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A bipartisan group of senators wants to pass emergency Covid-19 relief

The latest competing Covid-19 relief proposals in Congress, explained.

Pop culture’s department stores taught us what to want

In movies like Splash, Miracle on 34th Street, and The Women, the department store is where we go to learn middle-class values.

Trump’s pardon shenanigans are ramping up

Flynn is likely just the start.

4 looming foreign policy crises that could derail Biden’s agenda early on

Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Afghanistan could cause short-term problems for Biden’s long-term global agenda.

Giving thanks may make your brain more altruistic

Neuroscience is revealing a fascinating link between gratitude and generosity.

Joe Biden should do everything at once

How to succeed in hyperpolarized politics: run a blitz.

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The key to the Cabinet

President-elect Biden has started announcing his Cabinet nominees, but Matthew Yglesias says the most important positions aren’t the ones you’d think.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Want to help animals? Here’s where to donate your money.

The 12 Days of Christmas: The story behind the holiday’s most annoying carol

Advent, explained

The high rate of executions during Trump’s last weeks in office, explained

“The stakes are life and death”: Addiction treatment’s Covid-19 challenge

How voice actors are fighting to change an industry that renders them invisible

Why Trump taking credit for the Covid-19 vaccines could be a good thing

What happened to department stores?

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This week in TikTok: The only election that mattered

The pandemic is changing college. Let’s reconsider GPAs while we’re at it.

A criminal justice expert’s guide to donating effectively right now

Vox has a merch store! Shop now.

This man has donated at least 10% of his salary to charity for 11 years running

These are the charities where your money will do the most good

Trump’s attempt to overturn the election result has sputtered out

Ajit Pai, Trump’s FCC chair who repealed net neutrality, is leaving on January 20

Don’t wait: The case for giving sooner rather than later

Joe Biden announces Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary pick


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The job nobody wants

Dara and Matt on Biden’s choice to run Homeland Security and the many challenges he’ll face

What happened to Democrats in North Carolina: “It was a total effort that failed down ballot”

Staying safe this winter means a lot of time outside. Here’s how to stay warm.

Giving Tuesday, explained

Even Amy Coney Barrett appears skeptical of Trump’s latest attempt to rig the census

Moderna released more Covid-19 vaccine results. They’re very encouraging.

The most important book I’ve read this year

One Good Thing: An amazing game played entirely via text message

11 films to watch if you loved — or hated — Hillbilly Elegy

It’s easy to assume pawnshops are doing great in the pandemic. It’s also wrong.

Want to improve climate policy in the Biden era? Here’s where to donate.

9 questions about the Georgia Senate runoffs you were too embarrassed to ask

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The death of the department store and the American middle class

The collapse of America’s middle class crushed department stores. Amazon and the pandemic are the final blows.

The US was already setting Covid-19 records. Experts say Thanksgiving may have made things worse.

Trump’s first interview since losing reelection was a smorgasbord of disinformation

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just dismissed a GOP bid to overturn the election

Ethiopia says it’s captured the capital of its rebellious Tigray region

Federal appeals court rejects a Trump election lawsuit: “Calling an election unfair does not make it so”

The assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist, briefly explained

Black Lives Matter helped shape the 2020 election. The movement now has its eyes on Georgia.

The challenge of combating fake news in Asian American communities