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Your smart devices listening to you, explained

Humans are auditing your conversations, but that’s not the same as spying.

Young people have a stake in our future. Let them vote.

House Democrats and Andrew Yang have pushed for a voting age of 16. That doesn’t go far enough.

Leftists, liberals, and neoliberals share a problem: Congress

Congress, not neoliberalism, hamstrung Obama’s presidency.

Watch an AI learn to play hide-and-seek

A new release from OpenAI shows how complex behavior emerges.

How Reese Witherspoon became the new high priestess of book clubs

Oprah who?

Friends is 25 years old. It’s still extremely popular — and polarizing.

Was Friends homophobic and way too white? Yes. But arguing about the show is healthy.

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The 51st state?

Residents in the District of Columbia have been living with "taxation without representation" from Day 1. Today, they take their call for statehood to Congress.

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Washington, DC, is serious about statehood

From Austin to Indianapolis: The US climate strike in photos

Report: Trump pressured Ukrainian president about eight times to investigate Biden’s son

Some brands are closing stores for the global climate strike. That’s a big deal.

Trump used to steal the show at the UN. This year, it may be different.

Community was one of the most inventive shows in TV history. Don’t let it be forgotten.

12 excuses for climate inaction and how to refute them

Emmy nominations 2019: the full list

The climate change policy with the most potential is the most neglected

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Vox Crossword

Getting to 100% renewables requires cheap energy storage. But how cheap?

America’s evolving views on crime, explained by Law & Order: SVU

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The totally wild, true tale of a meme about aliens that almost inspired a real raid on Area 51

How an online gag about storming the military base became a drama involving a rural town, the government, and frequent evocations of the Fyre Festival.

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The 20 Democrats running for president, the next debate lineup, and everything else you should know about 2020


How these rocks became a Western movie cliché

The House just passed a bill that would give millions of workers the right to sue their boss

Greta Thunberg is leading kids and adults from 150 countries in a massive Friday climate strike

How a wealth tax could totally remake charity in the United States

Rudy Giuliani’s viral CNN meltdown over Trump and Ukraine, briefly explained

Game of Thrones is poised to smash its own Emmy record

The fall equinox is Monday: 9 things to know about the first day of autumn

How Mama Jan, the vocal coach behind Justin Bieber and Drake, creates superstars

Elizabeth Warren has just one plan

I’m a Latina who went to an elite institution. Kavanaugh culture dominates.

Trumpworld’s “the media is trying to cause a recession” conspiracy theory, explained

Bill de Blasio ends his befuddling 2020 bid

5 questions about labor strikes that you were too embarrassed to ask

Vox Video Lab

How to make more Vox Video happen

What’s it like to own the most-visited Airbnb in the world

Here’s why the Amazon climate walkout is a big deal

Vox Sentences: A terrestrial invasion

Friends was a great show — that just happened to ruin TV comedy

Vaping. Brexit. Trump Foundation shenanigans. Today, Explained’s host breaks down his favorite episodes.

Startups still love Slack but big companies are bailing

A rare bipartisan agreement on immigration reform has tanked in the Senate

Ad Astra is about lonely Brad Pitt in space. It’s also about an absent God.

House Democrats held the first hearing on DC statehood in 25 years

Trump’s feud with California over emissions standards and homelessness, explained

Bill de Blasio wants to make public campaign financing a reality nationwide

What we know about the whistleblower complaint about President Trump