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We cut child poverty to historic lows, then let it rebound faster than ever before

The expanded child tax credit was a well-tested solution to child poverty. Bring it back.

Gen Z falls for online scams more than their boomer grandparents do

The generation that grew up with the internet isn’t invulnerable to becoming the victim of online hackers and scammers.

What climate activists mean when they say “end fossil fuels”

The bolder, narrower message of the climate movement, explained.

Devastating photos reveal how an extreme heat wave is wrecking Florida’s coral reef

Photos from before and after record temperatures struck Florida show the wrath of climate change.

The wild allegations about India killing a Canadian citizen, explained

The killing of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada has exposed a big problem for US foreign policy.

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The dream — and reality — of moving to Florida

One of the fastest-growing states in the nation is also one of the most complicated.

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New variant just dropped

Seems like everyone’s got Covid again. Vox’s in-house epidemiologist, Dr. Keren Landman, delivers the good news and the bad news about Pirola.

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It’s time to replace urban delivery vans with e-bikes

Lead poisoning kills millions annually. One country is showing the way forward.

How states humiliate single parents who need government assistance

Stuart Russell wrote the textbook on AI safety. He explains how to keep it from spiraling out of control.

10 of the biggest — and smallest — scientific mysteries

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

What a defense ministry shake-up may say about Ukraine’s corruption problem

Drew Barrymore tried to live, laugh, scab her way across the picket line. It didn’t work.

Maren Morris distancing herself from country music underscores its existential crisis

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AI that’s smarter than humans? Americans say a firm “no thank you.”

Google’s free AI isn’t just for search anymore

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The US hired a leading economist to fix how it allocates foreign aid. Here’s his plan.

Sound of Freedom wants to raise awareness about child trafficking. Here’s what it’s really doing.

The sexual assault allegations against Russell Brand, explained

What’s the state of the Hollywood strikes?

The impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, explained

The US-Iran prisoner swap, briefly explained

The chaotic and cinematic MGM casino hack, explained

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Who protects workers from extreme heat?

Why we need a federal heat standard

The backlash against Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, explained

Has Apple Pay made it too easy to spend money?

The Supreme Court’s new term will be dominated by dangerous and incoherent lawsuits

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The ocean is rising — and so is Miami’s skyline

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The mind-boggling scale of Disney World

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“Florida Man,” explained

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The United States of Florida

Examining the Sunshine State’s outsized role in American culture.

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Florida’s favorite grocery store seeks to be uncomplicated in a complicated world

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How Florida became the center of the Republican universe

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Florida has become a zoo. A literal zoo.

Trump, on Meet the Press, shows he still has no policy plans

The terrible paradox of air pollution and climate change

Should you be friends with your kids?

America’s most iconic coral reef is dying. Only one thing will save it.

What’s up with China’s disappearing senior military officers?

The UAW’s big asks, unusual strike strategy, and what this all means for you

Take the visitor’s approach to exploring your own city

How Covid misinformation stayed one step ahead of Facebook

Apple has an AirPod repair problem

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