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AI has cracked a problem that stumped biologists for 50 years. It’s a huge deal.

A breakthrough on the "protein folding problem" can help us understand disease and discover new drugs.

Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre legal strategy, in two clips

Michigan Republicans asked Giuliani to prove his voter fraud claims. He brought a discredited witness who accused them of vote tampering instead.

The UN now says medical weed is a less dangerous drug

But it’s still a long way from international legalization.

WarnerMedia’s CEO explains why he’s blowing up the movie business

You can see all of Warner Bros.’ movies on HBO Max next year — on the same day they come to theaters. Here’s a Q&A with Jason Kilar about the logic behind the move.

America’s failures have led to a new daily record in Covid-19 deaths

The number of daily Covid-19 deaths in the US is now about the same as the number of people who died on 9/11.

Mark Zuckerberg gave $75 million to a San Francisco hospital. The city wants to condemn him anyway.

A vote on Thursday is the latest flashpoint in the debate over the proper role for billionaire philanthropy.

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God-given right?

The Supreme Court ruled that New York State can’t limit how many people gather in church, even during a pandemic. Vox’s Ian Millhiser explains why this is one of the most significant religious liberty cases in the last 30 years.

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Obama said “defund the police” is a bad slogan. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Vox’s audience support program, explained

Ethiopia’s unfolding humanitarian crisis, explained by a top aid official

Federal watchdog says “substantial likelihood of wrongdoing” at US broadcasting agency

What happened to department stores?

What one of Amazon’s biggest critics thinks the future of the retail industry means for workers

Online shopping is booming but so are returns. An old-school solution is gaining steam

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Joe Biden is taking office amid a poverty crisis

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The Armenia and Azerbaijan war, explained

Decking the halls for pandemic Christmas

How millennials became the burnout generation

South Korea just changed a longstanding military law for the sake of BTS

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Singapore is the first country in the world to approve lab-grown chicken products

Why tens of thousands of farmers are blocking roads into India’s capital city

A surprising number of government agencies buy cellphone location data. Lawmakers want to know why.

China and Australia are in a nasty diplomatic spat over a fake tweet — and real war crimes

Congress seems ready to pass a bipartisan $908 billion stimulus — if Mitch McConnell says yes

Staying safe this winter means a lot of time outside. Here’s how to stay warm.


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The Next Four Years: The Covid transition

Kaiser’s Jennifer Kates joins Matt to explain the next steps in countering the pandemic

The Joint Chiefs chair just gave a brutally honest assessment of the Afghanistan war

3 Hong Kong pro-democracy icons were sentenced to prison in huge blow to protest movement

This winter, the Vox Book Club is reading about lesbian necromancers in space

How bad is your state’s Covid-19 outbreak?

How Trump’s blizzard of misleading fundraising emails explains his refusal to concede

The past 24 hours in Trump’s legal issues and pardon news, explained

The UK is the first country to grant emergency approval to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine

The rise in murders in the US, explained

Who will get the Covid-19 vaccine first? A CDC advisory panel just weighed in.

How Santas are handling a pandemic Christmas season

Religious conservatives have won a revolutionary victory in the Supreme Court

The government’s failure to provide economic relief is killing people

The death and rebirth of America’s department stores, in charts

The battle over Trump’s huge UAE arms deal, explained

Want to help animals? Here’s where to donate your money.

The 12 Days of Christmas: The story behind the holiday’s most annoying carol

Advent, explained

Is the pandemic making people more generous — or more selfish?

How voice actors are fighting to change an industry that renders them invisible

Joe Biden should do everything at once