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Inside Ukraine’s lobbying blitz in Washington

Meet the Ukrainian fighter jet pilots hobnobbing with Washington influencers.

A pregnancy turns deadly in an anti-abortion state. What happens next?

Why medical emergency exceptions for abortions aren’t enough.

Otters are thriving in … Iowa?

My home state seemed far from a natural paradise. Then I found an otter.

The fight against inflation starts at sea

Biden is cracking down on the ocean shipping industry.

How Dobbs is affecting abortion care, one week on

Court battles, new laws, and confusion over abortion policy have left politicians, providers, and patients in a state of flux.

A record number of abortion measures are on the ballot in 2022

Ballot measures could shore up — or obliterate — abortion rights in five states.

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Ask for Jane

Before Roe v. Wade, Eleanor Oliver was a Jane: a member of a group in Chicago that helped women get safe but illegal abortions. Sean Rameswaram sat down with her on the day Roe was overturned.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

How to date when it feels like everyone forgot how to date 

“How do you go through the world and not be bitter and angry?”

The best $79 I ever spent: Paint for my very own bedroom walls

Not all religions oppose abortion

“She hardly goes out”: Racism is keeping many Asian Americans from going to the doctor

Pandemic-related hate crimes against Asian Americans have left many feeling unsafe in public. The consequences of missed health care will have lasting effects.

Could California become the first state to provide reparations?

Xi Jinping asserts his power on Hong Kong’s handover anniversary

The Supreme Court is keeping Trump’s promises

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Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

We’re battling a sleep loss epidemic. California has a plan to fight it.

One Good Thing: A Danish drama lets its girlbosses fail

10 ways to fix a broken Supreme Court

The many reasons the “just vote” rhetoric from Democrats falls flat

Who overturning Roe hurts most, explained in 7 charts

Under Obamacare, birth control pills are free. Why aren’t vasectomies?

Go ahead, be a little spontaneous

The best movies of 2022 (so far) — and how to watch them

Meta top executive Nick Clegg explains Facebook’s futuristic plans for the metaverse

Women wanted to fly jets in combat. Breaking that barrier would be the fight of their lives.

In the early 1990s, few corners of the military were as misogynistic as the world of fighter pilots. These women Naval officers would break barriers to fly in combat.


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Pregnancy in a post-Roe America

Our maternal mortality rate was already bad. What happens now?

The Supreme Court hands Biden the smallest possible victory in its “Remain in Mexico” case


Drag kings, explained by drag kings

Why America’s allies are worried about the end of Roe

The Supreme Court’s big EPA decision is a massive power grab by the justices

A cartoon image of two men leaning in for a kiss.

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The Supreme Court’s fleeting gift to the coal industry

The US’s first Black woman senator on what Ketanji Brown Jackson brings to the Supreme Court

Just about everyone in America is finally eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine. Now what?

Flying will be the worst part of your summer vacation

The Supreme Court’s EPA ruling isn’t the only legal attack on the environment

A new Supreme Court case is the biggest threat to US democracy since January 6

Why this show about queer teens appeals to all ages — even if it stings

NFTs and the monetization of hope

The Aftermath

Brands want to be more than your friend. They want community.

Why Silicon Valley is fertile ground for obscure religious beliefs

Was Tuesday’s testimony a political breaking point for Trump?

How blue cities in red states are resisting abortion bans

R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years. Here are all the sexual misconduct allegations against him, in one timeline.


Why roller coaster loops aren’t circular anymore