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What to watch for in the Senate’s grueling vote-a-rama 

The Senate is weighing in on the minimum wage and unemployment insurance as it holds these votes.

The Covid-19 stimulus bill, explained in 600 words

Here’s what the bill tries to do — and what’s actually in it.

A new Democratic plan to expand Medicaid hits a big snag: Republican governors

The Covid-19 stimulus bill isn’t going to fix the Medicaid expansion gap.

Pants are fun now

Sweatpants are dead. Time to pull out your fun pants.

China aims to be carbon neutral by 2060. Its new 5-year plan won’t cut it.

The plan could allow for emissions to keep growing through 2025.

Coming 2 America is nostalgic, star-studded fun

Eddie Murphy — and Zamunda — are back in this sequel that lacks the edge of its predecessor but isn’t without its charms.

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The Bachelor meets reality

Beset by controversy, The Bachelor’s latest season is winding down with an identity crisis. It’s a rare case of reality TV reflecting our cultural reality.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Bombs, grift, true crime: Netflix’s Murder Among the Mormons almost had it all

The long history of anti-Asian hate in America, explained

Why comparing Covid-19 vaccine efficacy numbers can be misleading

Raven Leilani, author of Luster, on how to be alone in New York City

White House signals support for replacing decades-long authorizations for military force

America’s Covid-19 deaths, explained in 8 charts and maps

One weird trick to fix climate change: Close the offshore wealth loophole

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WandaVision’s series finale sets up the future of Wanda and the MCU

Vox has a merch store! Shop now.

Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon is a sumptuous fantasy — but it makes a mess of Southeast Asian culture

An “emotional” moment at an NSC meeting shows why withdrawing from Afghanistan is so hard

The latest QAnon-inspired threat on the Capitol was thankfully a dud

Tons of K-pop artists have been purged from Spotify. It’s part of a much bigger problem.

NFTs, explained


Texas’s power disaster is a warning sign for the US

Pence’s new op-ed pushes same election fraud lies that inspired the January 6 insurrection

SPACs, the investment term you won’t stop hearing about, explained

A West Virginia pharmacist on how the state became a vaccine success story


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Facebook's shadow court

Kate Klonick joins Matt to talk about her investigation into Facebook's new content moderation board

Covid tongue? Why new Covid-19 symptoms keep popping up.

Why did Jack Dorsey buy Jay-Z’s failed music service?

“No healing without the truth”: How a federal commission could help America understand systemic racism

The psychedelic roots of Christianity

Why public shaming of vaccinations is a bad idea

Why WandaVision has become a lightning rod in pop culture discourse

The problem for Paramount+ (and every other streamer)? Everyone already has Netflix.

House Democrats’ massive voting rights bill, explained

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, explained

Angelo Quinto’s family says he died after police pinned him by his neck. Police deny they did anything wrong.

Google is done with cookies, but that doesn’t mean it’s done tracking you

The pandemic caused a record drop in carbon emissions. Then they bounced back.

Poll: People favor expansive Covid-19 relief over a targeted bipartisan package

Republicans are trying to exchange a minimum wage hike for a crackdown on undocumented workers

QAnon believers think Trump will be inaugurated again on March 4

The union vote that could change Amazon forever

The race to become a Clubhouse influencer

The Keystone XL pipeline is officially dead. Here’s what Biden and Trudeau should do next.

Covid-19 cases are down, vaccinations are up. But the US shouldn’t declare victory yet.

Covid-19 vaccines are finally, truly coming for every American adult soon