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The Tennessee GOP primaries will be determined by one question: Who loves Trump the most? 

In the fight for the GOP Senate nomination and the state’s First Congressional District, the president looms large.

Trump’s latest plan to use the census for political gain, explained

His decision to end data collection a month early could lead to undercounts among communities of color, immigrants, and those in rural areas.

Perhaps months too late, a Covid-19 contact tracing app comes to America

Virginia is the first US state to come out with an app that uses Bluetooth-based tech, nearly three months after its release.

We need to talk about what school closures mean for kids with disabilities

As schools prepare for fall, students in special education are being left out of the conversation.

How inequality is changing the Republican Party — and breaking American politics

A new book tries to untangle the relationship between white identity politics and skyrocketing inequality.

Why Republicans are dragging their feet on more stimulus

Republicans have let expanded unemployment expire amid a dire economic situation. Here’s why.

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Florida’s Covid-19 tragedy

The state saw Covid-19 coming. It still became an outbreak epicenter.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

How cities can tackle violent crime without relying on police

The pandemic hasn’t stopped Native Hawaiians’ fight to protect Maunakea

Anti-maskers explain themselves

Jeff Bezos offers a clue to his $10 billion climate change strategy

Bike shorts are the official uniform of pandemic summer

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Facebook is extending its work-from-home policy until July 2021


The big lesson from South Korea’s coronavirus response

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Facebook took down a Trump post for the first time 

Midnight Sun brings back the creepy, sublimated, wildly unhealthy eroticism of Twilight

How to drive fossil fuels out of the US economy, quickly

Masha Gessen on American politics after the death of “truth”

Trump’s radical lawsuit against Nevada’s vote-by-mail law, explained

A new study finds that giving kids deworming treatment still benefits them 20 years later

Worried parents have become an easy target for online misinformation in this pandemic

The pandemic is fueling the private tutoring industry

Lebanon was already in crisis. Then came the Beirut explosion.

TikTok clone Instagram Reels is just one of the many times Facebook has copied its competitors

Mortality, mass psychosis, and how we live today

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The one sport that’s doing it right

Why we all should take a page out of roller derby’s reopening playbook.

Covid-19 is pushing red states to finally expand Medicaid

Just 2 states meet these basic criteria to reopen and stay safe

Trump still thinks schools should reopen because Covid-19 “will go away.” Really.

How bad is your state’s Covid-19 outbreak?

“It’s like we’re flying blind”: The US has a Covid-19 data problem

A nun on the radical possibilities of Christianity

Instagram’s answer to TikTok is here

Sen. Ron Wyden helped create the Big Tech industry. Now he wants to hold it accountable.

America’s slow, painful shift to enforcing mask mandates

Mask enforcement won’t work without education.

It’s easier than ever to make hand sanitizer. But eased restrictions have come with consequences.

Missouri approves Medicaid expansion ballot initiative, extending coverage to 200,000 people

Mulan is coming to Disney+ as a $30 rental

How the coronavirus outbreak is roiling the film and entertainment industries

Walmart has again delayed the launch of its Amazon Prime competitor Walmart+

How Portland’s Wall of Moms collapsed — and was reborn under Black leadership

Live results for the August 4 primaries

Jeff Merkley and Bernie Sanders have a plan to protect you from facial recognition

Rodham author Curtis Sittenfeld explains what it’s like to write in Hillary Clinton’s voice

“They are dying. That’s true. It is what it is.” Trump’s Axios interview was a disaster.

Exclusive: Kamala Harris leads Elizabeth Warren and Susan Rice in new VP poll