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What’s up with the debt ceiling?

The Senate has come up with a unique solution to avoid default.

Why adoption isn’t a replacement for abortion rights

From the dangers of pregnancy to the trauma of adoption, there’s a lot the Supreme Court didn’t acknowledge last week as Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance.

The religious right wants states’ tax dollars, and the Supreme Court is likely to agree

An emboldened religious right wants the public to pay for its schools.

The ocean’s rarest mammal has a few final lessons to teach us

A tiny porpoise called the vaquita has polarized a Mexican fishing town. The species is fighting for its life.

The books that made us think and act differently this year

These book recommendations from the Vox staff will make you laugh, cry, and really think.

What Google’s trending searches say about America in 2021

Wolf haircuts and Wall Street: What Americans googled this year.

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The shooter's parents

The mass killing at Oxford High School in Michigan may seem comparable to those that preceded it, but the aftermath has taken several new turns.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Let Succession be ambiguous


Why the Belarus migrant crisis is different

The hyperspecific gift guides of TikTok

The hideous legal obstacles facing DOJ’s new anti-gerrymandering lawsuit in Texas

Why we’re so obsessed with nuns

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

Black and Hispanic renters experience discrimination in almost every major American city

Did Democrats blow it on Roe v. Wade?

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

One Good Thing: The Mole is a relic of early reality TV that still holds up

Elon Musk’s imaginary world

Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sex and the City’s frenemy feud 

The US needs a clear Covid-19 goal now more than ever

BuzzFeed’s a public company. Now what?

Biden’s pre-K plan might not be as “universal” as he hopes

Who the pandemic’s next phase will hurt the most

What Peng Shuai’s rape accusation says about China

Antarctica was once a rainforest. Could it be again?

Israeli spyware was used against US diplomats in Uganda

One Good Thing: Money Heist, a joyful TV series about fighting the system


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Learning to love rent control

Does rent control actually control rent?

Biden’s bewildering decision to expand a Trump-era immigration policy

There need to be consequences for Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Islamophobic comments

Long hours make bad neighbors

NASA gave Jeff Bezos money to build his office park in space

Biden’s winter Covid plan is what a new normal might look like

Spotify Wrapped, unwrapped

How to know if omicron is as scary as it seems

This legendary 92-year-old biologist has some advice for saving Earth


Why the pope dresses like that

Why the government is constantly on the verge of shutting down

I changed my mind on rent control

Real estate has gone meta

The futuristic plan to fix America’s power grid

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The escalating costs of being single in America

Why is life in this country so hostile to single people?

In Flee, one Afghan refugee’s story comes to vibrant, animated life

To catch variants like omicron, the world needs to sequence way more virus genes

Virgil Abloh forever changed the relationship between fashion and language

Booster shots today could fight omicron tomorrow

Biden’s latest travel ban is “probably a waste of time”

It sure sounds like Roe v. Wade is doomed

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