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Medicare-for-all’s big problem

Passing single-payer means disrupting health insurance for 160 million people who get coverage through their jobs.

Federal court rules Obamacare unconstitutional — but the law stands for now

The lawsuit — backed by the Trump administration — threatens to overturn Obamacare’s ban on preexisting conditions.

The 7 most essential TV shows of 2018

From Atlanta to The Americans and The Terror to Superstore. Plus: 14 runners-up and a bunch of other cool odds and ends.

How Facebook’s scandals are hurting Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In brand

Facebook helped make Sheryl Sandberg a women’s empowerment icon. Now it’s damaging her credibility.

Paul Ryan wants you to know he has identified what’s wrong with the Republican Party

Paul Ryan has become really good at lamenting.

Ryan Zinke to resign as interior secretary at the end of the year

Zinke faces several ethics investigations and made his mark selling off rights to huge swaths of public lands to fossil fuel interests.

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"The House That Jack Built" opens in select theaters across the country today, but it’s not the version director Lars von Trier wanted you to see. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) put the kibosh on the director’s cut. Some say it’s censorship, but Vox’s Alissa Wilkinson explains how the MPAA is trying to save Hollywood from itself.

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Muslim Amazon workers say they don’t have enough time to pray. Now they’re fighting for their rights.

Trump makes last-ditch effort to pressure the Fed ahead of interest rate meeting

The 3 decisions that will shape Medicare-for-all

Companies who donated to Republicans made sure the tax cuts looked helpful for workers

Companies used to stay quiet about politics. In 2018, social causes became integral to their branding.

A comet is coming unusually close to Earth this weekend. Here’s how to watch.

North Korea says continued US sanctions put denuclearization at risk

Stephen Miller says Trump is “absolutely” willing to shut down the government over border wall funding

The Kids Are Alright is the fall’s most delightful new comedy

SNL cold open imagines a world where Trump isn’t president, angering the real-life Trump

Biden — followed by Bernie, then Beto — leads the first Iowa 2020 caucus poll

Countries have forged a climate deal in Poland — despite Trump

Roma is now on Netflix. You should still see it in a theater.

Migrant girl dies in Border Patrol’s custody

Tenants today are reportedly still paying for a Trump family tax scheme from the 1990s

Benedict Cumberbatch will star in an HBO movie about Brexit. Here’s why the film is controversial.

Trump’s response to the Obamacare ruling reveals his bind on health care

How fascism works

The latest Obamacare ruling is part of a larger conservative attack on democracy

The 2 decisions — and 1 happy accident — that made The Office a hit

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: the movie’s 2 post-credits scenes, explained

The bizarre story of Democrats helping Republicans stall action on Yemen

Victorian literature was full of lady detectives

The Texas ruling against Obamacare is a boon to Medicare-for-all

Trump names Mick Mulvaney acting White House chief of staff

Vox Sentences: Scott Walker’s revenge

New tension between Flynn and Mueller as Flynn’s sentencing approaches

Johnson & Johnson accused of hiding the asbestos in its baby powder for decades

Prada pulled a collection of figurines that drew comparisons to anti-black caricatures

What the Weekly Standard meant to conservatism

Scott Walker accidentally reveals he doesn’t get Venn diagrams while downplaying GOP’s power grab

There’s a stigma around lube. These brands want to change that.

The 21 best movies of 2018

For the first time, a major US utility has committed to 100% clean energy

The best movies out this weekend

13 great films now in theaters and on streaming.

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Food safety detectives are zeroing in on source of romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak

Roma’s Yalitza Aparicio had never acted before. Now she’s in one of the year’s buzziest films.

Government shutdowns hurt poor families and low-paid workers

Clint Eastwood’s new movie The Mule is exasperatingly flat