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Why Jonathan Majors’s assault arrest is so disturbing — and so complicated

The Marvel star faces domestic assault charges, and now other allegations spanning years.

What we know about the Nashville school shooting

A shooting on Monday has left at least three students and three adults dead.

Longtime Starbucks CEO gets a chance to tell Congress why he’s been busting unions

A Senate hearing, strikes, and a shareholder vote could force Starbucks to take its union seriously.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski-and-run trial is a reminder that stars are not like us

Countersuing an optometrist for a ski slope collision is basically Gwyneth Paltrow’s White Lotus audition.

America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

The factors that lead to tragedies like Covenant School are deeply ingrained in US politics, culture, and law.

The 3 big questions facing Israel after Netanyahu delays judicial overhaul

Netanyahu paused the judicial overhaul. Hard questions about Israel remain.

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The Israeli-Israeli conflict

Far-right judicial reforms have inspired what might be the largest protests in the history of Israel. If adopted, the reforms could spell the end of democracy in the world’s only majority-Jewish country.

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Heartbreaking: The worst Supreme Court justice you know just made a great point

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What would it mean to treat guns the way we treat cars?

Netanyahu finally went too far

This stream has:

Israel’s deepening political crisis erupts in protests

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How Israel’s protesters brought a temporary halt to Netanyahu’s judicial assault

Why Israel’s new far-right government has triggered massive protests

How to save America’s public transit systems from a doom spiral

There are valid critiques of Kamala Harris. They also don’t tell the full story.

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What Logan Roy’s sad birthday party tells you about the new season of Succession

Haiti’s gang violence crisis, briefly explained

How to foster your purpose wherever you are in life

How the March for Our Lives activists see the country now

America’s hypersonic arms race with China, explained

Utah’s social media for kids law could be coming to a state near you

If your AI model is going to sell, it has to be safe


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Medicaid’s “Great Unwinding”

Medicaid’s continuous enrollment, discontinued.

Would Trump’s indictment help or hurt his 2024 campaign?

India’s ruling party just kicked a major rival out of Parliament — and sparked a new crisis

Did George Santos lie about everything?

What Republicans should learn from French protests over pension cuts

Biden and Trudeau’s immigration deal makes it easier for both countries to turn away asylum seekers


How Western weapons transformed the war in Ukraine

Keanu Reeves, explained

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The “You’re doing it wrong”-ification of TikTok

Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, and the Easter egg-ification of the Hollywood feud

Why advertisers aren’t coming back to Twitter

Native American histories show rebuilding is possible — and necessary — after catastrophe

Love Is Blind’s fourth season is its villain era

It’s still possible to get what you want at work

Don’t say “period”: How Florida Republicans are taking aim at basic sex education

An overhead view of a maze of green shrubs on a sandy beach. Five people walk throughout the maze.

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3 winners and 3 losers from Congress’s TikTok hearing

Thanks, Obama! The hilarious reason why a judge just blocked Wyoming’s abortion ban.

Yes, there was just a tornado near Los Angeles. Is climate change to blame?

How the US can stop the spread of Candida auris, a drug-resistant fungus