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When will kids be able to get the Covid-19 vaccines?

It may be a while. Here’s what parents can do in the meantime while their kids aren’t vaccinated and others are.

Biden’s “all of government” plan for climate, explained

Rejoining the Paris agreement is just the start of Biden’s climate and clean energy policy.

Why Mitch McConnell relented on his demands about preserving the filibuster

McConnell didn’t get all he’d hoped, but got some Democrats to reaffirm their commitment to the filibuster.

Twilight of the American antihero

Donald Trump and the natural endpoint of America’s antihero obsession.

60 percent of likely voters say they’re in favor of public housing. So why isn’t there more of it?

Americans say they want the government to build affordable housing — but not in their backyards.

Biden’s planned actions on racial equity, explained

The president intends to overturn Trump’s 1776 Commission and study how federal agencies contribute to inequality. 

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Marianne Williamson on healing America’s soul

Marianne Williamson was applauded as well as ridiculed on the presidential debate stage when she warned of the “dark psychic forces of collectivized hatred.” Now, just a few weeks after a lethal insurrection, a historic second impeachment, and the inauguration of President Joe Biden, she talks about the possibility of unity.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Biden’s new Covid-19 vaccination goal won’t get the US to herd immunity before the fall

Texas worked in secret with Trump officials to obstruct Biden’s immigration policy

What Kamala Harris means to women who are childfree by choice

This week in TikTok: How are you supposed to be a girl online?

How a bunch of Redditors made GameStop’s stock soar

Vox Crossword

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx detail how Trump’s coronavirus response was even worse than we thought

Some Silicon Valley donors’ next political fight? Trying to oust California’s governor.

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Hawley tries to cancel Senate Democrats for “canceling” him

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What a recent Covid-19 flight outbreak tells us about spread on planes

Trans people can serve openly in the US military once again

Got a weird text about a package delivery? It could be a scam.

How random people have managed to get leftover coronavirus vaccines

Netflix’s misguided Night Stalker series treats its cops like gods

Unions just got a rare bit of good news from the Supreme Court

Why scientists are more worried about the Covid-19 variant discovered in South Africa

One Good Thing: All Creatures Great and Small is cozy as a mug of tea on a rainy day

The essential shoes of essential workers


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Freedom from markets

Author Mike Konczal joins Matt to talk about the history and future of public benefit programs in America

9 questions about budget reconciliation you were too afraid to ask

Joe Biden is president, but Rand Paul still won’t admit the election wasn’t stolen 

Did the New York Times fire an editor over a tweet? The Lauren Wolfe controversy, explained.

The Arizona GOP censures 3 prominent members for not sufficiently supporting Trump

Thousands of Russians were arrested in protests supporting Putin critic Alexei Navalny

Trump reportedly considered putting an ally willing to dispute election results in charge of the DOJ

Legendary broadcaster Larry King has died at age 87

Is it constitutional to hold an impeachment trial for a former president?

The 50-50 Senate is already running into trouble figuring out its rules 

Trump is gone. But the threat of right-wing violence that arose under his watch remains.

Biden plans to continue many of Trump’s foreign policies — at least for now

WandaVision’s comic book connections, explained

Biden’s LGBTQ rights executive order and the transphobic backlash, explained

Are the Olympics still going to happen in 2021? Here’s what we know.

Biden’s planned actions on reproductive health care, explained

Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine goal isn’t ambitious enough

Netflix’s The White Tiger takes on Slumdog Millionaire, but it doesn’t stop there

Big Tech nemesis Lina Khan is gaining traction for top Biden antitrust role 

Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine challenge, explained in 600 words

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How the Biden administration can save the Postal Service

The Postal Service has to do more than deliver mail if it wants to survive.