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11 questions about the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, answered

Is it safe to travel? Is this going to become a pandemic? How will the outbreak end?

The war on Israeli democracy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has attacked the foundations of democracy. If he wins his 2020 reelection bid, things could get a lot worse.

The siren song of Starbucks

As the coffee giant approaches its 50th birthday and 32,000th store, what exactly does Starbucks even mean anymore?

Walmart is quietly working on an Amazon Prime competitor called Walmart+

Amazon Prime has devastated traditional retail. Walmart is about to fight back.

Becoming a “mindful drinker” changed my life

The controversial term may be new, but the goal is the same: Drink less. And I do.

The best argument for each of the 2020 Democratic frontrunners

The strongest arguments for Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, and Amy Klobuchar.

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The last stronghold in Syria

Idlib province in northwestern Syria is now the last stronghold of opposition to President Bashar al-Assad and one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises.

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Facebook canceled a major annual tech conference because of coronavirus. It’s not alone.

The world’s scariest facial recognition company is now linked to everybody from ICE to Macy’s

Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T could be facing big fines for selling your location data

Coronavirus is the first big test for futuristic tech that can prevent pandemics

Facebook is suing a company that improperly harvested user data

Wendy tries to make Peter Pan realistic, with mixed results

Who is Tom Steyer without his red plaid tie?

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Closed schools and empty stadiums: How countries are trying to stop coronavirus’s spread

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Wisconsin rejected new gun control laws. Then a mass shooting happened.

America’s bad paid sick leave policy could make the coronavirus outbreak worse

Taylor Swift’s “The Man” video is the climax of her quest to own her voice

Love Is Blind, Netflix’s dystopian romance contest, explained

Trump needs to worry about the stock market less, and pandemic preparedness more

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Tracy K. Smith on the purpose and power of poetry

Carbon offsets, explained in 500 words

AI just found a new type of antibiotics. It may save your life one day.

The frightening implications of a federal court’s latest immigration opinion

A 13-year-old’s death highlights Puerto Rico’s post-Maria health care crisis

What happens when TikTok fame fades?

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2020’s political meme wars

The New York Times' Taylor Lorenz explains Mike Bloomberg's Dank Meme Cash. Featuring @TaylorLorenz Links to resources discussed: Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Suddenly Drops Memes Everywhere Host: Allegra Frank, associate culture editor at @LegsFrank About Recode by Vox: Recode by Vox helps you understand how tech is changing the world — and changing us. Follow Us: Newsletter: Recode Daily  Twitter: @Recode

The Supreme Court will decide if Trump can fire the head of the CFPB. The implications are enormous.

Can you really negate your carbon emissions? Carbon offsets, explained.

Disney partners with Impossible Foods

What Mike Bloomberg actually did in New York City

While Trump tried to reassure America about the coronavirus, another case was reported

If the coronavirus hits America, who’s responsible for protecting you?

The case against smart baby tech

Scotland could soon end “period poverty”

Apple, Facebook, and Google stocks are falling after surge in coronavirus cases

Why we can’t always be “nudged” into changing our behavior

Tesla needs to fix its deadly Autopilot problem

Trump is facing a coronavirus threat. Let’s look back at how he talked about Ebola.

Pete Buttigieg’s attack on “revolution politics” seemed to denounce what made his candidacy possible

How to travel during the international coronavirus outbreak

The Venus de Milo is famous. Why?

How the Venus de Milo got so famous

How coronavirus could force the work-from-home movement

The first US soldier has tested positive for coronavirus

Bernie Sanders’s new favorite Medicare-for-all study, explained

The true story of the awakening of Norman Rockwell

The politically turbulent 1960s, a singular painting, and Rockwell’s unlikely change of heart.

Why Iran’s coronavirus outbreak may be worse than you think