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The connections between Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, and the National Enquirer, explained

The tabloid is accused of covering up stories. Its reach and connections say a lot about power in America.

The emoluments clause, explained for Donald Trump

It’s not phony.

Trump unironically says his sons receiving foreign payments “would be the biggest story of the century”

The central tenet of Trumpism is to never sit one out. Trump’s latest love-fest with Hannity illustrated it.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won Canada’s election

He survived the scandals.

The WeWork mess, explained

From the "next Alibaba" to a financial liability for SoftBank, here’s how the coworking startup got to this point.

The best $1.75 I ever spent: Hand sanitizer that allows me to exist in public

As someone with cerebral palsy, moving through the world by myself means I have to make a lot of contact with less-than-clean surfaces.

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Where are the troops going?

President Trump is pulling out of Syria while sending more troops to Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

The Latest

The ignorance of Trump comparing impeachment to “a lynching,” explained

Almost every state in the country is now investigating Facebook

Airlines don’t usually hold connecting flights for delayed passengers. That could be changing.

UK Parliament has advanced the Brexit bill. Here’s what comes next.

A new poll finds strong support for the Supreme Court ending LGBTQ discrimination

Elizabeth Warren marches with striking Chicago teachers, a day after releasing new K-12 education plan

3 key solutions to California’s wildfire safety blackout mess

Skin care brand Sunday Riley got in trouble for writing fake reviews. It just settled with the FTC.

Is biohacking ethical? It’s complicated. A new Netflix series explains why.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Robots aren’t taking warehouse employees’ jobs, they’re making their work harder

The Hillary Clinton-Tulsi Gabbard feud, explained

Vox Crossword

The embarrassing epilogue to the media’s obsession with Hillary Clinton’s emails

Introducing Reset, a new podcast about how tech is changing our lives

Watch the final trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker

Vox Sentences: School’s still out in Chicago

Zuckerberg isn’t done answering questions about Facebook’s political ads policy

Mark Zuckerberg is the new political villain for the Democratic Party

The last 72 hours in Brexit, explained

We deserve a better Medicare-for-all debate

Freelance journalists are mad about a new California law. Here’s what’s missing from the debate.

The past 24 hours in Syria news, explained

Mitt Romney has a secret Twitter account named “Pierre Delecto”

Republican and Democratic lawmakers are distancing themselves from Trump’s foreign policy

This is a worst-possible wildfire scenario for Southern California

Meghan and Harry are taking a break from their royal duties. This isn’t surprising.

Facebook banned more fake Russian and Iranian accounts

Team Trump’s efforts to spin Mulvaney’s quid pro quo confession are not going well


The problem with the endangered species list

Poll: Pete Buttigieg joins the list of presidential frontrunners in Iowa

Drug companies reach $260 million deal with Ohio counties over role in opioid epidemic

Google’s attempt to shut down a unionization meeting just riled up its employees

How meritocracy harms everyone — even the winners

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Travel has never been “authentic”

Visiting Iceland in the age of overtourism.

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“America’s surrender”: What Afghans think about US-Taliban peace talks

Many Afghans fear US-Taliban peace talks are coming at their own expense.

Halloween costumes have a size problem

6 comic book callbacks from Watchmen’s series premiere

Watchmen plunges straight through the funhouse mirror into another 2019

I think HBO’s Watchmen is tremendous television. Lots of people will strongly disagree.

UK leaders insist Brexit will happen by October 31 despite an extension request