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No, Trump hasn’t been the best president for Black America since Lincoln

Here’s what Trump has — and hasn’t — done for Black communities in the past four years.

The first post-debate polls say Biden won

CNN, Data for Progress, and YouGov all found more debate watchers thought Biden won.

Trump showed no regret over family separations during the presidential debate

Separating families was one of Trump’s cruelest immigration policies.

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“Hey Google,” the United States is suing you

Bill Barr and Elizabeth Warren have found a common enemy.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

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A second Trump term would mean severe and irreversible changes in the climate

In the final debate, Trump interrupted twice as much as Biden

How the last Trump-Biden debate played on Fox News

Trump’s claim that only immigrants with “the lowest IQ” follow the law was unconscionable

Donald Trump clarifies he’s not literally Abraham Lincoln at the debate

“It just went away”: Trump used his son’s positive Covid-19 test to downplay the pandemic

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How to watch the last Trump-Biden debate

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Mysterious emails and convenient leaks: The Trump campaign’s Hunter Biden attacks, explained

Race in America

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What we know about Iran and the threatening “Proud Boys” emails

A stranded oil tanker at risk of spilling in the Caribbean looks to be safe — for now

We asked Joe Biden’s campaign 6 key questions about his climate change plans

Why did Trump think publishing his 60 Minutes interview footage was a good idea?

Colorado is fighting its largest wildfire in history. Other massive blazes are close behind.

How old should a president be?

Third-degree murder charge dropped against former officer in George Floyd killing

Obama delivers a blistering critique of Trump in his first stump speech of the 2020 cycle

Facebook’s independent oversight board is finally up and running


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Trump's second term agenda

Dara, Jane, and Matt break down the policy stakes in 2020

How Chris Pratt became the internet’s least favorite Chris

Trump on Supreme Court opportunity to overturn Obamacare: “I hope they end it”

Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions

What if the Covid-19 vaccine only works half the time?

The fight is for democracy

A key FDA vaccine committee declined to vote on a Covid-19 vaccine

Trump’s constant attacks on Kristen Welker show he doesn’t expect the debate to go well

Trumpism never existed. It was always just Trump.

AOC streamed a video game on Twitch — meeting young potential voters on their own turf

How conspiracy theories like QAnon spilled into the mainstream

Trump’s presidential campaign is Too Online

The Senate Judiciary Committee advanced Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination — with no Democrats present

Kristen Welker is moderating the final presidential debate. Trump is already attacking her.

Why one small-business owner shut down her shop for a month

The future of the office has been put on hold

We must burn the West to save it

The vicious cycle of never-ending laundry

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How South Carolina became one of 2020’s most unexpected Senate battlegrounds 

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Al Gross is hoping to ride Alaska’s independent streak to the Senate

6 ballot measures that could change the criminal justice system