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11 questions about the coronavirus economic crisis you were too embarrassed to ask

From how to think about the stock market to what to do if you lose your job, here’s what you need to know about coronavirus and the economy.

Figuring out ways to read books right now is tough. We’re here to help.

In Ask a Book Critic, Vox recommends books for your very specific moods.

New unemployment claims surge to record-high 6.6 million

A completely unprecedented economic collapse.

How Trump’s impeachment trial foreshadowed his handling of the coronavirus crisis

Professor Pamela Karlan tried to warn us.

Let’s think twice about Tiger King

Netflix’s hit show invites us to gawk at its ridiculousness. Should it?

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Why it can be so hard to tell if you have Covid-19

Symptoms of the novel coronavirus can vary a lot, if an infected person experiences them at all.

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Lockdown while locked up

Arthur Longworth calls Sean from Washington State Reformatory to explain what it's like to serve a life sentence at a prison where the coronavirus is spreading.

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How Covid-19 immunity testing can help people get back to work

Wilbur Ross’s prediction about the coronavirus helping the US economy could not have been more wrong

Tiger King is a mesmerizing train wreck. Here are more stories just like it.

Calling health care workers “heroes” erases just how terrified and exposed they really are

The stimulus’s $349 billion program to pay workers at struggling small businesses, explained

Another way coronavirus will make Americans’ lives worse in the long term: More guns

The Democratic National Convention has been postponed until August 17

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The Vox guide to navigating the coronavirus crisis

How to navigate society’s new normal.

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Gutting fuel economy standards during a pandemic is peak Trump

The Trump administration’s botched coronavirus response, explained

6.6 million jobless claims, a grim milestone for Spain: Thursday’s coronavirus news

Zoom responds to its privacy (and porn) problems

Why authors are so angry about the Internet Archive’s Emergency Library

Wisconsin has an election April 7 in the middle of a pandemic. It’s shaping up to be a debacle.

Amazon is banning the sale of N95 and surgical masks to the general public

Sen. Kelly Loeffler sold at least $18 million more in stocks before the coronavirus crash than previously reported

How the NRA grew from a marksmanship group to a controversial political powerhouse

Celebrate the life and work of songwriter Adam Schlesinger with this soaring Fountains of Wayne album

Trump administration revokes reservation status for Mashpee Wampanoag tribe amid coronavirus crisis

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The race to make more ventilators

The race to make more ventilators

Chart: The coronavirus pandemic, state by state

A spoofed email from the WHO

Why coronavirus scammers can send fake emails from real domains

What day is it today?

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean your boss isn’t watching you

For years, brands have been pushing an at-home lifestyle. No one expected it to happen like this.

Study: Biden can unite progressives and swing voters with a focus on climate

We don’t know yet if lockdowns are working. But the US could see results as early as this week.

I work at a Queens hospital hard hit by coronavirus. Here’s how doctors can prepare.

Trump could have reopened health care enrollment for coronavirus. He chose not to.


Watch: Coronavirus is not the flu. It’s worse.

The coronavirus’s unpredictable impact on next year’s health insurance rates, explained

Trump’s coronavirus death toll estimate exposes his failure

The stark differences in countries’ coronavirus death rates, explained

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The 2020 election calendar

Federal prisons are fighting coronavirus with home release and a quarantine, but that may not be enough

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Everything you need to know about making your own face mask

Community was one of the most inventive shows in TV history. It just started streaming on Netflix.

Oh, thank God, Netflix’s Nailed It! is back for another season

Coronavirus could lead to the highest unemployment levels since the Great Depression

The biggest obstacle to remote voting in Congress may be Democratic mistrust of the Supreme Court