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Trump didn’t want an investigation into Biden. He wanted a political show.

Sondland’s most quietly damning statement: A real investigation by Ukraine was not the explicit goal.

America needs to hear — under oath — from Pompeo, Perry, Pence, and Bolton

Sondland’s bombshell testimony demands answers from top officials.

Google transformed the political advertising world with its reversal on targeting

Google’s decision puts new pressure on Facebook to change its policies on political ads.

Tom Steyer’s impeachment group is missing its big moment because he’s running for president

Former employees of Tom Steyer’s impeachment group say they were strong-armed into joining his campaign when it looked like impeachment was dead over the summer.

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Vox’s guide to where 2020 Democrats stand on policy

Keep up with the policy debates that will shape the Democratic 2020 primary.

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Impeachment, explained

The ultimate guide to the Donald Trump impeachment saga

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Impeachment TV: Mr. Sondland Goes to Washington

The most-anticipated testimony of the House impeachment inquiry was held today on Capitol Hill. It did not disappoint.

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Vox Sentences: Oh, there’s also a debate tonight

A top Pentagon official severely undercut a Trump impeachment talking point

Joker director Todd Phillips wants to do a sequel — and more DC origin stories

Trump’s new “NO QUID PRO QUO” talking point is a trick

Gordon Sondland is being called the next John Dean. Here’s why.

DoorDash and Uber Eats aren’t collecting sales tax on delivery fees in some states. That could be a problem.

Trump’s desire for investigations morphed into US policy

Sondland says he told Pence about Trump and Ukraine. Pence says that “never happened.”

Kamala Harris’s decline in the polls, explained

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Trump’s agreements in Central America are dismantling the asylum system as we know it

We never really got rid of the plague. 3 people in China just caught it.

Taylor Swift’s “Beautiful Ghosts” might be the best part of the Cats movie

Prince Andrew steps back from public duties after Jeffrey Epstein interview

Read Trump’s very large, very strange Sharpie notes on impeachment

Trump before Sondland’s testimony: “He’s a great American.” Trump after: “This is not a man I know well.”

2020 Democrats call for investigation into NBC sexual misconduct allegations ahead of debate

Wayne Messam, who called on Americans to #BeGreat, suspends his presidential bid

Sondland’s testimony shows Mike Pompeo was far more central on Ukraine than we knew

Lizzo, Billie Eilish, and Lil Nas X lead the 2020 Grammy nominees

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Why Google Has Your Health Records

Google has partnered with one of America's large hospital networks and gained access to millions of health records. CNBC's Christina Farr explains what it's doing with them.

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A guide to how 2020 Democrats plan to fight climate change

An all-female panel will moderate the November Democratic debate

Twitter is banning political ads. Nonprofits like mine could suffer.

Who’s who in the impeachment hearings

A new solar heat technology could help solve one of the trickiest climate problems

Read: Gordon Sondland’s opening statement for the impeachment hearing

What to expect in Gordon Sondland’s high-stakes testimony

What we learned from the third day of public impeachment hearings

How Trump and Republicans are obstructing the impeachment process

The economic debate over the minimum wage, explained

Welcome to The Highlight’s Happiness Issue

Women are increasingly unhappy. This comic explains why.

American happiness is plummeting. Could a few words change that?

Is positive psychology all it’s cracked up to be?

How to spend money to squeeze more joy out of life

How the Real Housewives built cable TV’s biggest fandom

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November 2019 Democratic debate

“Knowledge workers” could be the most impacted by future automation

Disney says it doesn’t need data to make great shows

Tuesday’s impeachment hearings were a disaster for Republicans