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The big stakes in the Supreme Court’s new LGBTQ rights case

What is art? The Christian right wants that question to be decided by the Supreme Court in 303 Creative v. Elenis.

The next Congress will be the most representative of Latino identity ever

Voters are sending the highest number of Latino lawmakers to Congress ever, and increasing ideological diversity along with it.

The Twitter power users who can’t just quit

Under Elon Musk’s leadership, journalists have even more of a love-hate relationship with the platform.

Joe Biden just threw the 2024 primary calendar into chaos

His unexpectedly bold proposal would make the early state lineup more diverse. But enacting it will be a challenge.

Kanye West’s antisemitic spiral, explained

Kanye West is dining with white supremacists and openly praising Hitler. How did we get here?

Democrats go to war with Iowa and New Hampshire over 2024

It’s Joe Biden’s Democratic Party and he’ll ditch New Hampshire and Iowa if he wants to.

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8 billion humans

The United Nations says humanity has reached 8 billion, but Western nations are worried about population decline. Africa isn’t, though. The continent is about to shape the rest of the century.

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The Senate votes to avert a rail strike — and rejects paid sick leave

It’s best you know nothing about the new greatest movie of all time

China’s Covid narrative is backfiring

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How Qatar built stadiums with forced labor

The 12 Days of Christmas: The story behind the holiday’s most annoying carol

A holiday reminder to not be a rude doofus

The 25 best movies of 2022

The deep roots of antisemitism’s resurgence in America

The riveting train wreck of a Sam Bankman-Fried interview

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings likes Elon Musk, video games, and bingeing


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The rebirth of industrial policy

Supply-side economics, explained.

Hakeem Jeffries’s ascent to Democratic leader, explained

The mystery of the mimic plant

Here’s what employers are cutting instead of your job

Who gets to keep burning fossil fuels as the planet heats up?

How “zero-Covid” changed China — and the world

One secret to cheap travel? Pet sitting.

The surreal true crimes behind Hulu’s Welcome to Chippendales

Kari Lake’s lonely, absurd quest to challenge Arizona’s election results

What makes China’s wave of protests different this time

The Senate just passed historic protections for same-sex marriage

A rogue Trump judge has thrown the Supreme Court in disarray

Donald Trump’s dinner with white supremacist Nick Fuentes was much more than a gaffe


How the World Cup’s AI instant replay works

America’s catastrophic, record-breaking bird flu outbreak, explained

There’s no such thing as a good cold

FTX is over. Is crypto, too?

Giving Tuesday, explained

A colorful illustration of a person in a cozy-looking room reading a book by the light of a lamp while a cat lounges on a shelf above, possibly also reading the book.

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Want to help animals? Here’s where to donate your money.

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