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Florida passed a historic expansion of voting rights. Now Republicans want to hobble it.

The Florida House wants people with felony records to pay all court costs and fees before they can vote.

No one knows what Joe Biden thinks about health care

Biden has not endorsed Medicare-for-all, nor has he disavowed the idea.

Trump’s acting defense secretary has been cleared of an ethics violation

The Pentagon’s inspector general concluded that Patrick Shanahan didn’t boost Boeing in his official capacity.

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Tuition: Impossible

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to cancel your college debt. To pay for it, she wants to tax the ultra-rich and take more than just their income.

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Beyond Meat is going public. Investors are betting on a new future for food.

Soon your driver’s license might not get you through airport security

Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020

Prominent women of color are putting 2020 candidates on the spot. Warren and Harris shined.

Vox turns 5

Joe Biden is running for president

Why Trump’s tweets about Don McGahn and the Mueller report could backfire

Avengers: Endgame doesn’t have a post-credits scene. It doesn’t need one.

The one big takeaway from every 2020 Democratic primary poll so far

The Joe Biden culture war

What Donald Trump actually did in 2016, according to the Mueller report

Vox’s guide to where 2020 Democrats stand on policy

Keep up with the policy debates that will shape the Democratic 2020 primary.

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Why the climate protests disrupting London are different

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The myth of rational thinking

The best $16 I ever spent: Old Navy pajamas after my husband left

Trump’s high-stakes subpoena battle with House Democrats, explained

5 years of Vox, explained by our staff

We’re investigating how insurance gaps endanger mothers. This is why.

What happens when new mothers don’t have insurance? Help us find out.

Vox Sentences: The Umbrella Movement in jail

Kamala Harris says she’d pardon low-level drug offenders if elected president

Want to save Social Security? Let in more immigrants.

What’s up with Twitter’s follower counts, explained for everyone — including Trump

How to make more Vox Video happen

Malaria is among the world’s biggest killers of children. Now there’s a vaccine.

Google’s Wing has landed the FAA’s first approval for drone delivery

Bookstores band together for Independent Bookstore Day

Trump’s tweets are getting more unhinged

After Vox reporting, California moves forward on plan to end surprise ER bills

Amazon created the expectation of 2-day shipping. Now it needs to scale back.

Pikachu, Lion King, and snake handlers: summer movies to watch for

Some delivery apps pocket their workers’ tips. A new bill aims to expose the practice.

The Democratic establishment should chill out about Bernie Sanders

Kamala Harris needs to unlock the power of African American women voters

Democrats want to challenge Trump’s foreign policy in 2020. They’re still working out how.

Dentists woo patients with Netflix, aromatherapy, and cake

Why the US bears the most responsibility for climate change, in one chart

Vox Sentences: “Is this person a citizen of the United States?”

Avengers: Endgame is a Marvel miracle

Jared Kushner conveniently rewrites history of Russian interference