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How deadly pathogens have escaped the lab — over and over again

Research into dangerous viruses and bacteria is important, but for the deadliest pathogens, it’s not clear the benefits are worth the risks.

The spring equinox is Wednesday: 7 things to know about the first day of spring

A brief, scientific guide to the first day of spring.

I was on Jeopardy. The thing I remember most is meeting Alex Trebek.

"What was Alex Trebek like?" is always the first question I get.

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CBD is winding up in your lattes, your gummies, and your massages, but what exactly is it? And is anyone regulating it? (Transcript here + Dan Nosowitz's article in The Goods here.)

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Report: a Kirsten Gillibrand staffer resigned after she felt the office mishandled her harassment allegation

The Green New Deal aims to get buildings off fossil fuels. These 6 places have already started.

After investigating Neil deGrasse Tyson for sexual misconduct, TV networks aren’t sharing details

Vox Sentences: Warm water, frozen land

A fake Tom Ford quote about Melania Trump is going viral on Twitter

Robert Mueller’s team says it will be very busy in the coming days

Forget cars. We need electric airplanes.

Jair Bolsonaro says Brazil and the US stand side by side “against fake news”

MoviePass’s newest plan is like the old plan, except slightly worse

Cyclone Idai: “The scale of devastation is enormous”

The Supreme Court’s liberals are very worried about indefinite detention of immigrants

Even tech workers can’t afford to buy homes in San Francisco

Hospitals keep ER fees secret. We’re uncovering them.

Reporter Sarah Kliff is collecting emergency room bills as part of a year-long project focused on American health care prices.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Khalik Allah on his bold, boundary-breaking documentary Black Mother

What we learned about the FAA and Boeing’s cozy relationship from a damning new report

How the US could actually get rid of the Electoral College

Trump administration’s latest attack on the press is to block reporters from covering Pompeo

3 takeaways from newly unsealed Michael Cohen search warrants

What the historic Midwest floods look like from space — and from the ground

Facebook’s tremendous size was its greatest asset. Now it may be its biggest problem.

Kirsten Gillibrand: “I had to make my choice” to call for Al Franken’s resignation

New Zealand prime minister on mosque shooter: “You will never hear me mention his name”

How to make more Vox Video happen

What Alan Krueger taught the world about the minimum wage, education, and inequality

Elizabeth Warren wants to get rid of the Electoral College

Toy Story 4’s new trailer reveals a spork-induced existential crisis

The 3 Trump-Russia ties we know about

The 2020 Democratic primary debate over reparations, explained

How to tax the rich, explained

Utrecht shooting: what we know so far

The demobilization of the resistance is a dangerous mistake

How the politics of racial resentment is killing white people

You can now shop on Instagram without leaving the app

A spinal surgery, a $101,000 bill, and a new law to prevent more surprises

As air pollution gets worse, a dystopian accessory is born

Why the Washington measles outbreak is mostly affecting one specific group

Elizabeth Warren gives a full-throated endorsement of reparations at CNN town hall

Democrats want the FBI to investigate Cindy Yang, the massage parlor founder accused of selling access to Trump

Beto O’Rourke pulled in a massive fundraising haul — and 2020 competitors are noticing

The US is experiencing a widespread worker shortage. Here’s why.