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College football’s coronavirus crisis, explained

The pandemic has threatened a multibillion-dollar business. But the cracks in the sport’s foundation have been visible for decades.

How a homemaker with no political experience took on Europe’s longest-serving dictator

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya became a symbol for the democratic future Belarus could have, not the autocratic one it has now.

Performative masculinity is making American men sick 

American men are failing the pandemic.

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How Trump’s relief plan helps and hurts

President Trump wants to resolve the congressional deadlock over stimulus relief by himself. Vox’s Li Zhou rummages through the mixed bag.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

The TikTok drama shines a spotlight on the rare tech investor who is backing Trump

A devastating indictment of the Republican Party from a GOP insider

The American right’s favorite strongman

“Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor”: The power and the peril of a catchphrase

Ilhan Omar faces a well-funded primary challenge in her first reelection bid

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Polls: Biden leads Trump in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

Venture capitalist Doug Leone seen arriving at the Sun Valley Conference.
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Protesters across Thailand call for new elections following the arrest of pro-democracy activists

Democrats call Trump’s coronavirus relief orders “paltry” and “absurdly unconstitutional”

Trump just signed 4 executive orders providing coronavirus relief. It’s not clear if they’re all legal.

How an Iowa summer resort region became a Covid-19 hot spot

Thousands of protesters in Beirut call for “the fall of the regime” in the wake of the blast

Trump falsely claims coronavirus is “disappearing” and Russia isn’t meddling in the 2020 election

How coronavirus devastated Texas’s vulnerable borderlands

Tulsi Gabbard’s seat is up for grabs in Hawaii’s congressional primary

Bill Gates is spending $150 million to try to make a coronavirus vaccine as cheap as $3

Cori Bush’s victory signals the return of the protester-politician 

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What’s wrong with the mail

As November nears, the Postal Service is facing a crisis that could interfere with the election.

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The one sport that’s doing it right

Why we all should take a page out of roller derby’s reopening playbook.

How Ellen DeGeneres’s facade of kindness crumbled 

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How Ohio has avoided becoming another Covid-19 hot spot (so far)

A rural New York county has adopted one of the most progressive trans prison policies in the US

What women in Congress want from Facebook

All of this week’s best new movies are about anxiety. In a good way.

The US has an extraordinary opportunity to reform education

HBO’s I May Destroy You might be the best TV show of the year

How cities can tackle violent crime without relying on police

The pandemic hasn’t stopped Native Hawaiians’ fight to protect Maunakea

Anti-maskers explain themselves

Jeff Bezos offers a clue to his $10 billion climate change strategy

Trump issued an executive order effectively banning TikTok if it doesn’t sell in the next 45 days

Facebook is extending its work-from-home policy until July 2021


The big lesson from South Korea’s coronavirus response

Perhaps months too late, a Covid-19 contact tracing app comes to America

What Lebanon needs to recover from the explosion

Facebook took down a Trump post for the first time 

The Tennessee GOP primaries will be determined by one question: Who loves Trump the most? 

We need to talk about what school closures mean for kids with disabilities