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American happiness is plummeting. Could a few words change that?

A psychologist claims that learning "untranslatable words" from other cultures may be a key to being happy. I experimented on myself to see whether it’s true.

Impeachment, explained

The ultimate guide to the Donald Trump impeachment saga

Who’s who in the impeachment hearings

Alexander Vindman, Jennifer Williams, Kurt Volker, and Tim Morrison will all testify Tuesday.

Tom Steyer’s impeachment group is missing its big moment because he’s running for president

Former employees of Tom Steyer’s impeachment group say they were strong-armed into joining his campaign when it looked like impeachment was dead over the summer.

The economic debate over the minimum wage, explained

There’s still disagreement. But it looks like in many cases, pay raises swamp any lost jobs.

Disney says it doesn’t need data to make great shows

Netflix relied heavily on data to make programming decisions. Disney’s been in the business long enough, it doesn’t have to.

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Impeachment TV (Part 2 of 2)

The House impeachment inquiry just had its biggest day yet. Vox’s Andrew Prokop explains how things changed when Republicans called witnesses.

The Latest

What we learned from the third day of public impeachment hearings

How Trump and Republicans are obstructing the impeachment process

Welcome to The Highlight’s Happiness Issue

Women are increasingly unhappy. This comic explains why.

Happiness psychology is a booming industry. But is it science, religion, or something else?

How to spend money to squeeze more joy out of life

How the Real Housewives built cable TV’s biggest fandom

Vox Crossword

This stream has:

November 2019 Democratic debate

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

“Knowledge workers” could be the most impacted by future automation

Tuesday’s impeachment hearings were a disaster for Republicans

Vox Sentences: California vs. carmakers

Nunes keeps referring to the impeachment hearing as a “drug deal.” It’s not as clever as he thinks.

How bad right-wing journalism helped kick off the impeachment saga

One of the Republicans’ witnesses confirmed a quid pro quo on TV

The Morning Show’s producers say many of its critics are “Apple haters”

For 20 years, Neopets has taught us how to care for virtual pets — and each other

Kurt Volker, impeachment witness requested by Republicans, debunks many of their arguments

Leaked emails show how Stephen Miller used Breitbart as his personal PR firm

A clever new solar solution to one of the trickiest climate problems

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Why Google Has Your Health Records

Google has partnered with one of America's large hospital networks and gained access to millions of health records. CNBC's Christina Farr explains what it's doing with them.

Taylor Swift (and her fans) won a battle in her war against Scooter Braun and Big Machine Label Group

What to expect from this week’s impeachment hearings

2 jail workers face criminal charges in Jeffrey Epstein case

The Frozen 2 soundtrack: a guide to the best songs

Google just got access to millions of medical records. Here are the pros and cons.

The fight to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of Justice League (which may not even exist), explained

Cats’ new trailer is here. It’s very Cats.

The attacks on Vindman’s military uniform, explained

House Republicans are still fixated on the whistleblower

What to expect at the fifth Democratic debate

The GOP counsel’s xenophobic attack on Vindman’s patriotism

“It’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman”: Nunes’s effort to out whistleblower is met with an epic clap-back

Movies were short. Why’d it change?

Why movies went from 15 minutes to 2 hours

Elise Stefanik’s impeachment moment

Watch Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s powerful opening statement in the impeachment hearings

The Trump lawsuit testing the limits of presidential immunity, explained

Chick-fil-A has long had a reputation for anti-LGBTQ donations. Now the company says that will stop.

Trump’s latest impeachment defense is fabricating Pelosi quotes

The Trump administration will start sending migrants back to Guatemala under a new rule

The best $2,000 I ever spent: many, many rounds of bingo