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Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes on corporations and the rich, explained

Taxing the rich, not abolishing billionaires.

The driving force behind cultural appropriation? Capitalism.

Lauren Michele Jackson’s White Negroes explores the topic with depth and wit.

The new bill that would create a crime called “abortion murder,” explained

It could be the future of the anti-abortion movement.

Perfectionism is killing us

More people than ever say they’re feeling pressured to look and be the best. It’s taking a toll.

We admire these do-gooders. We just don’t want to date them.

A neuroscientist’s studies show that altruism isn’t always attractive.

How online ratings make good schools look bad

GreatSchools is America’s unofficial school ratings website. We conducted a data analysis of their scores.

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Impeachment TV: Law & Disorder

Four law professors walked into a room and the next phase of the impeachment began.

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Vox Sentences: 700,000 people are about to lose food stamps

Why health insurance in rural America is suddenly getting cheaper under Obamacare

The attacks on Ilhan Omar reveal a disturbing truth about racism in America

Why the US bears the most responsibility for climate change, in one chart

William Barr said certain “communities” should show police more respect, ignoring the reasons why they don’t

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Peloton’s terrifying new ad is the best horror movie in recent memory

The fight to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of Justice League (which may not even exist), explained

The most clarifying moment from the House Judiciary impeachment hearing

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Why Georgia’s governor is breaking with Trump over a Senate appointment

Republicans tried to turn House Judiciary’s first impeachment hearing into a sideshow

Scientists have gotten predictions of global warming right since the 1970s

How Trump and Republicans are obstructing the impeachment process

Akhnaten, played by Anthony Roth Costanzo, ascends steps to the sun, during a dress rehearsal for the opera.

How an opera gets made

No Time to Die tease looks like it will really be Daniel Craig’s last Bond

Trump hates being laughed at. This video seemingly shows world leaders doing just that.

Good mental health isn’t about being happy all the time

The Democrats’ Medicare mess

Democrats’ impeachment report reveals new phone records from Giuliani and others

Replacing beef with chicken isn’t as good for the planet as you think

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You Are Being Microtargeted

Why you should know about microtargeting, and how it works in political advertising

The most important IPO for Silicon Valley in 2019 comes from Saudi Arabia

The sordid history of housing discrimination in America

Trump’s Justice Department asks the Supreme Court to let it rush 4 executions

Millennials weren’t the only ones gutted by the recession. Gen X has never recovered.

Why Democrats are moving so fast on impeachment

Watch: The House Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing

Food delivery and takeout are on the rise. So are the mountains of trash they create.

Baby Yoda: the Mandalorian’s adorable alien co-star, explained

Larry Page, Alphabet’s absentee CEO, is stepping down after a challenging year for Big Tech

The debate over whether to ban “virginity testing,” explained

A whistleblower movie isn’t an obvious fit for Todd Haynes. That’s why he made Dark Waters.

The most damning sentence in the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment report

Everything you need to know about the next Democratic debate

Kamala Harris’s decline in the polls, explained

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The 15 Democrats still running for president and everything else to know about 2020

Was Rudy Giuliani always like this?

Kamala Harris drops out of the 2020 presidential race

Read: The House Intelligence Committee report on the Trump impeachment inquiry

The best Cyber Monday deals according to Alexa: any Amazon-owned brand

Trump thinks NATO is good now — after French President Macron criticized it