaid coverage under Arkansas’s work requirements

The death of 7-year-old Jakelin Caal Maquin in Border Patrol custody isn’t an isolated outrage

Conservative Sen. Mike Lee is holding up a Trump nominee for supporting LGBTQ rights

Trump’s social media conspiracy theory, briefly debunked

Trump now says the US loses $200 billion on illegal immigration every year. That’s not true.

Joe Biden is leading the 2020 polls. Here’s what he thinks about policy.

A new theory for why Republicans and Democrats see the world differently

Trump makes last-ditch effort to pressure the Fed ahead of interest rate meeting

10 science stories in 2018 that made us go, “Whoa, that’s awesome”

The GOP tax bill only gave workers 2 cents more per hour in bonuses

Crime and murder fell in America’s most populous cities in 2018