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Senate Democrats are trying to stop Whitaker from serving as acting attorney general

Read the new lawsuit filed by three senators to try to block Whitaker’s appointment.

New York’s leaders are getting defensive about their Amazon deal

Plenty of people are unhappy about Amazon’s forthcoming campus — but state and city officials don’t seem to care.

Nancy Pelosi has critics, but still no challenger

Marcia Fudge, who might take her on, did not sign a letter by 16 Democrats opposing Pelosi.

How technological progress is making it likelier than ever that humans will destroy ourselves

The "vulnerable world hypothesis," explained.

After Florida’s election chaos, the Broward County election supervisor has resigned

Brenda Snipes announced she was stepping down after 15 years on the job.

The tragedy of Michael Bloomberg’s latest act of mega-philanthropy

For the love of God, if you have $1.8 billion to donate, don’t give it to your alma mater.

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Still burning

The Camp Fire is the most destructive fire in California history, surpassing a record set just a few months ago. Vox’s Umair Irfan heads to Paradise.

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How HBO’s My Brilliant Friend translates Elena Ferrante’s beloved book to TV

Vox Sentences: The Whitaker saga continues

Fake butts, fake followers: an Instagram-famous plastic surgeon talks medical ethics

GOP undercuts its own messaging about veterans, backs Trump’s attack on retired admiral

Jim Acosta vs. the Trump White House, explained

What Taylor Swift’s new record deal means for the music industry — and for her image

2018’s record-setting voter turnout, in one chart

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The Kama Sutra is not (just) about sex

Hasbro’s new ‘Monopoly for Millennials’ illustrates the problem with jokes about millennials: they have to be funny

SNL’s Amazon sketches were bafflingly sympathetic to Jeff Bezos

Northern California still has dangerous air quality due to wildfire smoke

The Journal of Controversial Ideas is already, well, controversial. Here’s a founder’s defense.

All the Democrats running for top spots in the House

The surprisingly weak scientific case for emotional support animals 

New York’s Orthodox Jewish community is battling measles outbreaks. Vaccine deniers are to blame.

Why the people of Finland are trolling Trump by raking the woods

Do fish oil supplements work? Science keeps giving us slippery answers.

Trump indicates he trusts Saudi crown prince’s Khashoggi denials over his own intelligence agency

Trump’s extremely misleading tweet on Osama bin Laden, decoded

Trump made some very scary statements about North Korea in his Fox News interview

The department store of the future just opened in Texas

Green Book builds a feel-good comedy atop an artifact of shameful segregation. Yikes.

Mark Zuckerberg is essentially untouchable at Facebook

Florida’s Bill Nelson would have likely beat Rick Scott if ex-felons had been able to vote

How to host Thanksgiving dinner when everyone has a dietary restriction

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The endless shaming over Thanksgiving pie makes no sense

Climate change policy can be overwhelming. Here’s a guide to the ideas that work.

The case for slowing everything down a bit

Trump tweets about “Adam Schitt” after complaining about decorum

Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend doesn’t just compel people to read, but to travel

Trump’s latest interview with Fox News should make us glad he’s mostly too lazy to govern

House Democrats introduce a bill to protect millions of health care workers

Trump’s ties to the Russian mafia go back 3 decades

California’s wildfires are hardly “natural” — humans made them worse at every step

The Paradise fire is catastrophic. And the wildfire threat to California is only growing.

How California conservatives became the intellectual engine of Trumpism

What’s happened with the outstanding midterm races in the last 48 hours