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Like it or not, you should probably start paying attention to bitcoin

As Coinbase goes public, cryptocurrency is more mainstream than ever.

A former Bachelor star came out as gay. The announcement was as messy as his season.

The complicated, problematic past of Colton Underwood, the Bachelor star who just announced he is gay.

Senate Democrats use Asian American hate crimes bill as key test of Republican obstruction

The legislation is narrow in scope — but could send a powerful message condemning anti-Asian racism.

Daunte Wright’s killing is a reminder of how quickly traffic stops can become deadly

Wright was killed by police just 10 miles from where Derek Chauvin is on trial for the killing of George Floyd.

Scientists haven’t figured out long Covid. Here are 5 of their best hypotheses.

From disturbing the gut microbiome to lingering in the brain, there are many ways the coronavirus might cause lasting symptoms.

What to do instead of calling the police

These alternatives can help keep communities safe for everyone.

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Vox’s Andrew Prokop explains Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz’s sex scandal.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

A new bill would add 4 seats to the Supreme Court

How to listen to all of Vox’s Earth Month podcasts

76 percent of the Western US is in a drought. That likely means another bad wildfire season.

The pandemic’s impact on our world is only just beginning

Introducing Down to Earth, our new project on the biodiversity crisis

Yes, you can be vaccinated and still get Covid-19. But don’t panic.

Wildlife is in peril, but that doesn’t mean conservation has failed

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How to develop vaccines faster before the next pandemic

The spectacle of anti-Asian violence on Instagram

Asian news sites like NextShark brought attention to anti-Asian racism — at the cost of circulating graphic imagery.

Hispanics are being vaccinated at lower rates nationwide. Nevada is trying to change that.

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Breaking down the 2021 Best Picture nominees

How free trials trick you into thinking you’ll get something for nothing

Mank is the most-nominated film at the Oscars. Should it win Best Picture?

“It is not a blockade”: US says Saudi Arabia isn’t to blame for Yemen’s fuel shortage

Why some of the most liberal Democrats in Congress want to bring back a tax break for the rich

Violent crime is up. Newsmax and OANN viewers are most likely to say so.

Fast food over fine dining: What spending data tells us about the pandemic recovery


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White paper-palooza

Matt, Dara, and Vox's Umair Irfan take on a trio of white papers on the cutting edge of climate change research

Why Johnson & Johnson shots were paused — and why that’s so confusing

Tech billionaires are staying “very, very quiet” on proposals to tax their wealth

It’s not just Big Oil. Big Meat also spends millions to crush good climate policy.

America’s forever war may be ending

Sanjena Sathian’s Gold Diggers is a playful social satire with teeth

Biden wants to raise taxes to pay for infrastructure. He might need the world’s help. 

You can finally ask Facebook’s oversight board to remove bad posts. Here’s how.

The best €44 I ever spent: The first sweater I bought in years

What a 1,600-year-old New Zealand tree can tell us about climate change

The next generation of Black farmers

How much to worry — and not worry — about inflation

Am I spending too much time on TikTok?

What Netflix’s Seaspiracy gets wrong about fishing, explained by a marine biologist

From beans and rice to BBQ: Muslim Americans’ Ramadan cuisine reflects their diversity

What the Supreme Court got wrong about homicides committed by cops

A Black Army lieutenant is suing Virginia police after being held at gunpoint

Israel’s suspected attack on an Iranian nuclear site complicates US-Iran talks

How owning a brand’s stock keeps customers loyal

Marijuana legalization has won

New Mexico just legalized marijuana