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Yes, you can travel this summer. But should you?

Travelers should be prepared to "do their homework" before making any plans, one epidemiologist said.

Exclusive: Senate Democrats press AG Barr for answers about poll closures on Native American reservations

Senate Democrats are worried coronavirus could bring mass closures of Native American polling places.

Close the bars. Reopen the schools.

States are doing reopening wrong. Here’s how to fix it.

Trumpism, not polarization, drives America’s disastrous coronavirus politics

"This outcome is a policy choice. The unnecessary lives lost. The long-term effects we don’t even know about yet on our vital organs. It’s all a policy choice."

Just 2 states meet these basic criteria to reopen and stay safe

Most states still need to reduce coronavirus cases and build up their testing capacity.

Networks of self-driving trucks are becoming a reality in the US

The self-driving truck company TuSimple is laying the groundwork for a futuristic autonomous freight industry.

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A bounty on American troops

Russia allegedly paid the Taliban to attack US soldiers in Afghanistan. But President Trump’s response may be the real scandal.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

China’s new national security law is already chilling free speech in Hong Kong

The fight for justice in the Breonna Taylor case, explained

Why it’s so damn hot in the Arctic right now

USMCA, Trump’s new trade deal, explained in 600 words

This July, the Vox Book Club is reading Curtis Sittenfeld’s Rodham

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System Failure

How the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda is affecting the health and safety of Americans.

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Social conservatives feel betrayed by the Supreme Court — and the GOP that appointed it

Beauty companies are changing skin-whitening products. But the damage of colorism runs deeper.

Watch: The Vox Book Club tackles The Princess Bride in a critics roundtable

America has almost 800 billionaires, a record high

How technology literally changes our brains

Mississippi’s future lies with its new state flag

“I just feel rage”: 6 stories from around the world of surviving Covid-19

Jamaal Bowman on how Congress can dismantle institutional racism

What day is it today?

Facebook nears a tipping point when it comes to moderating hate speech

The Russian bounties on US troops in Afghanistan scandal, explained

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Covid-19 "long-haulers" find a community online

Covid-19 "long-haulers" find a community online

Live results for the June 30 primaries

Okay, Google, how do I listen to Vox?

The Supreme Court’s big decision on the separation of church and state, explained


Why the US has so many Filipino nurses

Amy McGrath just won her unexpectedly close Kentucky Senate primary

A counter showing police killings.

Watch: A timeline of 1,944 Black Americans killed by police

House Democrats just put out the most detailed climate plan in US political history

Why the term “BIPOC” is so complicated, explained by linguists

Blockbuster should have killed Netflix. What happened?

This week in TikTok: The real story of the Trump rally is not that interesting

Are there enough Republicans left in Colorado to reelect Cory Gardner?

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Trump’s favorite weapon in the coronavirus fight: Deregulation

Trump entered the White House promising to roll back rules. The pandemic has given him the perfect chance to do that.

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The Justice Department has a powerful tool to fight police abuse. It refuses to use it.

Right before he resigned, Jeff Sessions sabotaged the DOJ’s ability to fight police abuse.

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How Trump gave insurance companies free rein to sell bad health plans

Obamacare wasn’t repealed. Trump’s deregulation is eroding it anyway.

Why a Covid-19 drug costs $3,100

The Supreme Court’s big decision on the CFPB and the “unitary executive,” explained

What a controversial face mask study says about science in the Covid-19 era

Coronavirus stimulus money will be wasted on fossil fuels

Roe v. Wade isn’t safe

Why conservative Chief Justice Roberts just struck down an anti-abortion law