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Kamala Harris’s family story is the real portrait of American greatness

From India and Jamaica to the doors of the White House in one generation.

GPT-3, explained: This new language AI is uncanny, funny — and a big deal

Computers are getting closer to passing the Turing Test.

Kamala Harris is a politician, not an activist. It’s an awkward fit for this moment.

While many have called for Harris’s nomination in reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement, her politics are not rooted there.

What would Keynes do?

What the 20th century’s most influential economist can teach us about rebuilding the US economy.

The company behind Fortnite is daring Apple to shutter its game on iPhones

It’s Epic versus Apple in an antitrust battle … royale.

Do you really have to wash your mask after every use? Short answer: Yes.

Masks have become a necessity. Here’s how to pick the right one, and wash it.

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Biden picked Harris. Vox’s Fabiola Cineas explains the role race is already playing in the election, and Ezra Klein argues Donald Trump is making things easy for his opponents.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Is Russia first to a Covid-19 vaccine? Not so fast.

The great rebuild

Trump’s new favorite talking point about US coronavirus cases is highly misleading

Legend of Korra’s messy, complicated legacy

Wild, chaotic, and deeply silly, the animated Harley Quinn series is a terrific watch

Vox Crossword

Justice Alito’s jurisprudence of white racial innocence

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Facebook’s new voter information center gives Americans fact-checked voting information

Netflix soured the live-action remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender, its showrunners say

Joe Biden’s criminal justice reform plan, explained


Why people are volunteering to get Covid-19

The 2020 election calendar

Most candidates run to the center in the general election. Biden is moving left.

The surprising benefits of contemplating your death

How bad is your state’s Covid-19 outbreak?

The Covid-19 pandemic could be the last straw for high drug costs

Just 6 states meet these basic criteria to reopen and stay safe

Kamala Harris’s controversial record on criminal justice, explained

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Apple's Lisa Jackson on racial justice

A special interview with the Apple exec on her definition of racial justice and how she plans to merge her background in environmental sustainability with the company’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative.

How social justice slideshows took over Instagram

Harris is the choice Biden needed to win over Silicon Valley

College football’s coronavirus crisis, explained

The Democratic National Convention just announced its speaker lineup

Facebook bans blackface and certain anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

Joe Biden chooses Kamala Harris as his running mate

Live results for the August 11 primaries

Twitter is finally helping people shut out “reply guys”

Why Democrats are holding out for more comprehensive stimulus

Tuesday’s Georgia runoff could help launch the Congressional QAnon Caucus

How Trump’s mail voting sabotage could result in an election night nightmare

Do you really need to worry about your security on TikTok? Here’s what we know.

How a homemaker with no political experience took on Europe’s longest-serving dictator

America’s uniquely bad Covid-19 epidemic, explained in 18 maps and charts

This week in TikTok: So … is it getting banned or what?

The Supreme Court’s enigmatic “shadow docket,” explained

The legal questions surrounding Trump’s new executive orders, answered

Wisconsin’s primaries are setup for the real battle in November

Can a college course in moral philosophy convince people to eat less meat?

How the beauty industry is surviving the pandemic