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Amy Coney Barrett is now one step away from becoming a Supreme Court justice

Senate Republicans voted to end debate on Barrett Sunday, clearing the way for her confirmation.

Biden looks very competitive in new Southern swing state polls

He’s leading or tied with Trump in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas, all states in a GOP-leaning region.

Trump’s closing message is lying about the coronavirus at rallies that spread infection

Even as cases hit new highs, Trump keeps lying that the pandemic will soon "be over."

The FDA approved remdesivir to treat Covid-19. Scientists are questioning the evidence.

Researchers are concerned the FDA’s first full approval of a Covid-19 drug doesn’t have enough research behind it.

Why plexiglass alone can’t prevent Covid-19 

Trump says plexiglass "is not the answer" to prevent Covid-19. Experts weigh in.

The police shooting of Marcellis Stinnette and Tafara Williams, an unarmed Black couple, explained

Stinnette died from his wounds and Williams is recovering in an Illinois hospital. The FBI is investigating.

How bookstores are weathering the pandemic

Independent bookstores are doing everything they can to stay in business.

Pence should quarantine after coronavirus exposure. He’s going to keep campaigning instead.

A new White House case cluster once again throws Trump’s failures into stark relief.

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The Trump Years: Win at all costs

In the third of our five-part series, Vox’s Andrew Prokop says there’s one key takeaway from the Mueller investigation and impeachment: Trump will do anything to win an election.

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What poll watchers actually do, and Trump’s troubling rhetoric about them, explained

Vox’s audience support program, explained

Poll: Most Trump voters don’t see Covid-19 as an important election issue

In SNL’s cold open, the final presidential debate becomes an absurd slugfest over the coronavirus

Poland had some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe. They just got even stricter.

The US broke its record for the highest number of new coronavirus cases in a day

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules mail-in ballots can’t be rejected over mismatched signatures

What the next GDP figure will — and won’t — mean

Are we living in a computer simulation? I don’t know. Probably.

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Lobbyists tried to ban labeling veggie burgers “veggie burgers.” The EU said no.

Race in America

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A guide to the Trump administration’s biggest scandals, accomplishments, and policies 

Why the alt-right’s real power is in the narrative it sells

One Good Thing: Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit makes chess mesmerizing. Really!

No, Biden did not call Black people “superpredators”

A Joe Biden fundraiser offers a new clue into how he might regulate Big Tech

Trump might be surprised to learn most Americans want more wind and solar

The US just brokered another peace deal for Israel, this time with Sudan

The new Borat movie mocks a Trump-era fixation on a particular female aesthetic


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Trump’s last stand

Ezra and Matt on the final presidential debate

“They’re all Americans”: What Biden gets about the pandemic that Trump doesn’t

Early voting in 2020 has already exceeded all of 2016’s early votes

Is Trump a fascist? 8 experts weigh in.

How pandemic fatigue and polarization led to Wisconsin’s massive Covid-19 outbreak

Undecided voters explain themselves

CNN’s debate fact-check laid out a “bombardment of dishonesty” from Trump

The new adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches is incredibly strange and almost offensively bad

Donald Trump’s issue with windmills might not be about birds

Manifesting, the latest New Age internet wellness craze, explained

Every small-business owner has to be a public health expert now. This mechanic is no different.


The technology that’s replacing the green screen

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A second Trump term would mean severe and irreversible changes in the climate

In the final debate, Trump interrupted twice as much as Biden

4 winners and 5 losers from the last Biden-Trump debate

Trump’s claim that only immigrants with “the lowest IQ” follow the law was unconscionable

Trump showed no regret over family separations during the presidential debate

Donald Trump clarifies he’s not literally Abraham Lincoln at the debate

Trump’s disappearing populism was on full display at Thursday’s debate

“It just went away”: Trump used his son’s positive Covid-19 test to downplay the pandemic

There’s only one presidential candidate who we know accepts money from foreign sources