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Joe Biden now has the delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination

He’ll officially become the party’s presidential nominee at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in August.

The WHO has new guidelines on face masks to fight Covid-19

The general public should wear cloth masks in public spaces where physical distancing is impossible, the agency says.

Black Lives Matter sues Bill Barr for order that led to tear gas attack on peaceful protesters

The lawsuit faces an uphill battle in a judiciary controlled by Republicans.

How racist policing took over American cities, explained by a historian

"The problem is the way policing was built," historian Khalil Muhammad says.

The 2 different Covid-19 scenarios that worry experts

Whether or not your state has already been hit hard by Covid-19, there is still reason for concern.

Black bodies are still treated as expendable

Ahmaud Arbery’s death and the black Covid-19 morbidity crisis show how much African American lives are treated as expendable capital.

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The Talk

Two mothers talk to their teenage sons about race and police brutality in the United States.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

George Bush is only for now

A reading list to understand police brutality in America

“Extinction breeds extinctions”: How losing one species can wipe out many more

The NFL has a message for players who knelt: “We were wrong”

US Park Police said using “tear gas” in a statement was a “mistake.” It just used the term again.

8 Can’t Wait, explained

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The Vox guide to navigating the coronavirus crisis

How to navigate society’s new normal.

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The New York Times staff revolt over Tom Cotton’s op-ed, explained

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“I’m deeply ashamed”: Another Facebook employee resigned in protest over the company’s handling of Trump’s posts

The tragic lie behind the beautiful dream of Terrace House

The US almost tore itself apart to get to 50 states. Can DC make it 51?

Why Ta-Nehisi Coates is hopeful

Facebook and Twitter took down a Trump campaign video over copyright concerns

Some cities are shutting down transit after curfew. It’s a problem for essential workers and protesters.

Why protesters have been banging pots and pans outside their windows

The Vox Book Club kicks off our June discussion of The Princess Bride

New “call a senior” programs are sparking unexpected friendships during quarantine

Target’s history of working with police is not a good look right now

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Facebook’s employee revolt

Facebook’s employee revolt

The 8 best movies you can now watch at home

The great writer of dread, Shirley Jackson, finally gets a movie that befits her legacy

The US economy added 2.5 million jobs in May

Rep. Anthony Brown on how Trump could heal America, and why he won’t

Stripped of its cultural rites, New Orleans is at a loss for how to mourn Covid-19 deaths

What day is it today?

A Silicon Valley fundraiser for Joe Biden raised $4 million in one Zoom call

A major study on Covid-19 and hydroxychloroquine has been retracted

Hong Kong defies ban to honor Tiananmen Square massacre victims

Why Georgia’s reopening hasn’t led to a surge in coronavirus cases (so far)


How Covid-19 can be more and less deadly than we knew

A US lawmaker says using troops against protesters will harm the military’s legitimacy

Just 6 states meet these basic criteria to reopen and stay safe

The police want your phone data. Here’s what they can get — and what they can’t.

What the protesters want and why they might not get it

No one knows why these Covid-19 patients’ symptoms keep relapsing

Rubber bullets can seriously mess you up

Vandalism and theft aren’t helping

Why these protests are different

America needs to think more about the costs of policing