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Microsoft’s $500 million plan to fix Seattle’s housing problem, explained

The money is actually the less important stuff.

The way we eat could doom us as a species. Here’s a new diet designed to save us.

The EAT-Lancet Commission’s "planetary health diet" is bold and controversial.

How journalism can win back public trust

In a new book, the former Guardian editor explains what journalists — and readers — need to do to fight fake news.

The silence of Nick Sandmann

What America is missing about the confrontation between a MAGA-hatted teen and a Native American elder.

Bryan Singer, director of Bohemian Rhapsody, is accused by 4 men of sexual assault

In a new report from the Atlantic, four men say that Singer sexually assaulted them while they were underage.

Elizabeth Warren’s book, The Two-Income Trap, explained

Before she was a politician, Warren wrote a controversial book about family life and economics.

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President Donald Trump would very much like a deal to end his shutdown. The Republican-controlled Senate is with him. Vox’s Dara Lind explains why the road ahead remains long.

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M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village is an underrated masterpiece

Yes, artificial intelligence can be racist

7 reasons Trump can’t make an immigration deal

Winters are warming faster than summers. These US cities could lose weeks of freezing days by 2050.

The dire consequences of having fewer days below freezing, explained.

How Trump wins press conferences

A simple way to prevent government shutdowns

The shutdown’s effect on the US economy, explained

Lara Trump: the shutdown is a “little bit of pain” for workers, but worth it 

A black security guard caught a shooting suspect — only to be shot by police minutes later

Apple predicts you’ll use your iPhone as a flashlight when the world ends

Pete Buttigieg announces his 2020 presidential campaign

New polls indicate Trump’s shutdown position is unpopular and dragging his approval rating to new lows

The real politics behind the Covington Catholic controversy, explained

Under Trump, the number of uninsured Americans has gone up by 7 million

Vox 2019 Audience Survey: help us serve you better

Kamala Harris’s controversial record on criminal justice, explained

How the story of a clash between a boy in a MAGA hat and a Native American elder unfolded

The MAGA hat-wearing teen at the center of a viral video firestorm isn’t sorry

Paint-dipped decor is another aesthetic effect of the Great Recession

How the Enlightenment sold us a twisted view of human nature

The silent majority of Democratic House freshmen

The Black Hebrew Israelites and their connection to the Covington controversy, explained

The LA teachers strike may be over. Here’s the tentative deal.

Why do all these robots have cartoon eyes?

Roe v. Wade is at risk, but abortion rights groups see surprising opportunities for gains

Where things stand with the government shutdown this week

How to make more Vox Video happen

Jan Morris carried marmalade up Everest and came out as trans in the ’70s. Her diary is a joy.

It isn’t just the Covington Catholic students — MAGA hats are a teen trend

Sylvia Plath wrote this short story in 1952. It’s now out in print for the first time.

Are 26 billionaires worth more than half the planet? The debate, explained.

The $22 billion gamble: why some physicists aren’t excited about building a bigger particle collider

Judge refuses to certify GOP victory in contested North Carolina Congress race

Sarah Kliff has spent the past year reporting on high ER fees. Ask her anything.

How a long-lost Leonardo da Vinci painting got dragged into a Trump-Russia conspiracy theory

Secret military bases, spy talks, and Trump tweets: the weekend in US-North Korea news

Theresa May’s Brexit plan B sounds a lot like plan A

The latest whirlwind of Trump-Russia news, explained

The Ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo is moving toward a major city. That’s not good.

The Supreme Court isn’t giving Trump leverage on a shutdown DACA deal