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Covid-19 is disproportionately taking lives of black people

Hundreds of years of racism has delivered poor health and economic outcomes for black people, making them more vulnerable in the pandemic.

Trump claims that his daughter created 10 percent of all the jobs in the United States

Ivanka, the jobs wizard.

These are the trade-offs we make when we depend on billionaires to save us

Now more than ever, the coronavirus crisis has Americans living in tech billionaires’ world.

The US doesn’t just need to flatten the curve. It needs to “raise the line.”

How everybody can do their part to help doctors fight coronavirus, in one chart.

How Wisconsin’s election disenfranchised voters

Wisconsin’s election sends a message about much-needed voting reforms for November.

Everyone wants a puzzle

Once dismissed as a boring family activity, jigsaw puzzles have gotten the Instagram treatment.

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"The Great Equalizer"

Madonna was wrong. Covid-19 isn't an equalizer. It's coming for America's most vulnerable populations.

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9 questions about coronavirus and masks, answered

The strange comfort of coronavirus commercials

What day is it today?

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The Vox guide to navigating the coronavirus crisis

How to navigate society’s new normal.

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What it means to “gather” for Easter, Passover, and Ramadan this year

400,000 cases later, Trump defends his February claim that the coronavirus was going away on its own

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Wisconsin primary election: April 7, 2020

What you should know about Jack Dorsey’s surprising $1 billion commitment to charity

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Is the coronavirus airborne? It’s complicated.

Acting Navy secretary resigns after calling ousted coronavirus-stricken captain “stupid”

Trump’s daily coronavirus press briefings are becoming TV clip shows

Trump’s new press secretary has a history of birtherism and wildly inaccurate coronavirus takes

Many small businesses are being shut out of a new loan program by major banks

Trump’s promotion of unproven drugs is cause for alarm, but not because he’s making money off it

How coronavirus is changing the ways we grieve and mourn the dead

Wisconsin voters are waiting in 5-hour lines in the middle of a deadly pandemic

Wisconsin’s Election Day is a public health disaster

Can Trump cancel the November election?

Wisconsin is still holding an election Tuesday. Here’s when we might see results.

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Your phone knows if you're staying at home

Your phone knows if you're staying at home

New York’s battle with coronavirus continues, Boris Johnson remains in ICU: Tuesday’s coronavirus news

The evidence for using hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19 is flimsy

Trump said “nobody could have predicted” coronavirus. White House memos show his advisers did.

America’s emergency medical stockpile is almost empty. Nobody knows what happens next.

Jared Kushner, Peter Navarro, and our epidemic of overconfidence

The tech sector is finally delivering on its promise

Michael Lewis explains how the Trump administration puts us all at risk of catastrophe

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How to find a therapist during the Covid-19 pandemic

This week in TikTok: Maybe don’t do the “mugshot challenge”

Dalgona coffee, PowerPoint parties, and bread baking: The micro-trends of quarantine

The Supreme Court’s disturbing order to effectively disenfranchise thousands of Wisconsin voters

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The 2020 election calendar

“You’re a third-rate reporter”: Trump lashes out in response to questions about damning IG report

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules on partisan lines to require state to hold election on Tuesday

How to survive quarantine, in 215 songs

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care as his coronavirus symptoms worsen

The word game over hovers above a Pac-Man arcade screen

The 8-bit arcade font, deconstructed

Understand the unfolding coronavirus pandemic with these Vox podcast episodes

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Is it ethical to hire babysitters, delivery services, and cleaners right now?

Russia’s growing coronavirus outbreak and its challenge to Vladimir Putin, explained