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FBI: reported hate crimes increased by 17 percent in 2017

But there’s a catch: The FBI report likely undercounts by hundreds of thousands.

Who are period-tracking apps really built for?

The golden age of menstrual surveillance is great for men, marketers, and medical companies.

US bishops had a plan to combat clerical sex abuse. The Vatican just hit pause.

The Vatican asked the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to delay votes on proposals to fight child abuse.

I was on a Forbes 30 under 30 list. Here are the hidden privileges that made me a “success.”

Lists like these fetishize achievement while erasing the role of privilege and access.

Michelle Obama’s Becoming is a master class in walking the First Lady Tightrope

As a political memoir, it’s safe. As a piece of image-making, it’s brilliant.

Game of Thrones’ final season will premiere in April 2019

The end of Game of Thrones begins in five months.

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Total Recount

Almost a week after the midterm elections, several key races remain undecided and recounts are coming. The president calls shenanigans.

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Michelle Obama’s story of “talking white” shines a light on the complexities of code-switching

Out of the White House, Michelle Obama’s style is more casual, but still aspirational

New York’s Orthodox Jewish community is battling measles outbreaks. Vaccine deniers are to blame.

Amazon HQ2 to be split between Crystal City, VA, and Long Island City, NY

CNN sues White House for using doctored video to bar Jim Acosta

Why the political fight in Georgia is far from over

Amazon already announced its HQ2 picks, but it’s coming to Nashville too

Trump’s bizarre embrace of French nationalism

All the House seats Democrats have flipped in the 2018 elections

“I didn’t really think he could win”: Michelle Obama’s new memoir reveals why she let Barack run for president

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams Amazon’s imminent arrival in Queens

One chart that shows racism has everything and nothing to do with Republican election wins

Why Michelle Obama’s revelation that she had a miscarriage and did IVF matters

How to save lives when Congress refuses to pass gun control

Photos: what California’s deadly wildfires look like on the ground

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s incredible ability to bounce back

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Everyone wants to “teach a man to fish.” But skills training alone doesn’t help the world’s poor.

Democrats’ blue wave was much larger than early takes suggested

I got my dream job and had my baby the same week. So I brought my baby to work.

House Democrats plan to push for $15 federal minimum wage

Congress’s leaders want a drama-free end to the year. Trump has other ideas.

I looked for a state that’s taking gun violence seriously. I found Massachusetts.

Massachusetts offers a model for dealing with gun violence that the rest of the country could follow.

The races that still haven’t been called in Florida and Georgia, explained

How Trump’s favored midterm candidates performed

Martha McSally just lost the Arizona Senate race. She could still be a senator next year.

Vox Sentences: Paradise aflame

Arizona Republicans show losing an election with a little grace is still possible

5 signs Democrats were on track to flip the Arizona Senate seat this year

Kyrsten Sinema is the first Democrat to win an Arizona Senate seat in 30 years

Jerome Corsi says Mueller will soon indict him for perjury

Tide’s new “Eco-Box” looks like boxed wine, memes ensue

The controversies of Trump’s Paris trip, explained

A black security guard caught a shooting suspect — only to be shot by police minutes later

Amazon’s Alexa might be a key witness in a murder case

An ad for a $40 teddy bear that looks like Trump just went viral

Stan Lee, the godfather of Marvel comics, dies at 95

The Pokémon Detective Pikachu trailer is tearing Pokémon fans apart

Singles Day, China’s anti-Valentine’s shopping holiday, is spreading to the US

No, John McCain did not make Republicans lose the House