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That's how much "billionaire" President Trump paid in federal income taxes his first year in office, according to reporting from the New York Times.

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Why it’s so difficult to abolish sororities and fraternities

The case for weakening the Supreme Court

Emma Chamberlain and the business of being relatable

Why are you seeing this digital political ad? No one knows!

Trump’s adversarial relationship with presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace, explained

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Joe Biden’s plan to beat the coronavirus

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Whose vote counts, the Netflix series, explained

What Trump’s taxes tell us about his foreign entanglements

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Vox Crossword

Miranda July’s enduring love for the weirdo in all of us

The rise in murders in the US, explained

Here’s how much you had to make in 2017 to pay more income tax than Donald Trump

What people get wrong about herd immunity, explained by epidemiologists

One Good Thing: Vintage Nintendo games are good vibes made playable

Oregon already votes by mail. Here’s what it can teach us in 2020.

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The first 2020 presidential debate

Experts say Covid-19 cases are likely about to surge

Everything’s scary. What’s Halloween going to be like?

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The Supreme Court is about to hit an undemocratic milestone


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By the People: How to make sure your vote is counted

The pandemic election

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Whose vote counts?

Additional resources for Vox’s new Explained miniseries on Netflix.

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We now know what Trump was trying to hide by holding back his tax returns

Sen. Lindsey Graham lays out a swift schedule for confirming Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Race in America

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Joe Biden maintains a steady lead over Donald Trump in national polling

Another top Democrat signals openness to abolishing the filibuster

Poll: Half of Americans who lost their job during the pandemic still don’t have one

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President Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

The false link between Amy Coney Barrett and The Handmaid’s Tale, explained

How Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court could affect LGBTQ rights

What Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court would mean for abortion rights

Amy Coney Barrett has a years-long record of ruling against immigrants

Who is Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court?

How the pandemic is bringing Elon Musk’s dream to connect everyone on Earth closer to reality

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The Trump administration is challenging a court ruling that prevents it from ending the census early

Trump says he won’t commit to leaving office if he loses the election because of a “ballot scam”

Demand grows for Kentucky AG to release the grand jury report in the Breonna Taylor case

The promise and peril of the EU’s new asylum plan

How the 2020 census is trying to overcome Covid-19, digital divides, and Trump to get an accurate count