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The Jeffrey Epstein scandal isn't over

A Florida millionaire created a system to sexually abuse around 80 young girls. The sitting Secretary of Labor who let him off easy might now be held accountable.

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Confused about who’s who in the Mueller report? Start here.

Even Fox News’s Chris Wallace questioned William Barr’s defense of Trump

The new Child’s Play trailer shows us Chucky as an Alexa-like device gone terrifyingly rogue

Publishers are racing to turn the Mueller report into a book

The Justice Department has released the Mueller report. Here’s how to read it.

A new movie remembers the real Emily Dickinson — passionate, ambitious, and queer

8 things everybody should know about measles

Watch: Barr walks away after he’s asked the most important question about the Mueller report

The Vox guide to Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation

Everything you need to know about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s contact with Russia.

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Trump’s lawyers got to see the Mueller report before Congress or the public

Measles is back because states give parents too many ways to avoid vaccines

The attorney general just pre-spun the Mueller report for Trump

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want Robert Mueller to testify to Congress

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9 questions about the Mueller report you were too embarrassed to ask

It’s time for Ilhan Omar’s critics to stand with her against Trump’s attacks

Billie Ellish, the neo-goth, chart-topping 17-year-old pop star, explained

The persistent myth of finding love on a plane

The Notre Dame fire is a roofer’s worst fear come to life

William Barr will give a press conference on the Mueller report Thursday. Here’s how to watch.

Vox Sentences: Another Trump veto

The last-minute drama about the Mueller report’s release, explained

How to make more Vox Video happen

Native American activists: The fire at Notre Dame is devastating. So is the destruction of our sacred lands.

Black churches in Louisiana see $1.3 million surge in donations after fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

As extreme diets have become mainstream, Beyoncé swears she’ll never do hers again

The case against solitary confinement

Suspect found in Denver-area hunt for potential threat to schools: what we know

Why the Notre Dame fire was so destructive, according to fire experts

Beyoncé’s new documentary shows exactly how much work it takes to be queen

These immigrants contribute $4.6 billion in taxes. Trump’s trying to strip their legal status.

Denver may become the first US city to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms

How airport scanners discriminate against passengers of color

Puerto Rico is targeting 100% renewable energy. The Trump administration has other ideas.

Scientists: We kept pig brains alive 10 hours after death. Bioethicists: “Holy shit.”

Tim Burton has built his career around an iconic visual aesthetic. Here’s how it evolved.

Game of Thrones’ Tyrion was the game’s sharpest player. Now he’s in trouble.

After Columbine, martyrdom became a powerful fantasy for Christian teenagers

What the Constitution Means to Me lets teen girls inject hope into democracy. It’s great.

BTS, the band that changed K-pop, explained

Attorney General Barr just handed ICE more power to keep asylum seekers in detention