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Why the “wolf turn” is such a big deal

A deceptively difficult gymnastics turn.

How kidnap-for-ransom became the “most lucrative industry in Nigeria”

Bandits have extorted $4.9 million from ordinary Nigerians this year.

Trump’s aggressive efforts to overturn election results come to light

A handwritten document released by the DOJ could have the former president’s actions catching up with him.

The $5,000 quest for the perfect butt

How the Brazilian butt lift, one of the world’s most dangerous plastic surgery procedures, went mainstream.

These immigrants have one shot to come to the US. But Biden has to act.

Diversity visa applicants were targeted by Trump, but have remained in limbo under Biden.

What empty offices mean for America’s cities — and workers

Who wins and who loses in the remote work revolution.

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The Provincetown cluster

Vox’s Dylan Scott explains what an outbreak in a mostly vaccinated beach town taught the CDC about the delta variant.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained


Why the US Army tried to exterminate the bison

Hosting the Olympics comes at a massive cost

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

Here’s how police can get your data — even if you aren’t suspected of a crime

Biden’s fight to de-Trumpify the courts, explained

Will the Tokyo Olympics be a superspreader event?

“Progressive prosecutors” are working within the system to change it. How is that going?

The Green Knight is glorious and a little baffling. Let’s untangle it.

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Feds are seizing cryptocurrency from criminals. Now they have to figure out what to do with it.

How much worse can the coronavirus get?

Is it a HIPAA violation for your employer to require vaccines?

America’s mental health moment is finally here

Why school lunches feel like they’re frozen in time

Homeownership can bring out the worst in you

Yes, Covid-19 vaccine mandates are legal

The Great Regression

What’s in the new infrastructure bill — and why it’s a big deal

Is Merrick Garland letting Trump’s people off the hook?

Is Robinhood the next meme stock?


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Getting power to the people

Matt is joined by Liza Reed of the Niskanen Center to talk about energy policy, electricity transmission, and America's complex power delivery system

The 4 main fault lines that divide the vaccinated and the unvaccinated

Beetles, drought, and fires are a ticking time bomb in the West

Medical debt was cut nearly in half in states that expanded Medicaid

The new Pursuit of Love TV show means it’s time to remember the Mitfords

The magic, sex, and violence of the 14th-century poem behind The Green Knight

Biden is turning back Haitian migrants at sea, echoing a shameful chapter in US history

LA’s favorite flea market is a teen fashion paradise

How to make the child tax credit more accessible

The worst money we’ve ever spent

For hackers, space is the final frontier

Google and Facebook lead the way with Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Will corporate America follow?

Why Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympic gymnastic women’s team finals

Democracy’s big threat isn’t coming from China. It’s coming from within.

Don’t dwell on the US life expectancy drop. Worry about the long-term trend.


Do I want kids?

Why Newsmax is failing

The long road to a reckoning on racist team names

The endless expansion of the American beverage aisle

Mandate the vaccine, not masks

Cops at the schoolyard gate