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Chicago on trial

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald 16 times. His murder trial began this week, four years after Laquan was killed. WBEZ's Shannon Hefferman explains how this shooting has changed Chicago.

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s future is on the rocks

Brett Kavanaugh faces possible new misconduct allegations in Montgomery County, Maryland

There’s a nearly 40 percent chance you’ll get away with murder in America

The Dallas police officer who shot Botham Jean has been fired

It’s time to rethink how much booze may be too much

The strong case for building more stuff

Meet Noel Francisco, the man who could oversee the Mueller probe after Rosenstein

A scholar of forgiveness explains what makes a good public apology for sexual misconduct

Republicans just don’t take sexual assault seriously

At least 600 Yale alumnae stand with new Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez in open letter

Mark Judge, the man whose name keeps popping up in the Brett Kavanaugh allegations, explained

Why colleges tolerate fraternities

The first source of the New Yorker bombshell wasn’t Deborah Ramirez. It was Yale alumni.

Brett Kavanaugh’s habit of dissembling makes it hard to take his word over Ford’s

What we know — and still don’t — about the sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

Republicans reportedly knew about Brett Kavanaugh’s second accuser — and then tried to speed up his confirmation

There is no fall TV season anymore

Measles cases have hit a record high in Europe. Blame austerity.

The waiting list for organ transplants is finally shrinking — for a grim reason

Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court’s looming legitimacy crisis

What the rise of men’s makeup means for masculinity

As cosmetics for men become more mainstream, they could give men more opportunities for self-expression — and more pressure to live up to unrealistic beauty standards.

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Teen shopping habits, explained by teens

What’s Gen Z into? Juuls, Glossier, and thrift stores.

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Why do so many millennial brands think adults want stickers?

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Another woman has accused Kavanaugh of misconduct. Here’s why that matters so much.

A second woman comes forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh

Ted Cruz tweets out viral Beto O’Rourke video in a bizarre move

Don’t sleep on Sorry for Your Loss, a terrific new half-hour drama airing on Facebook

Ford will testify on Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations in front of Senate on Thursday

6 siblings of an Arizona Congress member endorse his opponent in attack ads

Support for Brett Kavanaugh is dwindling among voters amid sexual assault allegations

Americans have a longstanding love of magical thinking

Netflix’s Maniac, with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, is either too weird or not weird enough

Alyssa Milano: I was sexually assaulted as a teen. Here’s why I didn’t report.

Why movie theaters are trading popcorn and soda for chimichangas and custom cocktails

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Life Itself is a disaster of a movie, caught in a web of its own privilege

A rare brazen terrorist attack in Iran leaves at least 25 dead

“There’s an Elon Musk premium in the stock”: Why Tesla can’t get rid of Musk

Conservatives are skeptical of the New York Times’s Rod Rosenstein story

The emotional response to Kylie Jenner’s cereal, explained

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