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Mainstream Democrats shouldn’t fear Bernie Sanders

He’d be a strong nominee and a solid president.

Culinary Union members seem to have broken from their leaders to back Sanders

A health care debacle put Nevada’s Culinary Union in the middle of an ugly debate.

Justice Sotomayor warns the Supreme Court is doing special favors for the Trump administration

The ordinary rules no longer apply when the Trump administration shows up in court.

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The sixth sense (the real one)

A study at the National Institutes of Health offers a window into some of science’s biggest mysteries, from the origins of pain to how consciousness works.

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The race for presidential delegates has begun. Track them here.

Why Nevada caucuses are sometimes decided by drawing a card

Nevada’s entrance polls look good for Bernie Sanders

Greyhound will no longer consent to warrantless searches by border patrol agents

The Nevada caucus tool is an iPad and a Google Form

The Nevada caucuses’ importance, and potential chaos, explained

Renowned Catholic figure Jean Vanier has been accused of sexual manipulation and abuse

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Trump tried to sow doubt in the Nevada caucuses results before they were even out

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Asian Americans make up a big part of the Nevada electorate — enough to sway the caucuses 

Sanders condemns Russian interference into his campaign

Weinstein’s lawyers tried to kick out a juror for reading a novel about a predatory man

Who’s going to win the Nevada caucuses, according to the polls

The Harvey Weinstein jury deliberations so far, explained

Bloomberg says his company will release 3 women from nondisclosure agreements

The reports about Russian meddling in the 2020 election, and Trump’s response, explained

Amazon’s Hunters, starring Al Pacino, is an exploitative Holocaust vengeance fantasy


America’s presidential primaries, explained

Sudan just took a step backward on its path to democracy

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America’s failure in Afghanistan, explained by one village

18 years after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, the capital city of Kabul is prospering. In rural areas, it’s a different story entirely.

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The Bachelor: here for the wrong reasons

Is it better to have loved and influenced than never to have loved at all? Emma Gray, co-host of HuffPost’s Here to Make Friends podcast, explains how social media has reshaped the Bachelor.

BTS, the band that changed K-pop, explained

Emma’s Anya Taylor-Joy on slapstick, set life, and playing Jane Austen’s iconic character

Some development aid gets misdirected. Did the World Bank try to suppress a paper saying so?

Google’s education tech has a privacy problem

Trump is making a mockery of Bill Barr

I was sexually abused as a Boy Scout. Thousands like me deserve a reckoning.

The president has opinions about Parasite

The US and the Taliban are inching closer to a peace deal. It could all still fall apart.

No writer does “weirdly specific yet relatable” better than Daniel Mallory Ortberg

The best argument for each of the 2020 Democratic frontrunners

Trump’s expanded travel ban just went into effect for 6 new countries

Trump’s Colorado rally featured an extended meltdown over 30 seconds of critical Fox News coverage

How the good economy is benefiting workers with disabilities

11 questions about the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, answered

She’s Pete Buttigieg’s top fundraiser. He’s the founder of Nest. And they’re Silicon Valley’s new power couple.

Mike Bloomberg’s stop-and-frisk problem, explained

Amy Klobuchar can win where Democrats need to win in 2020

Alexa records you more often than you think

Odd Job: What’s it like to be a real-life Disney princess?

How does the new coronavirus spread? These new studies offer clues.