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US-North Korea nuclear talks are sputtering. South Korea is furious.

"The US position has been really harmful," said a senior adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

It turns out money can kind of buy happiness after all

A new paper argues that, actually, winning the lottery totally does make you happy.

America’s abortion debate is being defined by Fox News

A new study shows how the network dominates coverage of abortion — and sets the agenda other networks follow.

The fall equinox is Monday: 9 things to know about the first day of autumn

A brief scientific guide to the first day of fall.

The WHO is concerned Tanzania may be hiding Ebola cases

The agency issued a rare statement saying health officials in the East African country aren’t being transparent.

The trial begins for the ex-officer who shot her unarmed neighbor Botham Jean

Amber Guyger’s murder trial is sure to be as contentious as the case itself.

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Burn, baby, burn

The vast majority of your plastic isn’t being recycled. It might be time to consider lighting it on fire.

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James Mattis fancies himself a defender of democracy. He missed a big chance to show it.

Another budget travel company shut down, stranding nearly 600,000 passengers

“You have stolen my dreams”: Greta Thunberg rages at world leaders at UN climate summit

Steve Mnuchin’s efforts to spin Trump’s Ukraine scandal were a disaster

The United Nations is trying to pressure the world into faster action on climate change

Democrats are stuck in a doom loop of premature polling

Patti Smith’s new memoir is a dreamy recollection of a terrible year

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Avocado face masks, oat milk shampoo: how health food invaded the beauty aisle

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8 winners and 5 losers from the topsy-turvy 2019 Emmy Awards

Pose’s Billy Porter makes LGBTQ history with his Emmy win

Emmys 2019 winners: the complete list

5 winners and 5 losers from a Succession that crumples everybody up like a napkin

How big was the global climate strike? 4 million people, activists estimate.

Trump admits he discussed Biden with Ukraine, but says he was just worried about corruption

US officials say their pressure on Iran is working — and that’s why tensions are getting worse

Poll: Elizabeth Warren now leads the Democratic primary field in Iowa

A Pastafarian hilariously trolled a town council meeting. The stakes are profoundly serious.

Biden wants Trump to release a transcript of the call that led to a whistleblower complaint

An exchange at an LGBTQ forum reopens questions about Joe Biden’s treatment of women

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The 20 Democrats running for president, the next debate lineup, and everything else you should know about 2020

Bernie Sanders wants to put credit reporting companies like Equifax out of business

A whistleblower alleges Trump requested 2020 election interference. Pelosi still says she won’t pursue impeachment.

Bernie Sanders’s plan to eliminate medical debt, explained

We asked 8 young people why they joined the global climate strike

Joe Kennedy is officially going after Ed Markey’s Senate seat

Scholars think they’ve found Milton’s annotated copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio

2 winners and 3 losers from the LGBTQ presidential forum

Vox Sentences: There’s no planet B

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How to make more Vox Video happen

The week in US-Saudi Arabia-Iran tensions, explained

Report: Trump pressured Ukrainian president about 8 times to investigate Biden’s son

The US just signed a deal that could send asylum seekers back to El Salvador

Trump responds to Ukraine whistleblower scandal with contradictions and transparent falsehoods

American Horror Story: 1984 puts the camp back into teen slashers

Washington, DC, is serious about statehood

From Austin to Indianapolis: The US climate strike in photos

Some brands are closing stores for the global climate strike. That’s a big deal.

What the youth climate strike looks like around the world

Trump used to steal the show at the UN. This year, it may be different.