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What we know about the Uvalde elementary school massacre

Uvalde joins Parkland, Sandy Hook, and America’s long list of horrific massacres in schools.

Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.

It was one of the world's largest mandatory gun buybacks — and it was a smashing success.

The plant-based future of food doesn’t always taste that great

What I’ve learned from four months of vegan food samples.

2 losers and 1 winner from the Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas primaries

The primaries this week underscored the limitations of Trump’s endorsement.

How gun ownership became a powerful political identity

Or, how the NRA won.

Florida’s social media free speech law has been blocked for likely violating free speech laws

The Florida law prevented certain platforms from banning political candidates.

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How to not give up on guns

Vox’s Marin Cogan, who lived through a school shooting herself, explains why she hasn’t given up on a solution to our gun problem yet.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Welcome to the May issue of The Highlight

In this issue: The anti-abortion movement’s post-Roe future, the plant peddlers of Appalachia, the real effect of the child tax credit now that it’s gone, and more.

Masculinity, explained by WWE

The rise of the sadboi big man

How to make money during the tech crash: Write about it

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

What the latest Covid-19 variants and subvariants mean for the pandemic

The complicated tension of telling the truth at Cannes

How the internet gets people to plagiarize each other

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Is it still ethical to collect butterflies for science?

The eel-shaped parasite that threatens big fish and business in the Great Lakes

Quantum computers could change the world — provided they can work

What we know so far about monkeypox

The Supreme Court just condemned a man to die despite strong evidence he’s innocent

Why Biden’s off-the-cuff comment about defending Taiwan matters

An oil industry consultant explains why she’s had enough

Pandemic school reopenings were not just about politics

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The profound impact of giving American families a little more cash

Six months of payments lifted millions of children out of poverty. Then they stopped.

The progressive push to oust the last anti-abortion House Democrat, explained

Stronger public health systems and uniform messaging are critical to fight Covid-19


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Immigration, democracy, and the rise of the Western far right

The Weeds live at TruCon 2022

Why Trump is struggling to take down Georgia’s Brian Kemp

The Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, explained

Is the center shrinking in the Democratic primaries?

The problem of global energy inequity, explained by American refrigerators

Title 42, the controversial Trump-era border policy, explained

How much longer can Google own the internet?

The Fortress of Solitude is a fraught and uneasy love letter to a vanished Brooklyn

Oklahoma isn’t waiting for the Supreme Court to ban all abortions

Doug Mastriano really believes Trump’s lies about 2020. He also might be Pennsylvania’s next governor.

What Biden’s approach to Asia misses

Why the Depp-Heard trial is so much worse than you realize

One Good Thing: The Jane Campion film that captures spring euphoria

Why the FDA rejected fluvoxamine as a Covid-19 drug

The messy, Democrat-on-Democrat fight over New York’s congressional map, explained

A wild new court decision would blow up much of the government’s ability to operate

“A lot of unnecessary loss of life”: The White House’s dire warning on Covid-19 funding

The US just deepened its commitment to Ukraine by $40 billion

The European country where “replacement theory” reigns supreme

One Good Thing: Watching the cherry blossoms in the end times

Why must we pay to have a slightly less miserable time at the airport?