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Biden is weak — and unstoppable

It will be hard to convince the president that he isn’t the best of his party’s bad options.

What kids lose without snow days

Virtual learning means missing out on a different kind of education.

Mascuzynity: How a nicotine pouch explains the new ethos of young conservative men

Stimulants, hustle culture, and bodybuilding are shaping young men’s drift to the right.

Shane Gillis’s SNL hosting gig is an unearned rehabilitation

It proves how effortlessly the comedy industry forgives racism.

America’s first moon landing in 50 years, explained

The groundbreaking development speaks to the growing role of private companies in space.

The revolutionary spirit of Soul Train 

Black creativity found a home on Soul Train — and made TV history.

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The Ozempic economy

The weight loss drug is so profitable that its parent company, Danish health care giant Novo Nordisk, is propping up Denmark’s entire economy. It’s poised to transform America’s too.

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How US conservatives fell for two of Latin America’s most controversial leaders

Netanyahu’s postwar “plan” for Gaza is no plan at all

What two years of AI development can tell us about Sora

Alabama’s IVF warning to the country

The chaotic, irreplaceable Wendy Williams

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

Are Skims campaigns the new Vogue covers?

How weathering affects Black people’s health

We know how to save these beloved endangered whales. Yet we’re mindlessly killing them.

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Netflix’s live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender is everything fans hoped it would be

Are Ukraine’s defenses starting to crumble?

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American drivers are now even more distracted by their phones. Pedestrian deaths are soaring.

Vox, explain it to me

AI-generated video is here to awe and mislead


Can AI help us predict extreme weather?

An illustration of a man pushing a child in a sled across a snowy landscape.

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Your brain needs a really good lawyer

Romantic norms are in flux. No wonder everyone’s obsessed with polyamory.

Why car insurance rates are so high


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How racism ages Black people

Racism and the long-term health effects of weathering

Why you probably shouldn’t blow up a pipeline

Wisconsin’s new legislative maps are a win for democracy

The US is ready to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Does it matter?

The Alabama Supreme Court opinion holding that embryos are children, explained

Where does the fight for a free Russia go now?

Justice Alito is mad that George W. Bush was too woke

Living in an abortion ban state is bad for mental health

How Israel’s war went wrong

How to look at art — and really see it

Jon Stewart is as funny as ever. But the world has changed around him.

The Supreme Court will decide whether to let civilians own automatic weapons

An attempt to reckon with True Detective: Night Country’s bonkers season finale

I was laid off from a high-paying job. Is it ethical to apply for government aid?

How NIMBYs are helping to turn the public against immigrants

Why we fear uncertainty — and why we shouldn’t

This Is Me… Now is the most J. Lo thing J. Lo’s ever done

How to handle the winter blues, no matter where you live

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s death, explained

Trump is suddenly in need of a lot of cash. That’s everyone’s problem.

Can California show the way forward on AI safety?

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