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A new report raises more questions about Bloomberg’s alleged sexism and sexual harassment

Bloomberg faces these questions, highlighted by a new Washington Post report, as he rises in national polls.

I reported through a mass shooting at my own newspaper. Now I’m taking a buyout.

The traumas add up, and eventually, I wondered if I owed this business any more of myself.

Why there aren’t more polls about the Nevada caucuses

Nevada is hard to poll, and new caucus rules are only making it harder.

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Love Me Tinder

A new investigation reveals what you may have suspected: dating apps can be very dangerous. But there are safer ways to look for love online.

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The radical moral implications of luck in human life

The unfair pressure for Birds of Prey to be a great feminist superhero movie

Pete Buttigieg replies to Rush Limbaugh’s homophobic comments: “I love my husband”

Biden says Sanders’s response to his supporters’ online attacks is not “sufficient”

Poll: Bernie Sanders is beating every other candidate in Nevada

The best argument for each of the 2020 Democratic frontrunners

France reports the first coronavirus death outside of Asia

Vox Crossword

Why prediction markets are bad at predicting who’ll be president 

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

It looks like Amazon throttled sales of a zine after its author publicly criticized Amazon

Trump is sending armed tactical forces to arrest immigrants in sanctuary cities

The US and Taliban take a first step toward a peace deal in Afghanistan

Sonic the Hedgehog’s live-action movie seemed doomed to fail. It escaped unscathed.

Facebook canceled a 5,000-person conference in San Francisco because of coronavirus

This animation shows what would happen if leap years didn’t exist

Andrew McCabe, Michael Flynn, and the latest Justice Department drama, explained

What we know (and don’t know) about the Nevada caucus “tool”

“This is a president declaring himself above the law”: A former ethics chief on Trump’s dangerous new era

Furious Oracle employees are demanding that Larry Ellison cancel his Trump fundraiser

Some Tea Party Republicans in South Carolina are voting for Bernie Sanders

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Why video game actors are fighting to be seen

How does a video game character get made? And how can the gaming industry improve its standards for the real humans behind its virtual characters?

Tinder may not get you a date. It will get your data.

Listen: Billie Eilish’s big 2020 continues with James Bond theme “No Time to Die”

Trump just got bad news from Neil Gorsuch’s mentor in a big Medicaid case

It’s time for Hillary to say “I’m with her”

Dwyane Wade’s unflinching support of his trans daughter is a turning point

Bernie Sanders is leading the 2 most important states on Super Tuesday

The life-and-death consequences of naming the coronavirus

Why the coronavirus outbreak might be much bigger than we know

The false promise of “renewable natural gas”

Exploring the history of seduction, from Casanova to Tinder

How Justice Scalia paved the way for Trump’s assault on the rule of law

Why Medicare-for-all works for Bernie Sanders — and nobody else

It’s 2020. Where are our self-driving cars?

Bloomberg’s Instagram meme ad campaign is backfiring

Take it from an activist who was there: Stop and frisk cost New Yorkers their lives

Amazon can’t end fake reviews, but its new system might drown them out

Odd Job: Meet an international pizza consultant 

Edie Falco will always tell you exactly what she thinks, like it or not

Bill Barr: Trump’s tweets make it “impossible” to do my job

Why Nevada’s powerful Culinary Union has issues with Bernie Sanders