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From Pokémon Go to Facebook, here’s how to protect your privacy on apps

Mobile apps want to know everything about you, but you can minimize what they have access to.

Can Joe Biden win the nomination even if he loses Iowa and New Hampshire?

The competing theories of how to win in 2020 comes down to the momentum primary vs. the delegates primary.

How Mike Bloomberg made his billions: a computer system you’ve probably never seen

The Bloomberg terminal, explained.

Why humans kiss, explained

A comic about the cultural and scientific reasons we love making out.

Brands are getting more “woke.” Who actually benefits?

Always removed the Venus symbol from its period products. While it’s a step forward, some consumers are understandably skeptical.

Study: more people reported sex crimes around the world in the wake of Me Too

Are they getting justice?

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Articles of impeachment

House Democrats made history today.

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Away’s new CEO was going to be second in command — until a toxic workplace story blew up

Pentagon halts operational training for Saudi military students after Pensacola shooting

Trump’s speech in Hershey revealed a presidency off the rails

What we know about Pete Buttigieg’s McKinsey clients

“We are desperate for any sign of hope,” Greta Thunberg tells UN climate negotiators

6 months after a major public controversy, YouTube is changing its anti-harassment policies

Impeachment, explained

Air pollution is much more harmful than you know

The Nobel went to economists who changed how we help the poor. But some critics oppose their big idea.

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Airlines are to blame in the debate over reclining plane seats

Your phone location is a goldmine of information — and every political candidate wants it

2 million federal workers are poised to get paid parental leave for the first time ever

Vox Sentences: Articles, articulated

The Irishman is very long and very popular, says Netflix

Democrats — and Trump — declare victory on USMCA

This stream has:

Open Sourced: explaining and exposing the hidden consequences of tech

The shamelessness of Bill Barr

Amazon warehouse workers say they’re doing “back-breaking” work without paid time off

Showtime’s Work in Progress has gallows humor, smart writing, and Lilly Wachowski

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Did An Anti-sex Trafficking Internet Law Put Even More People At Risk?

A law called FOSTA-SESTA, and it's unintended consequences.

Arrests of migrants at the US-Mexico border dropped again in November

Obamacare had an unusually good day at the Supreme Court

Is Trump guilty of obstructing Congress? I asked a legal expert.

The moral philosophy of The Good Place

The silent “sixth” sense

Trump gave Russia’s top envoy a White House meeting. He still hasn’t done that for Ukraine.

Democrats announce 2 articles of impeachment against President Trump

Read Democrats’ articles of impeachment against President Trump

Why are so few Nobel Prizes awarded to women?

John Kerry and the climate kids: a tale of 2 new strategies to fight climate change

Trump lashes out at FBI Director Wray for telling the truth about the IG report

Vouchers can help the poor find homes. But landlords often won’t accept them.


What facial recognition steals from us

Money Talks: How this self-employed couple pays for health insurance

Facebook’s political ad problem, explained by an expert

How to avoid a dystopian future of facial recognition in law enforcement

Open Sourced: The hidden consequences of tech, revealed

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What we know about you when you click on this article

Where the US government is using facial recognition technology to surveil Americans