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Speaking in Europe, Mike Pence is received with total silence — repeatedly

These viral clips of Pence’s speeches illustrate Trump’s unpopularity.

The big divide among 2020 Democrats over trade — and why it matters

Democrats are on the brink of completely reorienting their party on trade.

How to dress for cold weather, explained by an arctic researcher 

Or, "Layering, explained."

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Emergency podcast!

President Donald Trump declared a national state of emergency today. It’s the latest installment in his controversial “Build the wall!” series.

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Japan may have nominated Trump for the Nobel Prize — at America’s request

The US wants to set up a liaison office in North Korea

The deadly race to the South Pole

A Florida boy was arrested after refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in class

Measles is back because states give parents too many ways to avoid vaccines

The 25th Amendment, explained: how a president can be declared unfit to serve

North Carolina’s election fraud scandal is heading toward a dramatic resolution

5 years in, HBO’s Last Week Tonight is a lot more than “just comedy”

Standup comedy’s debate over political correctness, explained by HBO’s Crashing

The acting Pentagon chief has yet to say whether Trump’s border wall is militarily necessary

Biologists are trying to make bird flu easier to spread. Can we not?

Netflix’s Umbrella Academy is as good as it is weird. It’s very weird.

SNL thinks Trump’s border wall makes perfect sense — if you’re “not that smart”

The complicated, always racist history of blackface

The chaotic road to the 2019 Oscars ceremony, explained

The Aurora shooter had a history of domestic violence and assault. He never should have had a gun.

The House inquiries into the secret Trump-Putin talks are (slowly) taking shape

Why Netflix’s Russian Doll keeps referencing Emily of New Moon

An ex-cardinal has been defrocked for sex abuse. This has likely never happened before.

How capitalism reduced diversity to a brand

The best book covers from 1820 to 1914 include a sweet potato doing a pinup pose

Bill and Melinda Gates and the problem of the “good billionaire”

The Democratic National Committee has voted down a ban on corporate PAC donations

3 big things to know about Nigeria’s presidential elections

How to make more Vox Video happen

Aurora, Illinois, shooting: what we know

Mueller recommends a very lengthy sentence for Paul Manafort

Vox Sentences: California’s train plan derails

Amazon scrapped its New York City plans. Some residents are elated — others are disappointed.

Colin Kaepernick’s collusion grievance against the NFL, explained

Why Mueller said Roger Stone’s case is “related” to his Russian hacker indictment

Illinois and New Jersey passed a $15 minimum wage. That means 1.8 million workers get a raise.

5 ways Trump’s national emergency declaration could be stopped

How one scientist coped when AI beat him at his life’s work

Netflix’s Siempre Bruja centers a powerful black witch, for once

Ralph Northam wants forgiveness. Virginia’s black activists want him to work for it.

Who actually pays for your credit card rewards?

The census lawsuit headed straight to the Supreme Court, explained

Trump just tweeted a video of Democrats looking sad set to REM’s “Everybody Hurts.” Really.

Trump just signed a border security deal and declared a national emergency