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Kamala Harris is poised to be a historic — and influential — vice president

As a tiebreaker in the Senate and a close adviser to the president, Harris takes on a unique role.

No meltdowns: Jen Psaki’s first briefing as Biden press secretary was a breath of fresh air

It was a jarring contrast with the Trump years.

Biden is already rolling back Trump’s immigration legacy

The president is planning six executive actions on his first day in office.

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in today and got straight to work. Vox’s Laura McGann and Dylan Matthews explain what will be done immediately, and what’s possible with the slimmest of majorities in Congress.

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Biden will pause deportations for 100 days

7 key moments from Joe Biden’s inauguration special

The US is back in the international climate game

Biden is starting to roll back Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program

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Bernie Sanders inauguration memes are liberal comfort food

Claudia Conway’s TikToks about her mother’s alleged abuse are more complicated than they seem

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Why Biden’s national mask mandate is a national mask suggestion

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How world leaders responded to Biden’s inauguration

Biden is ending Trump’s travel ban

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The pro-Trump inauguration protests at state capitols were complete duds

This stream has:

Joe Biden’s first 100 days

American “heroes” get the spotlight in Biden’s virtual inaugural parade

Platforms are cracking down hard on political misinformation, but it’s still easy to find

Alex Padilla is sworn in as California’s first Latino senator

Warnock and Ossoff join the Senate, officially giving Democrats the majority


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Biden's rescue plan

What's in Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid relief stimulus plan? Emily Stewart joins Matt and Dara to explain.

Joe Biden ousts the man who tried to reshape US global media

Inauguration fashion was bold, American, and even a little bit fun

Why right-wing extremists’ favorite new platform is so dangerous

Joe Biden’s unique Inauguration Day, in photos

Here are the perks Trump will get as ex-president

The past 11 presidencies, explained by the TV shows that defined them

Biden’s Covid-19 stimulus plan includes $40 billion for child care

How bad is your state’s Covid-19 outbreak?

Introducing Amanda Gorman, the youth poet laureate who spoke at Biden’s inauguration

“We must end this uncivil war”: Biden calls for unity in inaugural address

Cop who warded off insurrectionists at the US Capitol escorts Kamala Harris on Inauguration Day

The Kamala Harris identity debate shows how America still struggles to talk about multiracial people

The Hungry Mungry Trump

The moment Trump officially left Washington

How Biden hopes to use executive actions to address America’s “compounding crises”

A more violent union

How Biden can claw back Trump’s influence on the courts

Trump’s final pardon spree, explained

Everything you need to know about Biden’s inauguration

How the new Covid-19 variants could pose a threat to vaccination