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How McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health

The Gates Foundation brought billions of dollars to the sector — and a business-friendly ethos consultants could exploit.

The fall of Jeremy Corbyn

Why Labour lost — and what it means for Britain.

Genetic testing is an inexact science with real consequences

How flawed genetic testing could be used for more than screwing up your race.

How Cats made Andrew Lloyd Webber the king of the Broadway spectacle

These days, we roll our eyes at Cats. But from the moment it opened, it was a smash.

Is Trumpism a cult?

A new book from a former cult member makes the case.

Why people are freezing in America’s prisons

It shouldn’t be up to concerned citizens to keep the incarcerated warm in the winter.

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India's Muslim ban

The second-largest Muslim nation in the world just got closer to becoming a Hindu state.

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A faint, beautiful interstellar comet is whizzing by the Earth

Boris Johnson wins major victory in UK elections

Jeremy Corbyn will resign as party leader after Labour’s crushing defeat

Megan Rapinoe just endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president

Supertrees: Meet the Amazonian giant that helps the rainforest make its own rain

Supertrees: Meet Indonesia’s carbon guardian

Trump is bragging about his trade truce with China. But it’s unclear what he won.

Amid impeachment, Trump and Giuliani are still coordinating on anti-Biden dirt

19 books from the 2010s we can’t stop thinking about

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Paul Krugman’s 3-part test for deficit spending

Vox Crossword

Eggnog, the holiday season’s most divisive drink, explained

The past, present, and future of the singular “they”

House Democrats maintain united front as impeachment vote looms

Vox Sentences: Weinstein wants to settle (again)

Boris Johnson, the UK’s prime minister, explained in under 650 words

This stream has:

Odd Job: a Q&A series about the weirdest ways people make money

Why Democrats just gave away their best chance at ending the trans military ban

Kentucky’s new governor is giving the right to vote back to 140,000 ex-felons

The turf war between Trump’s top 2 health care officials, explained

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How safe is Uber?

Uber released its first-ever safety report. How should we feel about its numbers and what do they tell us about safety and sexual misconduct in the gig economy?

Congressional Democrats’ last, long-shot attempt at climate progress this year

Scientists feared unstoppable emissions from melting permafrost. They may have already started.

Gaetz’s effort to make the impeachment hearing about Hunter Biden’s problems backfired spectacularly

The founder of Bonobos was supposed to help reinvent Walmart. 2 years later, he’s leaving.

Trump attacks Greta Thunberg during record-setting Twitter binge

The House just passed an ambitious bill to lower prescription drug prices

The commercialization of the commercialization of Christmas

The House passed a bipartisan bill that could legalize 325,000 unauthorized immigrants

“Wall Street Pete”: Progressive protesters crash Buttigieg fundraiser

Trump wants to call Mexican drug cartels “terrorist organizations”

Malevolent houseplants are coming for us in the horror film Little Joe

Joe Biden’s immigration plan, explained

Trump just claimed Ivanka created 14 million jobs. The entire economy added 6 million.

Burger King is using Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker spoilers to sell Whoppers

Why the right’s usual smears don’t work on Greta Thunberg

The UK has the best voting tradition: dogs at polling stations

WeWork is shutting down a restaurant coworking startup it acquired only 4 months ago


Why German spies blew up this US island

Attacks on Greta Thunberg expose the stigma autistic girls face

There’s a conservative civil war raging — over porn