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Chris Hughes wants another chance

The multimillionaire Facebook co-founder is the latest moneyed titan to turn philanthropist, and has even called for Facebook’s dismantling. Can he really make a difference?

Senate Republicans have officially passed rules for the impeachment trial. Here’s what comes next. 

The impeachment trial rules passed solely along party lines.

Why millennials are the “death positive” generation

Unlike boomers, young people are embracing planning their own funerals. It’s fueling changes in the death industry.

Average body temperature appears to be dropping. Researchers aren’t sure why. 

What’s a "normal" human body temperature? It depends.

The Supreme Court will decide if “faithless electors” can ignore the will of the people

The Electoral College is an anti-democratic relic. The Court could make it worse.

A SARS-like virus is spreading quickly. Here’s what you need to know.

Hundreds of people have been sickened by a new coronavirus in at least six countries, including the US.

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The Senate trial begins

Vox's Andrew Prokop explains everything you need to know as President Trump's Senate impeachment trial gets underway.

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Chief Justice John Roberts calls for decorum as impeachment devolves into fight over who lies more

The Saudi crown prince reportedly hacked Jeff Bezos

Trump’s Davos news conference featured a pack of lies about the impeachment trial

Trump downplays US troop injuries from Iran’s attack, calling them “not very serious”

6 reasons smaller companies want to break up Big Tech

Impeachment, explained

The Supreme Court case that could dismantle Roe v. Wade, explained

Vox Crossword

What a stripper pole controversy says about the Buttigieg campaign

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The war on Muslims

The Bernie-Biden clash over Social Security, explained

How Germany helped make renewable energy cheap for the rest of the world

Anne Brontë is the least famous Brontë sister. But she might have been the most radical.

Welcome to the January issue of Vox’s The Highlight

Asian American racism is the unfunny joke the comedy world needs to reckon with

John Lewis and the beginning of an era

TikTok never wanted to be political. Too late.

San Francisco Pride members voted to ban Google and YouTube from their parade

Hillary Clinton jumps into the 2020 primary by blasting Bernie Sanders

Marc Benioff picks a new fight with Silicon Valley — over trees

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The internet, from SpaceX

Starlink, a constellation of satellites launched by Space X, has the ambitious goal of bringing internet connectivity to the globe.

The Hunger Games is getting a prequel that centers on the villain: a young President Snow

Netflix says Disney and Baby Yoda may have cut into the streaming service’s growth

Why John Roberts won’t save the impeachment trial from partisanship

Trump’s lawyers began the impeachment trial with a blizzard of lies

Mexico is cracking down on another US-bound migrant caravan

It is absolutely fine to rip your books in half

Tom Steyer’s foreign policy plan: Just do whatever Obama did

The fight over the impeachment rules, briefly explained

Amazon Ring sales nearly tripled in December despite hacks

What to expect at Trump’s Senate impeachment trial

The latest impeachment polling reflects America’s deep polarization

The nihilism of Mitch McConnell

The Supreme Court showdown over Obamacare will be delayed until after the election

Top 2020 candidates are stuck in Washington because of the impeachment trial 

AI can help find illegal opioid sellers online. And wildlife traffickers. And counterfeits.

The best $10 I ever spent: sleep headphones to soothe my bedtime anxiety

5 Republican senators to watch as the impeachment trial gets underway

California has been passing tough animal welfare laws. A court just handed the state a big victory.

The existential lure of astrology


The lost neighborhood under New York’s Central Park