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Why the media is so polarized — and how it polarizes us

Read an excerpt from Why We’re Polarized, the new book by Ezra Klein.

Who’s winning the Democratic primary in the polls, explained

Sanders and Biden are leading the polls, but the race remains very tight.

Elizabeth Warren’s ban on tech money seems more symbolic than anything else

Fundraising bans are easy to announce, but they’re open to interpretation.

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Shaken like a polarized picture

The political polarization of America didn’t start with Donald Trump and it won’t end in 2020 either. Ezra Klein explains "Why We're Polarized."

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The 2020 election calendar

The next Democratic debate will take place right before the New Hampshire primary

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is officially going to trial on corruption charges

How Miss Americana director Lana Wilson found the real Taylor Swift

How Amazon’s Ring is creating a surveillance network with video doorbells

“This could be a massive disaster”: What happens if the coronavirus hits China’s internment camps?

Impeachment, explained

State Department bans NPR reporter from traveling with Pompeo after testy interview

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Mr. Peanut’s death, explained

Why I will only date men who go to therapy

A wild card in the 2020 primaries: New Hampshire’s independent voters

A SARS-like virus is spreading quickly. Here’s what you need to know.

What China’s quarantine to stop the Wuhan coronavirus looks like

The House will soon vote on a bill to repeal Trump’s travel ban — as he gears up to expand it

The Washington Post sure bungled its Kobe Bryant tweet controversy

This video clip shows how Trump defenders have dramatically moved the misconduct goalposts

Ford v Ferrari feels like a classic Oscar movie. Can it win Best Picture?

The controversy over a Washington Post reporter’s Kobe Bryant tweets, explained

Trump’s defense claims he didn’t break the law. A congressional watchdog says he did.

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A startup, billions of images, and the end of anonymity

Clearview AI says its facial recognition tool works with almost 100% accuracy. Buzzfeed's Ryan Mac explains how not all the company's claims withstand scrutiny.

How Netflix is winning more with less content

Oprah says she wants to hear “both sides” of the American Dirt debate on appropriation

“The moral guardrails ... have dropped”: Why anti-Semitism persists

Denny’s is now offering Beyond Burgers nationwide

Ken Starr lamenting impeachments happening “all too frequently” is the death of irony

What a CEO mom’s viral nanny ad says about gender, work, and power

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman takes on the director’s whole history — and could win him his second Oscar

Trump’s goal of keeping out low-income immigrants just got a big boost from the Supreme Court

Top Away executives were blindsided by their CEO’s decision to backtrack on stepping down

Fox News wasted no time spinning the John Bolton revelations in the most Trump-friendly way

John Bolton’s impeachment bombshell, explained

The Joe Rogan controversy revealed something important about the American left

The strange and crucially important order of the Democratic primary states, explained

YouTube has a big climate misinformation problem it can’t solve

Did China downplay the coronavirus outbreak early on?

These trans women are taking states to court for the right to legally change their names

What to expect from the impeachment trial’s second week

Fashion has a misinformation problem. That’s bad for the environment.

Billie Eilish makes history at her first Grammys, sweeping the top categories

The 8 best performances from the 2020 Grammys