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The other infectious diseases spreading in the shadow of the pandemic

Vaccinations and screenings for measles, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases are down in the pandemic.

What happens if Covid-19 symptoms don’t go away? Doctors are trying to figure it out.

People with long-term Covid-19 complications are meanwhile struggling to get care.

The Democratic Party’s most hated startup can’t change what happened in Iowa. But it can change its name.

It has now also changed its CEO — quietly.

Live results for the July 14 primaries

Voters in Alabama and Texas are casting their ballots in runoffs for House and Senate, and Maine voters are voting in the state’s primary.

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Trump reduced fines for nursing homes that put residents at risk. Then Covid-19 happened.

The Obama administration cracked down on nursing homes with infection control problems. Trump reversed course.

Joe Biden has a chance to make history on climate change

All he has to do is embrace the consensus that’s waiting for him.

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The Washington Football Team

The District of Columbia's football team is abandoning the name it adopted almost a century ago. Paul Chaat Smith, a curator at the National Museum of the American Indian, hopes the country is at long last ready to reckon with its past.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Air Force veteran MJ Hegar wins the Texas Democratic Senate primary

The Trump administration just backed down on its attempt to kick out foreign students

Okay, Google, how do I listen to Vox?

Why scientists are so worried about this glacier

With one twist, RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars became a lot like Survivor

Many technologies needed to solve the climate crisis are nowhere near ready

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How Netflix made Breaking Bad a hit — and why that won’t happen again

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

This week in TikTok: Every influencer wants a reality show

How the pandemic scrambled Democrats’ campaign to retake statehouses

Money Talks: The couple navigating child care in the pandemic

Democrats have a plan to automatically expand health coverage in a pandemic

How California went from a coronavirus success story to a worrying new hot spot

Google’s former CEO hosts an exclusive retreat in Yellowstone each July. You won’t hear much about it.

Breonna Taylor was killed by police in March. The officers involved have not been arrested.

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The debate over “airborne” coronavirus spread, explained

6 key Senate and House races to watch on Tuesday

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Some brand names have long perpetuated racism. Black Lives Matter is changing that.

From the Washington Redskins to Aunt Jemima, a racist history is primed to be toppled.

Israel’s West Bank annexation plan and why it’s stalled, explained by an expert

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Facebook's fact-check 'loophole'

Facebook's fact-check 'loophole'

The federal agency that’s supposed to protect workers is toothless on Covid-19

Join the Vox Book Club to talk Rodham with author Curtis Sittenfeld, live on Zoom

The PPP worked how it was supposed to. That’s the problem.

College towns without college students have small businesses struggling

Robert Mueller: Roger Stone “remains a convicted felon, and rightly so”

The Goya Foods free speech controversy, explained

My patient caught Covid-19 twice. So long to herd immunity hopes?

Why did liberals win so many cases before a conservative Supreme Court?

“Usually, trans women are side characters”

Is evangelical support for Trump a contradiction?

How to go out and not spread coronavirus this summer

Trump just commuted Roger Stone’s sentence

Amazon walks back its order for employees to delete TikTok from their phones

Unpacking the twisty genre of political fanfiction through Curtis Sittenfeld’s Rodham

Housing segregation left Black Americans more vulnerable to Covid-19

America still doesn’t have enough N95 masks

Australia was a coronavirus success story. Now, an outbreak is prompting new lockdowns.

The past 24 hours in Trump legal issues and controversies, explained

This week’s movie releases are astoundingly good

Lonely Island’s Palm Springs is a funny existential comedy about two dirtbags who find each other