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What the Supreme Court’s EPA ruling means for air pollution — and your health

Most Americans breathe unhealthy air, and weakening the EPA won’t help.

Should I delete my period app? And other post-Roe privacy questions.

How police can find out where you’ve been, and what you can do about it.

How the “lost cities” of the Amazon were finally found

And why they were so hard to see.

Even bosses are joining the Great Resignation

New data shows a growing number of managers are quitting.

What’s going on with Georgia’s Trump investigation?

Georgia’s January 6 grand jury subpoenaed key Trump allies. That’s a big deal.

Democrats’ latest attempt at resurrecting Build Back Better, explained

This iteration focuses on provisions to reduce prescription drug prices.

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How the US learned to love sanctions

The US hoped sanctions would end Russia’s war in Ukraine quickly. We revisit our conversation with historian Nicholas Mulder who explains the surprising history of economic penalties as a weapon of war.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Is this the political end for Boris Johnson?

The inside story at Meta as it moves beyond Facebook

How China’s relationship to Hollywood has shaped the movies

How to be a little less judgmental

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

How conservatism conquered America — and corrupted itself

The man giving the California GOP its best shot at statewide office in years

Buffalo, seven weeks after the massacre

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Inside Ukraine’s lobbying blitz in Washington

The fight against inflation starts at sea

America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

Otters are thriving in … Iowa?

How to date when it feels like everyone forgot how to date 

A pregnancy turns deadly in an anti-abortion state. What happens next?

How Dobbs is affecting abortion care, one week on

A record number of abortion measures are on the ballot in 2022

“How do you go through the world and not be bitter and angry?”

The best $79 I ever spent: Paint for my very own bedroom walls

Not all religions oppose abortion


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Pregnancy in a post-Roe America

Our maternal mortality rate was already bad. What happens now?

Could California become the first state to provide reparations?

Xi Jinping asserts his power on Hong Kong’s handover anniversary

The Supreme Court is keeping Trump’s promises

We’re battling a sleep loss epidemic. California has a plan to fight it.

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One Good Thing: A Danish drama lets its girlbosses fail

10 ways to fix a broken Supreme Court

The many reasons the “just vote” rhetoric from Democrats falls flat

Who overturning Roe hurts most, explained in 7 charts

Under Obamacare, birth control pills are free. Why aren’t vasectomies?

Go ahead, be a little spontaneous

The best movies of 2022 (so far) — and how to watch them

Meta top executive Nick Clegg explains Facebook’s futuristic plans for the metaverse

Women wanted to fly jets in combat. Breaking that barrier would be the fight of their lives.

In the early 1990s, few corners of the military were as misogynistic as the world of fighter pilots. These women Naval officers would break barriers to fly in combat.

The Supreme Court hands Biden the smallest possible victory in its “Remain in Mexico” case


Drag kings, explained by drag kings

Why America’s allies are worried about the end of Roe

The Supreme Court’s big EPA decision is a massive power grab by the justices

The Supreme Court’s fleeting gift to the coal industry

The US’s first Black woman senator on what Ketanji Brown Jackson brings to the Supreme Court