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The Supreme Court will hear two cases that are likely to end affirmative action

The conservative Court adds more cases to its growing culture war docket.

The school shooting generation grows up

An early wave of survivors came of age in a wholly unprepared world. Now they’re in their 30s and 40s, grappling with the present.

Democrats have had enough of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s obstruction

Sinema’s political future is murky after her filibuster vote.

The never-ending suffering of the legacyquel

The new Scream movie and The Matrix Resurrections explore what happens when stories never end.

Can Russia back down in Ukraine?

Russia’s invasion threat looms, and there have been no diplomatic breakthroughs yet.

The best $65 I ever spent: A BDSM whip

Staying married was my own form of masochism — just without the kinky accoutrements.

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China’s Winter Olympics (feat. Covid-19)

The Games don’t begin until February 4, but the drama around the pandemic, free speech, and diplomatic boycotts has been building for months. NPR’s Emily Feng explains from Beijing.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

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Welcome to the Memory Issue of the Highlight

Survivors of early school shootings reflect, the growing popularity of the word "trauma," scientists’ efforts to understand memory, and more.

Biden promised a harder line on Saudi Arabia. Why can’t he deliver?

US policy is fueling Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis

What Congress’s new election reform idea leaves out

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

The hidden lesson in the new free Covid-19 tests

Thich Nhat Hanh’s final mindfulness lesson: How to die peacefully

Stop canceling normal people who go viral

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

What the Doomsday Clock is really counting down to

Democrats may have to sacrifice something big for the climate

Big Food is ready to sell you more plant-based meat

Cheer shows how fame changes everything

What’s the point of digital clothes?

One Good Thing: Nothing in Criminal Minds makes sense and it’s perfect

This map may make you feel better about the state of the planet

How to spot the signs of long Covid — and what to do next

The M&Ms are different now

The frustrating Covid-19 test reimbursement process is a microcosm of US health care

The parents of the youngest children are not okay


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Are corporations winning at inflation?

If they are profiting from inflation, can we do anything about it?

Why Covid-19 is always one step ahead of the US response

The voting rights push in Congress is over. The fight for democracy isn’t.

Texas went big on oil. Earthquakes followed.

Wordle is a deceptively easy game for burnt-out pandemic shut-ins

Biden’s immigration polices have left Haitians stranded in Mexico

The world has moved on from Colleyville. American Jews can’t.

Democrats’ failure on filibuster reform will haunt them

The Supreme Court breaks with Trump on January 6

It was a great day in the Supreme Court for the bribery of lawmakers

Democrats’ voting rights debacle

Biden’s offshore wind plan is also a jobs plan

Why 5G is causing flight cancellations

What you need to know about Biden’s free rapid test program

Could a universal Covid-19 vaccine defeat every variant?

Microsoft is buying one of the biggest names in games — if Washington lets it

Is confidence a cult? These sociologists think so.

Am I asymptomatic, or do I just really not want to have Covid-19? A guide.

We’ll never have a normal flu season again

A physicist’s lessons about race, power, and the universe

How to sponsor an Afghan refugee family