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9 things Americans need to learn from the rest of the world’s health care systems

Universal health care is hard, but it should be possible — and eight more things I discovered from visiting other countries.

A coronavirus outbreak is spreading quickly. Here’s what you need to know.

Thousands have been sickened by a new coronavirus in more than a dozen countries, including the US.

Trump’s Israel-Palestine peace plan, explained

"The real threat to peace is if the plan succeeds," an expert told Vox.

Democrats need to listen to Neil Gorsuch’s surprisingly good idea

Sometimes, it’s better to give your opponent what they want.

How to talk someone out of bigotry

These scientists keep proving that reducing prejudice is possible. It’s just not easy.

Why Republicans are suddenly in a rush to regulate every trans kid’s puberty

Proposals in eight states would ban puberty blockers and hormones for trans minors.

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The Bolton's back in town

Vox's Andrew Prokop explains why John Bolton’s leaked manuscript has upended the GOP’s hopes to wrap up the impeachment trial quickly without calling witnesses.

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Why your free software is never free

USMCA, Trump’s new trade deal, explained in 600 words

Ted Cruz now: Quid pro quo “doesn’t matter.” Ted Cruz before: Quid pro quo talk is “hearsay.”

Republicans could be in for an ugly face-off in the 2020 Georgia Senate race

Senators start asking questions in the impeachment trial Wednesday. Here’s how it will work.

Social tipping points are the only hope for the climate

The controversy over a Washington Post reporter’s Kobe Bryant tweets, explained

Impeachment, explained

Is your college using facial recognition on you? Check this scorecard.

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Vox Crossword

Can you guess which Americans are most into plant-based meat?

Taiwan’s single-payer system is popular — but it might be in trouble

Do Americans still believe in their democracy?

Voters are back to worrying whether a woman can win

The rise of daily fantasy and sports betting has created an economy of its own

A casino company is buying Barstool Sports in a $450 million deal

The New York Times used to be afraid of BuzzFeed. Now it’s hired its biggest star.

Trump’s defense in the impeachment trial has ended. Here are 6 key moments. 

Jared Kushner, architect of Trump’s Middle East peace plan, still doesn’t get it

Lonely Island’s Palm Springs is a funny existential comedy about 2 dirtbags who find each other

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A startup, billions of images, and the end of anonymity

Clearview AI says its facial recognition tool works with almost 100% accuracy. Buzzfeed's Ryan Mac explains how not all the company's claims withstand scrutiny.

How to delete what Facebook knows about your life outside of Facebook

The Washington Post sure bungled its Kobe Bryant tweet controversy


How Iran’s Soleimani became a US target

Trump’s Israel-Palestine “peace plan” is a con

Here’s how Facebook plans to make final decisions about controversial content it’s taken down

What Kobe Bryant’s death says about American memory

Hackers stole $13,103.91 from me. Learn from my mistakes.

Progressives warn Warren and Sanders are undermining the movement by fighting

How AI is battling the coronavirus outbreak

Here’s how to stop seeing ads on the internet without screwing over publishers

Trump’s Israel-Palestine peace plan: Read the full text of his so-called “deal of the century”

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The 2020 election calendar

The next Democratic debate will take place right before the New Hampshire primary

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is officially going to trial on corruption charges

How Miss Americana director Lana Wilson found the real Taylor Swift

Who’s winning the Democratic primary in the polls, explained

How Amazon’s Ring is creating a surveillance network with video doorbells

“This could be a massive disaster”: What happens if the coronavirus hits China’s internment camps?

State Department bans NPR reporter from traveling with Pompeo after testy interview

Elizabeth Warren’s ban on tech money seems more symbolic than anything else