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Democrats’ winnowing health care ambitions

Fixing Obamacare is near the top of Democrats’ health care priorities, but other proposals may have to be cut.

Why Fannie Lou Hamer’s definition of “freedom” still matters

Revisiting the lesson of an activist and former sharecropper: "You are not free whether you are white or black, until I am free."

Dave Chappelle vs. trans people vs. Netflix

Chappelle’s latest Netflix special, The Closer, may be a tipping point for trans people.

The animals that may exist in a million years, imagined by biologists

Fully aquatic whale-rats. Praying mantises the size of dogs. Scientists imagine the future evolution of life on Earth.

It’s time for Americans to buy less stuff

Thanks to the supply chain crisis, holiday shopping won’t be easy this year — even if you buy early.

The Supreme Court floats a startling expansion to police immunity from the law

A new opinion suggests that "qualified immunity" could become much closer to absolute immunity from lawsuits.

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The author whose story inspired Netflix’s Maid on why welfare is broken

The chaotic, irreplaceable Wendy Williams

How screwed are Democrats in the Senate?

Fake rhino horns were supposed to foil poachers. What went wrong?

The past, present, and future of body image in America

What to know about the latest fight over Trump’s executive privilege claims

The best $160 I ever spent: A session with a Black therapist

Joe Manchin won’t support a key climate program. Alternatives won’t be enough.

Americans are ready to tax the rich

Where is the line between life and art?

The myth of the climate moderate


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Is inflation out of control?

It's probably time to talk about inflation.

No, the supply chain mess is not a war on Christmas

In Lauren Groff’s Matrix, medieval nuns build a feminist utopia

The case against means testing  

The $5 trillion insurance industry faces a reckoning. Blame climate change.

The Last Duel is a medieval epic about believing women, and it’s a mess

A last will and testament can be a huge fight for families


Why so many new buildings are covered in rectangles

How TV lied about abortion

Money Talks: The couple that grew up with very different relationships to spending

The dark, enthralling power of Succession


Why Hollywood loves this creepy bird call

Maybe losing the AI race to China isn’t such a bad idea

When removing a statue actually is antidemocratic

Bryan Stevenson on tracing the legacy of American enslavement to mass incarceration

Why so many people undercharge for their work

Can the US cut drug prices without sacrificing new cures?

Biden’s incoherent immigration policy

Startups are betting on a psychedelic gold rush

Why Merck’s Covid-19 pill molnupiravir could be so important

The controversial plan to bring jaguars back to the US

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