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GOP senator shrugs off new evidence of Trump misconduct, contradicting his stance from hours earlier

Hours after complaining about no new evidence, John Barrasso dismissed new evidence.

Invasion Day is a day of mourning for Indigenous Australians. The bushfires make this year extra poignant.

The deep connection between the fires, colonization, and Aboriginal protest, explained.

Your Slack DMs aren’t as private as you think

How your employer (and others) can get your Slack messages.

Lizzo, Billie Eilish, and Lil Nas X lead the 2020 Grammy nominees

The 62nd Grammy Awards will take place Sunday, January 26.

Mitch McConnell’s impeachment trial strategy, explained

McConnell wants to kill the impeachment case dead. But first, he needs the votes.

Will Once Upon a Time in Hollywood finally win Quentin Tarantino the Best Picture Oscar?

Our roundtable discusses the Oscar chances for the director’s twisty elegy for a lost age.

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A SARS-like virus has killed at least 17 people, quarantined millions in China, and made its way to the United States. Vox’s Julia Belluz explains what's known and what's next.

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“They are coming after me because I am fighting for you”: Trump at March for Life

The Fight explores how the ACLU is navigating the Trump era through 4 key cases

1917 vividly recreates WWI’s trench warfare. Is that enough to win Best Picture?

Crip Camp is a stirring introduction to the summer camp that sparked the disability rights movement

Trump’s impeachment trial countermessaging has been tasteless and incorrect tweets

Impeachment, explained

The top UN court ordered Myanmar to protect the Rohingya. An expert explains what it means.

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A SARS-like virus is spreading quickly. Here’s what you need to know.

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Thousands in Iraq called for US troops to leave the country. But there’s more to the story.

Some opioid executives are finally going to prison

Schiff ends day in the impeachment trial by telling the Senate, “If right doesn’t matter, we’re lost”

What polarization data from 9 countries reveals about the US

Thailand’s playboy king isn’t playing around

Netflix’s The Goop Lab pushes flimsy wellness trends. But it’s strong on vulvas.

What it’s like to live through the Australian bushfires

Is it okay to sacrifice one person to save many? How you answer depends on where you’re from.

Greta Gerwig’s fresh take on Little Women won’t win Best Picture, but it should

How Republicans made millions on the tax cuts they pushed through Congress

Inside the secret Twitter rooms where Debra Messing, Don Cheadle, and the rest of the celebrity #Resistance organizes

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Kashmir’s internet has been shut down for 5 months

The Indian government shut the internet down in Kashmir in August last year: what this means for Kashmiris living without the internet - and what it says about the world’s largest democracy.

The coronavirus outbreak is not yet a global health emergency, WHO says

The Trump administration’s new “birth tourism” policy, explained

Odd Job: He lost his leg in Afghanistan. Now he reenacts that horrible day to train others for battle.

House Democrats are using Lindsey Graham’s own words to rebut the president’s defense

Republicans complain about the impeachment trial’s lack of new evidence while blocking new evidence

The Doomsday Clock is now at “100 seconds to midnight.” Here’s what that means.

Democrats’ opening arguments demonstrate the overwhelming case for impeachment

The right keeps attacking Greta Thunberg’s identity, not her ideas

It’s Steven Mnuchin who should listen to economists on climate change

Joker is the most-nominated film at this year’s Oscars. It shouldn’t win Best Picture.

Tulsi Gabbard asked Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to hold a fundraiser for her. He said no.

Kansas’s ag-gag law has been ruled unconstitutional

23andMe laid off 100 employees due to slowing DNA kit sales

Why Parasite deserves to win Best Picture

Top US Iran envoy: We will kill Soleimani’s successor if another American is murdered

Toward a better theory of identity politics

Taika Waititi’s “anti-hate satire” Jojo Rabbit is up for Best Picture. Should it win?

Why Sundance, America’s largest independent film festival, matters

Virginia’s historic gun control fight, explained

The lessons from historic preservation councils blocking solar panels