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Lina Khan is joining the FTC, and Big Tech should be worried

Democrats and Republicans came together to confirm the antitrust expert to the Federal Trade Commission.

What the Novavax vaccine means for the global fight against Covid-19

The biotech firm said its Covid-19 vaccine showed 90 percent efficacy in clinical trials. Thank moths.

Free the wrinkle

The pandemic could help Americans finally embrace aging skin.

“Back to normal” puts us back on the path to climate catastrophe

The data is in: The pandemic did nothing to slow climate change.

Travelers have gotten rowdy. This Instagram account aims to keep them in line.

Passenger Shaming documents the bad behavior of unruly vacationers. Does it work?

Hate crime laws won’t actually prevent anti-Asian hate crimes

By centering policing, they do little to address the root cause.

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What to do when your mom is with Q.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

MacKenzie Scott gives away billions, again

Sotheby’s is selling a piece of web history, signed by its creator

Chrissy Teigen’s fall from grace

How Apple helped Trump’s DOJ seize lawmakers’ data without realizing it

Elon Musk says Tesla will once again accept bitcoin

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

The Asian American wealth gap, explained in a comic

Money Talks: The mother and the college student who shared stimulus checks

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

One Good Thing: A very funny show about girlboss feminism

The DOJ has a plan to protect voting rights. It might not be enough.

The fall of “King Bibi”

The richest colleges didn’t need to cut their budgets in the pandemic — but they did

Biden plans to reverse Trump’s Alaska policy. Here’s why it matters.

What Facebook’s two-year Trump ban does and doesn’t do

Colombia’s protests are a product of its post-peace-deal reality

The star-crossed history of In the Heights and West Side Story

One possible cause of the 2020 murder increase: More guns

How stressed out are factory-farmed animals? AI might have the answer.

What the new IG report about the gassing of protesters around Lafayette Square actually says


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Zoning our way through it

Matt is joined by researcher Emily Hamilton to talk about the topic you can't get enough of: land use policy and local zoning ordinances

What you need to know about the House’s opening bid to rein in Big Tech

What are you legally allowed to say at work? A group of fired Googlers could change the rules.

Leave the World Behind’s bougie apocalypse

The controversy over Bill Gates becoming the largest private farmland owner in the US

Biden’s plan to increase legal immigration could aid the pandemic economy recovery

Is there an uncontroversial way to teach America’s racist history?

Wall Street isn’t to blame for the chaotic housing market

The pandemic tattoo craze is here

How In the Heights went from a student musical to one of the summer’s biggest movies

Indigenous people are the world’s biggest conservationists, but they rarely get credit for it

The Other Black Girl is a pulpy, joyous thrill ride of a book

Why Democrats are voting on bills that have no chance of passing

The Keystone XL pipeline is dead. But the fight against similar projects is far from over.

JBS Foods, the meat supplier hit by a ransomware attack, admits it paid $11 million in ransom

The new Alzheimer’s drug that could break Medicare

The best $298 I ever spent: Oysters and a cocktail the night before I gave birth

How In the Heights’ creators turned the hit Broadway musical into a movie

Big events are back

TikTok’s Trump problem is now TikTok’s Biden problem

How a single cloud computing customer caused half the internet to go dark