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How to travel during the international coronavirus outbreak

With Covid-19 cases surging in Italy, South Korea, and Iran, travel has become increasingly fraught.

4 winners and 2 losers from the Democratic debate in South Carolina

It was the most chaotic, confusing debate to date.

Clearview AI, the world’s scariest facial recognition company, can’t even keep its own data secure

Clearview AI has recently attracted criticism from Congress for its cavalier use of facial recognition technology.

The Supreme Court case that could end Roe v. Wade, explained

There are three ways the Court could decide June Medical Services v. Russo. Not one is good news for abortion rights.

The true story of the awakening of Norman Rockwell

For decades, the artist’s Saturday Evening Post covers championed a retrograde view of America. This is the story of the politically turbulent 1960s, a singular painting, and Rockwell’s unlikely change of heart.

The exhausting, lucrative world of childhood sleep consulting

Tired parents are desperate to get their kids to sleep. There’s a whole industry designed to help (for a fee).

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Putin his thumb on the scale

Russian interference in U.S. elections could go from Vlad to worse as President Trump sidelines U.S. intelligence agencies.

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Who is Tom Steyer without his red plaid tie?

Why we can’t always be “nudged” into changing our behavior

Tesla needs to fix its deadly Autopilot problem

Trump is facing a coronavirus threat. Let’s look back at how he talked about Ebola.

The Venus de Milo is famous. Why?

How the Venus de Milo got so famous

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How coronavirus could force the work-from-home movement

The first US soldier has tested positive for coronavirus

Bernie Sanders’s new favorite Medicare-for-all study, explained

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Why Iran’s coronavirus outbreak may be worse than you think

Why do people fast for Lent?

The crucial debate Democrats almost had in South Carolina

Here’s how tickets were allocated for the South Carolina Democratic debate

Biden promises to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court

5 key moments from South Carolina’s otherwise very messy Democratic debate

The next Democratic debate could feature a much smaller stage

The allegation that Mike Bloomberg told a pregnant employee to “kill it,” explained

Tom Steyer’s push for term limits is a truly awful idea

Mike Bloomberg’s stop-and-frisk problem, explained

What a Mike Bloomberg foreign policy might look like

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What's next for CRISPR

Jennifer Doudna, co-developer of the revolutionary gene editing technology, reflects on CRISPR's past and its future.

A symbolic vote on abortion bills puts senators in close reelection races in a bind

Coronavirus has Americans rushing to buy face masks. That isn’t necessary.

Why Twitter says Bloomberg’s fake Sanders tweets don’t break its rules

What to expect at Tuesday’s Democratic debate in South Carolina

Bernie Sanders’s evolution on immigration, explained

Disney has a new CEO, but its old CEO isn’t going away quite yet

Trump praises India’s religious freedom while Muslim-Hindu violence erupts

Hosni Mubarak’s death and despotic rule, briefly explained

Nonbinary people could get a gender-neutral passport under new legislation

What the Harvey Weinstein trial won’t change for survivors

“We are at a turning point”: The coronavirus outbreak is looking more like a pandemic

The coronavirus cruise ship outbreak confirms cruises are bad

Trump says coronavirus is “under control.” It’s not.

There’s something strange about TikTok recommendations

The Supreme Court just held that a border guard who shot a child will face no consequences

Mike Bloomberg says he has the best record on climate change. Does he?

Trump’s demand for Ginsburg and Sotomayor to recuse themselves, briefly explained

Bernie Sanders looks electable in surveys — but it could be a mirage

Corporate monopolies are hiding in your grocery aisle

This week in TikTok: How a dance goes viral