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How to make this winter not totally suck, according to psychologists

This one idea may help you conquer the dread of pandemic winter.

Dissecting the megapopularity of the Frozen movies with a 5.25-year-old

The 5-and-a-quarter-year-old critic at small loves Frozen. The 39-year-old critic at large doesn’t want to turn 40.

11 great ways to pass the time this holiday weekend

Got lots of time ahead of you? Here are some recommendations for great things to watch or play.

In China, nearly 1 million people have reportedly already gotten a coronavirus vaccine

China’s emergency vaccine program is a risky proof of concept for large-scale Covid-19 vaccine deployment.

Giving thanks may make your brain more altruistic

Neuroscience is revealing a fascinating link between gratitude and generosity.

Conspiracy theories, explained

Americans are embracing dangerous conspiratorial beliefs, from QAnon to coronavirus denial.

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Scientists all over the world are searching for dark matter: an invisible, untouchable substance that holds our universe together. But they haven’t found it. Are they chasing a ghost?

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Black Lives Matter helped shape the 2020 election. The movement now has its eyes on Georgia.

The challenge of combating fake news in Asian American communities

On the rebellious joy of a long, long movie dance scene

Holiday shopping as we know it is over — just ask seasonal workers

Advent, explained

The true story behind Arlo Guthrie’s Thanksgiving staple, “Alice’s Restaurant”

Laura Ingalls Wilder only had one good Thanksgiving in the Little House books

Why we get defensive about our holiday recipes

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Canned cranberry sauce, explained

A delicious feast of food movies

The pop cultural obsession with Princess Diana’s innocence, explained

Why streaming devices and streaming networks are fighting over your eyeballs 

Vox Crossword

Why does Hillbilly Elegy feel so inauthentic and performative?

The Supreme Court fight over Trump’s last-ditch effort to rig the census, explained

Dark matter holds our universe together. No one knows what it is.

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Joe Biden’s foreign policy vision takes shape as he selects his team

Americans are gathering with friends and family. Are they wearing masks?


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The post-election economy

Emily Stewart joins Dara and Matt to discuss the prospects for Covid relief and Janet Yellen

The trauma of Thanksgiving for Native communities during a pandemic

Toilet paper is disappearing from shelves — again

How to have a safer — but not safe — pandemic Thanksgiving

Parler, the “free speech” Twitter wannabe, explained

How Trump’s conspiracy theories have inspired some supporters to boycott the Georgia runoffs

A criminal justice expert’s guide to donating effectively right now

With “Dynamite,” BTS beat the US music industry at its own cheap game

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift lead the 2021 Grammy nominees

These are the charities where your money will do the most good

The long list of contenders for Kamala Harris’s Senate seat, explained

Covid-19 vaccine efficacy results are not enough

A historian on the perils of chaotic White House transitions

The good, bad, and weird of Kristen Stewart’s queer Christmas rom-com

This week in TikTok: Why is everyone so mad at Charli D’Amelio?

No, you cannot move to Georgia just to vote in the Senate runoffs

The best $219 I ever spent: A HEPA filter for my parents

The presidential transition begins as the GSA formally recognizes Biden’s victory

Where Trump’s attempt to overturn Biden’s win stands

Biden is expected to announce Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary pick

What Amazon’s big pharmacy news means for US health care

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