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Why tens of thousands of farmers are blocking roads into India’s capital city

India says its new laws will modernize agriculture. Farmers say it will cause their ruin.

The UK is the first country to grant emergency approval to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine

The first doses may begin rolling out next week.

China and Australia are in a nasty diplomatic spat over a fake tweet — and real war crimes

Australia released a report on alleged war crimes in Afghanistan. China trolled Australia on Twitter about it — and Canberra took the bait.

South Korea just changed a longstanding military law for the sake of BTS

BTS’s success has won the male K-pop idols a reprieve from South Korea’s mandatory military assignment.

How Trump’s blizzard of misleading fundraising emails explains his refusal to concede

It’s bad for the country, but it’s raking in the money for Trump.

A surprising number of government agencies buy cellphone location data. Lawmakers want to know why.

Private companies collect location data on millions of Americans and provide it to the DHS, IRS, FBI, and DEA — no warrants needed.

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America Offline

Low-income students are dropping out of college because many don’t have a reliable way to get online. Vox’s Emily Stewart says the solution is simple: Give everybody the internet.

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Staying safe this winter means a lot of time outside. Here’s how to stay warm.

The Joint Chiefs chair just gave a brutally honest assessment of the Afghanistan war

3 Hong Kong pro-democracy icons were sentenced to prison in huge blow to protest movement

Vox’s audience support program, explained

This winter, the Vox Book Club is reading about lesbian necromancers in space

How bad is your state’s Covid-19 outbreak?

The past 24 hours in Trump’s legal issues and pardon news, explained

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The rise in murders in the US, explained

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Who will get the Covid-19 vaccine first? A CDC advisory panel just weighed in.

How Santas are handling a pandemic Christmas season

Religious conservatives have won a revolutionary victory in the Supreme Court

The government’s failure to provide economic relief is killing people

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What happened to department stores?

The death and rebirth of America’s department stores, in charts

The battle over Trump’s huge UAE arms deal, explained

Want to help animals? Here’s where to donate your money.

The 12 Days of Christmas: The story behind the holiday’s most annoying carol

Advent, explained


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The job nobody wants

Dara and Matt on Biden’s choice to run Homeland Security and the many challenges he’ll face

Is the pandemic making people more generous — or more selfish?

How voice actors are fighting to change an industry that renders them invisible

Joe Biden should do everything at once

The high rate of executions during Trump’s last weeks in office, explained

Trump’s pardon shenanigans are ramping up

“The stakes are life and death”: Addiction treatment’s Covid-19 challenge

Why Trump taking credit for the Covid-19 vaccines could be a good thing

Pop culture’s department stores taught us what to want

This week in TikTok: The only election that mattered

The pandemic is changing college. Let’s reconsider GPAs while we’re at it.

4 looming foreign policy crises that could derail Biden’s agenda early on

A criminal justice expert’s guide to donating effectively right now

This man has donated at least 10% of his salary to charity for 11 years running

These are the charities where your money will do the most good

Trump’s attempt to overturn the election result has sputtered out

Ajit Pai, Trump’s FCC chair who repealed net neutrality, is leaving on January 20

Don’t wait: The case for giving sooner rather than later

Joe Biden announces Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary pick

What happened to Democrats in North Carolina: “It was a total effort that failed down ballot”

Staying safe this winter means a lot of time outside. Here’s how to stay warm.