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Can American nationalism be saved?

A debate with National Review editor Rich Lowry.

Vaping is still safer than smoking. That message is getting dangerously muddled.

A survey found the number of people who think vaping is as harmful, or more harmful, than smoking keeps growing.

An easy way to make piglet lives better

Male piglets usually have their testicles cut off without anesthetics. There’s a simple, pain-free alternative.

Women are increasingly unhappy. This comic explains why.

The gender gap we’re not talking about.

Why Elsa from Frozen is a queer icon — and why Disney won’t embrace that idea

The queen of Arendelle might have been accidentally coded queer in Frozen, but Frozen 2 goes all in. Kinda.

Watching The Report through Muslim eyes

How new movie The Report fails victims of the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program.

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The Dems Went Down to Georgia

We’re taking a break from impeachment to talk about the fifth Democratic debate and the Buttigieg Bump.

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“Are you sure?” Trump’s Ukraine conspiracy theory was a bit much even for Fox & Friends

How the Washington Post’s TikTok became an unofficial 2020 campaign stop

Adults are finding new (and brutal) ways to enjoy Pokémon

Women suffer needless pain because almost everything is designed for men

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The Rehab Racket: Investigating the high cost of addiction care

Reporter German Lopez is looking into America’s notoriously opaque addiction treatment industry, which affects thousands of people each year.

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Impeachment, explained

Why sunsets are better in the winter

Swing-state senators are hugging close to Trump despite 2019 election losses

Vox Crossword

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

What it’s like to be a professional twin

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How a beloved clinic for low-income women is fighting to stay alive in the Trump era

Public Health Solutions is one of nearly 900 clinics that lost federal funding this year. Now it’s hanging by a thread.

Barack Obama tells Silicon Valley’s leading donors to “chill out” over differences between candidates

Vox Sentences: 4 blackouts in 2 months

Why did Iran shut off the internet for the entire country? 

Why Pete Buttigieg is suddenly surging in the polls

Why a robot pizza startup could be worth $4 billion

She was fatally strangled. The media is making it about her sex life.

The 4 main conservative defenses for Trump against impeachment, explained

The key moment from Fiona Hill’s testimony

Michael Bloomberg is probably definitely going to run for president

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Yes, a government can shut down the internet

Iran's government shut down the internet, after widespread protests over the cost of fuel - how is that possible, and what does that mean for its people?

Congress passes bill to avert another government shutdown — for now

Why did Trump let the Ukraine aid through?

There’s more to life than profit

Joker director Todd Phillips says tales of a sequel are greatly exaggerated

Tim Cook is just letting Trump lie about Apple

Thursday’s impeachment testimony makes the Burisma-Biden connection undeniable

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on corruption charges

The Pete Buttigieg surge, explained

Airline CEOs to climate activists: You’re right, our industry is a big problem

On Frozen 2 and Disney’s nostalgia problem

Read Fiona Hill’s scathing opening statement in the impeachment hearings

In the age of online shopping, where do IRL salespeople fit in?

The state of the 2020 Democratic primary

Gender equity was at the forefront of the fifth Democratic debate

4 winners and 3 losers from the November Democratic debate

It took a debate with all-female moderators to ask Democrats about paid family leave

We read all 25 National Book Award finalists for 2019. Here’s what we thought.

Everything you need to know about the next Democratic debate

Would a female candidate be treated like Pete Buttigieg? Amy Klobuchar sees a double standard.

The single worst idea proposed at the Democratic debate