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Trump lawyers say he has submitted written answers to some Mueller questions

The drama around the answers, explained.

My Brilliant Friend pulls back the curtain on women’s lives. What it reveals is dark and violent.

The HBO adaptation, like the books, shows the full range of what girls and women are capable of — including destruction.

Black Friday is longer, and tamer, than ever

Black Friday crowds aren’t what they used to be. That doesn’t mean the holiday is going anywhere.

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Those weird Cuban attacks

The Trump administration is punishing Cuba in response to mysterious attacks on U.S. diplomats in Havana. ProPublica's Sebastian Rotella explains what we know and what we don't.

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Vox Sentences: The world is a very dangerous place!

The US may name Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism. Here’s why that could backfire.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t rich. There’s no reason to talk about it.

Trump says selling weapons to Saudi Arabia will create a lot of jobs. That’s not true.

What made solar panels so cheap? Thank government policy.

The best movies out this weekend

13 great films now in theaters and on streaming.

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Trump’s Khashoggi statement is a green light for murder

The decline of David’s Bridal says a lot about millennial attitudes toward weddings

Why do so many animated films have great stories? One secret: storyboarding.

Several white evangelical leaders reject anti-immigrant rhetoric. Why do their flocks embrace it?

Read Trump’s bizarre statement on Saudi Arabia and Jamal Khashoggi

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Bernie Sanders’s new plan to bring down drug prices, briefly explained

Roma, from celebrated director Alfonso Cuarón, is one of the year’s best movies

Your politics aren't just passed down from your parents. This cartoon explains what actually happens.

“It’s our responsibility”: Ellen Pompeo wants white people to address Hollywood’s lack of diversity

The 18 best TV shows airing right now

Need some new TV to watch? These are the 18 best shows airing new episodes on television right now.

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The human costs of Black Friday, explained by a former Amazon warehouse manager

Americans sit too much. Standing desks aren’t going to fix the problem.

Martha McSally just lost the Arizona Senate race. She could still be a senator next year.

Cindy Hyde-Smith called for a “front row” seat at a lynching. Now donors want their money back.

What I wish my friends had said to me after my mom died

Forget football. The National Dog Show is Thanksgiving's best entertainment.

Ivanka Trump’s personal email excuse shows she only wants to seem competent some of the time

The classist vilification of the Black Friday shopper

Most people are bad at arguing. These 2 techniques will make you better.

5 countries besides America where people celebrate Thanksgiving

White House’s new press rules will make it harder for reporters to hold Trump accountable

The biggest lie we still teach in American history classes

More pregnant women are using marijuana. We don’t know if that’s safe.

Mercy Hospital shooting in Chicago: what we know

The 2016 election really was dominated by a controversy over emails

The Beto O’Rourke 2020 buzz, explained

House Democrats don’t need a leader, they need someone to represent them on TV

I work in urban planning. Now Amazon’s coming to my city.

Judge stops Trump from enforcing asylum ban

The Mississippi Senate runoff, Dems’ last chance for one more 2018 upset, explained

How turkey trots became a Thanksgiving tradition

How HBO’s My Brilliant Friend translates Elena Ferrante’s beloved book to TV

Vox Sentences: The Whitaker saga continues