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Tulsi Gabbard asked Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to hold a fundraiser for her. He said no.

Tulsi Gabbard also might want to break up Jack Dorsey’s company.

Virginia’s historic gun control fight, explained

Virginia Democrats are pushing to pass stronger gun control laws — and gun rights activists aren’t happy about it.

The coronavirus outbreak is not yet a global health emergency, WHO says

With more than 600 cases in at least seven countries, the agency said it’s "too early" to sound the international alarm.

The right keeps attacking Greta Thunberg’s identity, not her ideas

Steve Mnuchin says she needs to go to college before she talks about climate change. It’s part of a bigger pattern.

Bernie Sanders’s path to the 2020 Democratic nomination, explained

Sanders’s political revolution looks different — and more diverse — than it did in 2016.

It’s Steven Mnuchin who should listen to economists on climate change

There’s overwhelming consensus among scientists for more aggressive action.

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A SARS-like virus has killed at least 17 people, quarantined millions in China, and made its way to the United States. Vox’s Julia Belluz explains what's known and what's next.

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House Democrats are using Lindsey Graham’s own words to rebut the president’s defense

Republicans complain about the impeachment trial’s lack of new evidence while blocking new evidence

A SARS-like virus is spreading quickly. Here’s what you need to know.

Joker is the most-nominated film at this year’s Oscars. It shouldn’t win Best Picture.

Kansas’s ag-gag law has been ruled unconstitutional

23andMe laid off 100 employees due to slowing DNA kit sales

Why Parasite deserves to win Best Picture

Impeachment, explained

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Top US Iran envoy: We will kill Soleimani’s successor if another American is murdered

Toward a better theory of identity politics

Taika Waititi’s “anti-hate satire” Jojo Rabbit is up for Best Picture. Should it win?

Why Sundance, America’s largest independent film festival, matters

The lessons from historic preservation councils blocking solar panels

Harvey Weinstein’s trial matters. Here are 4 resources to help make sense of it.

Brexit is finally happening. On January 31. For real this time.

Fox News devised a way to cover the impeachment trial without covering it at all

Why everyone loves Lizzo — well, almost everyone

The evidence on travel bans for diseases like coronavirus is clear: They don’t work

The two-party system is killing our democracy

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Kashmir’s internet has been shut down for 5 months

The Indian government shut the internet down in Kashmir in August last year: what this means for Kashmiris living without the internet - and what it says about the world’s largest democracy.

Marijuana legalization is about to have a huge year

Shopify, the e-commerce company that’s coming for Amazon

The 30-something life crisis

The Jeff Bezos hack could happen to anyone

The controversy over the new immigration novel American Dirt, explained

Exclusive: State Department cable shows plan to restrict pregnant people from visiting the US

Senators aren’t even allowed to talk during the impeachment trial

Trump’s call to dramatically expand the travel ban, explained

Mr. Peanut’s death, explained

8 things everyone should know about Australia’s wildfire disaster

Chief Justice Roberts could be an unexpected savior of public education in a religious schools case

The Saudi crown prince reportedly hacked Jeff Bezos

A new poll shows Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden in a virtual tie

John Roberts called for decorum as the impeachment trial devolved into a fight over who lies more

Trump’s Davos news conference featured a pack of lies about the impeachment trial

Trump downplays US troop injuries from Iran’s attack, calling them “not very serious”

6 reasons smaller companies want to break up Big Tech

Average body temperature appears to be dropping. Researchers aren’t sure why. 

The Supreme Court case that could dismantle Roe v. Wade, explained

What a stripper pole controversy says about the Buttigieg campaign