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Alex Murdaugh stands accused of killing his wife and son. That’s just scratching the surface.

Five deaths, millions in fraud, and 100 years of family power crumbling to ruin in South Carolina.

The US and China might not get over the Taiwan crisis

The US-China relationship will continue to deteriorate.

Instagram is once again in its flop era

A slew of new changes has drawn the ire of celebrities and regular users alike. But hating Instagram is nothing new.

The US could stop one cause of heat wave deaths tomorrow

Utility disconnections during a heat wave can be deadly. They’re also preventable.

Senate Democrats are poised to actually pass a bill with long-sought climate, tax and drug price policies

The Senate parliamentarian cleared most of the Inflation Reduction Act for the fast-track reconciliation process.

The best $4 I ever spent: A sparkly hijab

I had things to say, and a voice to wield, and what I needed to say needed different clothes that in turn had a statement to make.

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Authoritarianism, baby!

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán traveled to Texas for CPAC this week. Back home, he’s trying to fight population decline by paying some citizens to have more kids. But a real solution involves one weird trick Hungary — and US conservatives — hates.

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Self-compassion makes you a better person. Here’s how to practice it.

The uncomfortable problem with Roe v. Wade

How Gordon Ramsay’s lamb slaughter joke explains our confusing relationship with meat

Will Alex Jones finally lose the info war?

How can the US bring Brittney Griner home?

Viktor Orbán laid out his dark worldview to the American right — and they loved it

How to save democracy from the Supreme Court

What can a bee feel?

Vox’s audience support program, explained

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

One Good Thing: A food memoir about love, grief, and lockdown

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

Four ways of looking at The Rehearsal

Monkeypox should have been easily controllable. How did we fail so badly?

Bad Bunny threw the party of the year for Puerto Ricans — and didn’t skip the politics

Bullet Train is deeply derivative, and that’s its appeal

The US monkeypox response is failing queer men

Would the Inflation Reduction Act actually reduce inflation?

The drama over Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan travel plans, briefly explained

New to activism? Here’s where to start.

The ludicrous idea that Trump is losing his grip on the GOP


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Maybe we’re not doomed?

Maintaining climate optimism in a world on fire.

Should you get another Covid-19 vaccine booster now or wait for the new shots?

How state governments are reimagining American public housing

The inflation prices that broke us

Did shark attacks eat into Woodrow Wilson’s votes in 1916?

4 charts that show just how big abortion won in Kansas

Abortion was on the ballot in Kansas. Access won.

The DOJ is suing to make sure women who need medically necessary abortions can actually get them

The only way to “win” the war on terrorism is to end it


Humans finally figured out how to make it rain

The crypto crackdown begins

The stock market can be an emotional roller coaster. It shouldn’t be.

4 winners and 1 loser from Tuesday’s primaries

Finally, an answer to the question: AI — what is it good for?

The US declared victory over polio in 1979. Now, it’s here again.

The newsletter boom is over. What’s next?


How F1 racers turn really fast

An illustration of a woman with a megaphone popping out of a cell phone.

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Zawahiri’s death and the war on terror’s end

Senate Republicans threatened to burn a bill that would have helped veterans. Here’s why.

Why the Kansas abortion amendment is so confusing