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Your power company can turn up your thermostat remotely — if you let it

You may not be the only one controlling your smart thermostat.

America’s largest evangelical denomination is at war with itself

Why the Southern Baptist Convention is in turmoil — and why you should care.

The soothing, slightly sinister world of productivity hacks

There’s a crop of influencers romanticizing the workday. Is that a good thing?

Lockdown was not a sabbatical

Don’t worry if you haven’t grown as a person during the pandemic.

Abortion rights, Joe Biden, and communion: The controversy, explained

US Catholic leadership is divided on how to approach pro-choice Catholic politicians.

We admire these do-gooders. We just don’t want to date them.

A neuroscientist’s studies show that altruism isn’t always attractive.

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A $55,000 drug that doesn’t cure Alzheimer’s

After 20 years of waiting, there’s a new drug to treat Alzheimer’s. For some patients, it’s a glimmer of hope. For some scientists, it’s one of the FDA’s worst drug approval decisions ever.

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The UN condemned Myanmar’s coup. Will that matter?

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One Good Thing: These dark detective novels are really about ethics and hope

People keep finding late loved ones on Google Maps

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

Iran has a new president. He could end up being much more than that.

The biggest problem with eating insects isn’t the “ew” factor

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Without Rose Byrne, the ’80s aerobics drama Physical would be unwatchable

In the Heights exemplified the ugly colorism I’ve experienced in Latinx communities

Luca is a Pixar fable about sea monsters, friendship, and pasta

UFOs are real. That’s the easy part. Now here’s the hard part.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s cancel culture screed is a dangerous distraction


What tennis pros look at when they choose a ball

US investment alone won’t solve Central America’s migrant crisis

Big Tech has a battle ahead over antitrust regulation — and it’s going to get messy

Juneteenth, explained

Naomi Osaka and tennis journalism’s ugly history of demeaning its players

Salamanders have a secret to surviving climate change


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What's the deal with that new Alzheimer's drug?

Vox's Dylan Scott joins Matt and Dara to explain — as well as pronounce — the controversial and recently-FDA-approved drug for treating Alzheimer's disease

An epic Supreme Court showdown over religion and LGBTQ rights ends in a whimper

Ibram X. Kendi on anti-racism, Juneteenth, and the reckoning that wasn’t

What Obamacare achieved — and didn’t

The Supreme Court shut down an attack on Obamacare in the most dismissive way possible

The Handmaid’s Tale invites its viewers to Joe Biden’s Gilead

Joe Manchin’s sweeping new voting rights proposal, explained

How Northern Ireland is complicating Biden’s European agenda

The public option is now a reality in 3 states

Biden administration to Congress: Build more apartments and houses!

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand wants to create a new agency to deal with data privacy

The problem with Facebook’s attempt to be more like Nextdoor

Biden’s big Putin bet

Biden says Putin “knows there are consequences” if cyberattacks continue


Why so many Covid-19 variants are showing up now

The hidden politics of New York City’s new ranked-choice voting system

How free trials trick you into thinking you’ll get something for nothing

Poll: A majority of voters support the PRO Act and union protections

What’s with these invasive “crazy” worms and why can’t we get rid of them?

The World Health Organization broke its own rules to spend millions on BCG consultants

The West has all the ingredients for another terrible wildfire season