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SpaceX just sent four civilians and soon you can buy the stuff they took into orbit

The latest SpaceX mission is carrying souvenirs to space that people can buy when the ship returns to Earth.

Americans are dying because no hospital will take them

Pandemic failures have sometimes led to deadly care rationing.

The Supreme Court is drunk on its own power

A Court that used to prize careful deliberation now seems to care more about making big change quickly.

Wildfires in Australia caused an explosion of sea life thousands of miles away

Smoke rising from forest fires contains nutrients that can cause algae populations to explode.

Nicki Minaj isn’t anti-vax, exactly. That’s why her vaccine resistance is so concerning.

Minaj, under the guise of caution, is helping mainstream a dangerous form of anti-science.

Inaction on climate change can worsen the crisis in Afghanistan

Everything is at stake for Afghanistan at this year’s UN climate conference.

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Another bite at the Apple

A California judge weighed in on whether Apple has a monopoly. NPR’s Bobby Allyn unpacks the ruling. Sen. Amy Klobuchar explains why she wants the government to get serious about regulating Big Tech.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

The fight to resettle Afghans in the US has just begun

One Good Thing: I didn’t watch any sports. Then I watched Netflix’s Drive to Survive.

The D’Amelio kids are not all right

An illustration of scales of justice holding sports items like basketballs.

Introducing Vox’s new HBO show, Level Playing Field

What the Taliban’s new government reveals about how they will rule

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

Walgreens’ sloppy Covid-19 testing registration exposed patient data


What’s killing Minnesota’s moose?

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The hype around exercise dresses, explained

Democrats’ immigration hopes rest on a decision by the Senate parliamentarian

How to end the American obsession with driving

CDC study: Unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die of Covid-19

Are Biden’s new vaccine requirements legal?

20 years, $6 trillion, 900,000 lives

Epic’s win over Apple is actually an Apple victory

In defense of the “gentrification building”

Republicans are priming their voters to believe the California recall was stolen

Silicon Valley wants you to know Theranos isn’t Silicon Valley

Grass is good. Lawns are terrible.


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The Weeds Will Live Forever

Matt, Dara, Jerusalem, and German use Matt’s last Tuesday episode to discuss life expectancy in the US

John Mulaney was performing a role all along

How bad will climate change get?

Ted Lasso’s deep, dark secret

America is still stuck in the world 9/11 built

Biden’s SEC is ready to regulate cryptocurrency

The US was a world leader in vaccination. What went wrong?

The empty dream that LuLaRoe sold

The affordable housing shortage is hurting Afghan refugees

How 9/11 convinced Americans to buy, buy, buy

“Neoliberalism has really ruptured”: Adam Tooze on the legacy of 2020

Brazil escaped a January 6-style insurrection — for now 

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How video game rocks get made

What we’ve learned about Britney Spears’s conservatorship case changes everything

Searching for sustainability in the face of environmental racism

Medicare’s benefits are full of holes — and patients keep falling through

The war on terror and the long death of liberal interventionism

Democrats have a high-risk, high-reward plan to save Roe v. Wade


Why video game doors are so hard to get right


Why some people think this photo of JFK’s killer is fake