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What scientists are learning about kids and Covid-19 infection

Several new studies are deepening our understanding of infection and transmission in kids, but there’s still a lot we don’t know.

Kansas, of all places, is shaping up to be an important 2020 battleground

The most important Kansas primary elections, briefly explained.

The TikTok-Trump drama, explained

Trump told reporters he plans to ban TikTok in the US, but such a move would likely face legal and technical challenges.

Once upon a time, there was cottagecore

Meet the aesthetic where quarantine is romantic instead of terrifying.

Arizona’s primaries could provide a hint as to whether Democrats can take the Senate

Here are three races to watch in Arizona’s primary election on August 4.

Trump’s tweets about saving the “Suburban Lifestyle Dream,” explained

White identity politics trump free market regulatory reform.

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The Island of Explained: Election Day

It’s Election Day on the Island of Explained! Will the candidate with the most votes win, or will the island’s Electoral College determine a different leader?

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Spend August reading the exquisite dark fairy tale The Vanishing Half with the Vox Book Club

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Scientists say the coronavirus is airborne. Here’s what that means.

Okay, Google, how do I listen to Vox?

Polls: Biden and Trump are nearly tied in North Carolina and Georgia

Covid-19 is exposing inequalities in college sports. Now athletes are demanding change.

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As coronavirus cases increase worldwide, an Australian state is imposing tough new restrictions

Lawmakers still “not close” to a coronavirus stimulus deal, a day after $600 federal relief expired

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The US ambassador to Brazil reportedly asked Brazilian officials to help Trump’s reelection

The Boston Marathon bomber’s death sentence has been overturned

The Supreme Court just handed Trump a big victory regarding his border wall

Umbrella Academy season 2’s ending, explained

MacKenzie Scott is donating her billions much faster than her ex Jeff Bezos

Umbrella Academy delivers a rambunctious, touching second season

A 17-year-old has been charged with 30 felonies over the big celebrity Twitter hack

Millions of people will see a sharp drop in their unemployment benefits because Congress failed to act

Meet the African goddess at the center of Beyoncé’s Black Is King

Black Is King is Beyoncé’s stunning ode to African glory

This stream has:

Coronavirus: The debate over reopening America’s schools

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Why QAnon is here to stay

QAnon was born and perpetuated on the internet. What is it and why is it dangerous?


Facebook showed this ad almost exclusively to women. Is that a problem?

The NYPD unit that snatched a protester off the street has been accosting people for years

Is pulling US troops from Germany really a “gift to Russia”?

States are scrambling to stop a slow-motion 2020 election disaster

Should we be testing fewer people to stop the spread of Covid-19?

Scientists have backed away from the worst-case climate scenario — and the best one too

Taylor Swift is the millennial Bruce Springsteen

America’s democracy is failing. Here’s why.

America is now a Covid-19 hot spot

How some Black Americans are finding solace in African spirituality

We train police to be warriors — and then send them out to be social workers

The fatal mismatch at the heart of American policing.

“There’s no way to socially distance in a strip club”: A dancer on working through the pandemic

On Mars, an autonomous rover and helicopter will roam free

Amazon just posted record sales and profit in the middle of a pandemic

Why Facebook and Twitter won’t fact-check Trump’s latest false claims about voting

Australia just had its worst day of coronavirus. Yet health experts remain optimistic.

A federal judge blocked Trump’s rule creating a wealth test for immigrants

“The march is not over”: Read Barack Obama’s eulogy for John Lewis

The first episode of Michelle Obama’s podcast proves it’s fun to just hang out with the Obamas

Obama: The filibuster is a “Jim Crow relic”