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Why governments are bad at facing catastrophic risks — and how they could get better

National governments aren’t prepared for catastrophes, a new report says.

The right-wing populist wave is a threat to the climate

The Amazon rainforest fires reveal a lot about this political movement.

Why anti-abortion groups are backing away from abortion bans

Debate around a Tennessee bill shows a big shift in anti-abortion strategy.

Mosquitoes might be humanity’s greatest foe. Should we get rid of them?

The pesky insect is the deadliest animal in human history.

Photos: major wildfires have ignited across Europe, Asia, and Latin America

The Amazon rainforest is not the only place on fire right now.

Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton abandons his presidential bid

Moulton struggled to gain traction in a crowded field.

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Hope for Hong Kong

Hong Kong ramped up its protests and China ramped up its propaganda machine. But the conflict may have finally reached a turning point.

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The surprisingly great idea in Bernie Sanders’s Green New Deal: electric school buses


Why the US drinking age is 21

How China used Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to spread disinformation about the Hong Kong protests

Fed Chair Jerome Powell says he can’t fix trade war’s damage to the economy

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Vox’s guide to the 2020 presidential candidates

Everything you need to know about the crowded 2020 race.

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Where every 2020 candidate stands on guns

Wildfires are burning around the world. The most alarming is in the Amazon rainforest.

Trump’s fake tax cuts are back

Here are the candidates who qualified for the third Democratic debate — and those who might miss out

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My So-Called Life was too good to die so young

Here’s how to listen to Lover, Taylor Swift’s latest album

How the director of Jawline found her way into the self-contained world of teen livestreamers

The “10,000-hour rule” was debunked again. That’s a relief.

DoorDash says it will roll out tipping changes to drivers sometime next month

Google says it’s making Chrome more private, but advertisers will still track you


Why the US and Iran are fighting over this tiny waterway

Why Spider-Man’s future in the MCU isn’t as bleak as it seems

A major toy company is phasing out plastic — but not in its toys

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Vox’s guide to where 2020 Democrats stand on policy

Keep up with the policy debates that will shape the Democratic 2020 primary.

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Colorado progressives aren’t clearing the field for John Hickenlooper

Did Democrats already start an impeachment inquiry? It’s complicated.

Mitch McConnell is calling on Democrats to keep the filibuster. He ignores just how much he’s done to blow up Senate rules.

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How to make more Vox Video happen

A Gates-funded program meant to keep low-income students pushed them out instead

In Brittany Runs a Marathon, a woman takes control of her life. Jillian Bell says it was terrifying.

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The best movies out this weekend

13 great films now in theaters.

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5 things people still get wrong about slavery

Hulu’s Jawline is an empathetic, terrifying documentary about teens who livestream their lives

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Michael Bennet’s plan to prevent and end recessions, explained

In defense of reading the same book over and over again

China paid Facebook and Twitter to help spread anti-Muslim propaganda

Why Steve Bullock is refusing to help Democrats win a Senate majority

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The big new plan to save unions, and what’s behind it

9 questions about the Hong Kong protests you were too embarrassed to ask

A short cultural history of tie-dye

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Bernie Sanders’s Green New Deal, explained

“In a perfect world, they’d be running mates”: New Hampshire voters are torn between Sanders and Warren

Jay Inslee, the climate candidate of 2020, is ending his campaign

Jay Inslee, exiting the presidential race, reflects on his campaign

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Bernie Sanders’s ambitious plan to double union membership, explained