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Microcredit was a hugely hyped solution to global poverty. What happened?

Studies have shown it hasn’t really lifted people out of poverty. But it’s still made a difference in the lives of the poor.

Cory Booker presses William Barr on racism and criminal justice

Barr has previously said that white and black offenders are treated the same by the criminal justice system.

House Democrats are frustrated the shutdown is drowning out the rest of their agenda

A government shutdown was a really weird way for the new majority to start.

“The Pussy Grabber Plays” puts the stories of Trump’s accusers onstage

More than a dozen women accused Trump of sexual misconduct. A new production shows the aftermath.

The government shutdown is disrupting people’s wedding plans

The latest unlikely government shutdown victims are weddings in national parks and DC events.

Exploratory committees, the opening bells of the 2020 campaign, explained

Kirsten Gillibrand is the latest Democrat to launch a presidential exploratory committee.

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Watch: Biggest moments from Bill Barr’s confirmation hearing

Vox Sentences: Brexit takes a U-turn

Theresa May lost the Brexit deal vote. Now she has to fight to keep her job. 

Sen. Hirono is asking William Barr — and every other nominee — about sexual misconduct

The UK Brexit deal vote, explained in 500 words

Twitter wants to make it easier to have conversations. And it’s asking for your help.

Treating regular people like influencers is the key to Glossier’s success

Trump tried to bypass Nancy Pelosi and negotiate with members of her caucus. None of them showed up.

The Brexit deal was defeated in Parliament. Here’s what happens next.

Why Gillette’s toxic masculinity ad is annoying both sexists and feminists

Attorney general nominee William Barr doesn’t reject the possibility of jailing journalists

Barr backs Trump on the border wall and government shutdown

6 key takeaways from Bill Barr’s testimony about the Mueller probe so far

Americans are now more likely to die from opioid overdoses than car crashes

A judge has stopped the Trump administration from asking about citizenship in the census

The emoluments clause, explained

The controversy around Trump’s fast-food football feast, explained

What the Jill Abramson book scandal tells us about publishing’s fact-checking problem

A remarkable new study shows stem cells can reverse MS in some patients

Trump has reportedly discussed withdrawing from NATO. That would be great for Russia.

William Barr, Trump’s nominee to serve as attorney general, explained

Theresa May’s Brexit deal is on the verge of defeat. What happens if it fails?

Lindsey Graham asks about debunked right-wing conspiracies in William Barr hearing

How books for teens are doing politics in 2019

Attorney general nominee Bill Barr’s “tough on crime” record, explained

16 big predictions about 2019, from Trump’s impeachment to the rise of AI

Trump suddenly decides there might not be a national emergency at the border after all

How to make more Vox Video happen

DNA scientist James Watson has a remarkably long history of sexist, racist public comments

Here’s one fight the Green New Deal should avoid for now

Spider-Man: Far From Home’s first trailer shows Peter Parker alive and slinging in Europe

I write political thrillers. The Trump era keeps spoiling my books.

Trump’s tweet about “hamberders” illustrates just how effortlessly he lies

The Pentagon extends US troop mission at southern border for 9 more months

William Barr, Trump’s nominee for attorney general, heads to the Senate on Tuesday

Democrats aren’t saying no to physical barriers on the border. They are saying no to Trump.

Pelosi learned the art of “no” working with Bush. Trump is a whole new test.

Driving Uber, freelancing, babysitting: shutdown workers scramble for cash

The best $104 I ever spent: a rose gold trash can

Mueller’s investigation will dominate Bill Barr’s confirmation hearing