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The convenience of American amnesia

Calls to move on with a new presidency underscore a truth: Quietly abiding our ugliest elements is the American way.

US: China is committing genocide and crimes against humanity against Uighur Muslims

The US State Department’s declaration was a long time coming, but it could somewhat complicate President-elect Biden’s China policy.

The F Word

The debate over whether to call Donald Trump a fascist, and why it matters.

Why Trump couldn’t steal the election — and how a future demagogue could

The system only works if enough people in power agree to let it.

What we know about Biden’s inauguration plans

This year will feature pared-down festivities and beefed-up security.

5 ideas to reform the filibuster that Joe Manchin might actually support

Senate centrists aren’t going to kill the filibuster. But they might still make a deal to weaken it.

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The first global vaccination

Was distributed by 22 orphans.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Everything you need to know about Biden’s inauguration

The Trump presidency is over, and Obamacare is still alive

McConnell commemorates President Trump’s last day by specifically blaming him for a riot

How people in the UK, Germany, and France feel about Joe Biden

On his last full day in office, Trump sinks to his lowest low in major polls

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Parler begins to come back online with the help of a Russian tech company 

Why the US may not see the next dangerous coronavirus variant coming

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Vox Crossword

A potential inauguration threat showcased America’s housing crisis

This week in TikTok: Get me out of sea shanty TikTok

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On being “ethnically ambiguous”

The best $1 I ever spent: A Venmo payment to my ex

Natural immunity after Covid-19 could last at least 5 months

Why the FBI is vetting the National Guard ahead of the inauguration

What the clergy praying at Biden’s inauguration signal about his priorities

As Trump prepares for final presidential pardons, will he attempt to pardon himself?

How the FBI’s surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr. was bolstered by Hollywood


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The Next Four Years: Fighting tech monopolies

Charlotte Slaiman joins Matt to discuss the ongoing antitrust cases against Google and Facebook, and the prospects for tech regulation in the Biden administration.

One Good Thing: Detransition, Baby lays bare the innermost thoughts of trans women

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Terrible financial advice is going viral on TikTok

TikTok is full of dubious personal finance myths. Here are 10 of them, and why you should be wary.

Don’t ask what Martin Luther King Jr. would do today and then ignore his real message

The loneliness of being mixed race in America

Another armed man has been arrested at a DC security checkpoint

Sen. Lindsey Graham calls for Senate to reject impeachment trial for “national healing”

How Americans feel about Joe Biden ahead of his inauguration

5 months after being poisoned, top Putin critic Alexei Navalny detained upon Moscow return

Rudy Giuliani may defend Trump in an impeachment trial. That could doom him.

Baked Alaska’s clout-chasing spiral into white supremacy is an internet morality tale

Facebook will stop advertising gun holsters and military gear through Inauguration Day

How Biden hopes to use executive actions to address America’s “compounding crises”

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse condemns Trump, QAnon, and his own party in op-ed

Capitol Police arrested an armed man at a DC security checkpoint

Poll: Most Republicans believe Trump bears no responsibility for Capitol attacks

The Trump administration’s execution of Dustin Higgs, explained

Trump’s Twitter and Facebook bans are working

“A colossal waste”: Some Republicans question Biden’s Covid-19 relief plan

What Biden wants to do on immigration, briefly explained

House Democrats launch investigation into Capitol riot security failures