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Why the Depp-Heard trial is so much worse than you realize

Amber Heard is just the first target of a new extremist playbook.

The US just deepened its commitment to Ukraine by $40 billion

The Senate approved a massive military, economic, and humanitarian aid package.

“A lot of unnecessary loss of life”: The White House’s dire warning on Covid-19 funding

The Biden administration is begging Congress to fund its pandemic response.

The European country where “replacement theory” reigns supreme

How Hungary turned replacement theory into state ideology.

One Good Thing: The Jane Campion film that captures spring euphoria

"Bright Star" manages to bottle the fleeting feeling of spring bliss.

Why the FDA rejected fluvoxamine as a Covid-19 drug

The FDA made a reasonable decision — but one that still shows much of what’s wrong with our current system for emergency approvals.

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So I elected an autocrat

Noel King traveled to Hungary to talk to people who voted for Viktor Orbán, people being persecuted by his government, and an American just along for the ride.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Why monkeypox isn’t like Covid-19

The messy, Democrat-on-Democrat fight over New York’s congressional map, explained

One Good Thing: Watching the cherry blossoms in the end times

Why must we pay to have a slightly less miserable time at the airport?

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

The future of 911 is a little bit creepy

The developing Covid crisis in Beijing, explained

5 ways abortion bans could hurt women in the workforce

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Why Germany is hooked on Russian gas

New York’s restrictive gun laws didn’t stop the Buffalo shooter

Will philanthropists step up in a world without Roe?

Are microloans encouraging women to join risky multilevel marketing schemes?

Kendrick Lamar’s Auntie Diaries is a clumsy attempt at trans acceptance

The air conditioning paradox

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Play-to-earn gaming sounds too good to be true. It probably is.

The video game industry’s clumsy flirtation with Web3 doesn’t feel like it has actual players in mind.

2 winners and 2 losers from the Pennsylvania and North Carolina primaries

Social media platforms still can’t stop mass shooting videos from going viral

Finland and Sweden’s historic NATO bids, explained

What Mariupol’s fall means for Russia — and Ukraine


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The scourge of the “time tax”

The miserable sludge of applying for government aid.

Where “replacement theory” comes from — and why it refuses to go away

Biden’s 3 choices on student loans

From Ex Machina to Men, Alex Garland is always exploring original sin

The Philippine election is the latest example of illiberalism’s popularity

Twitter trolling with Chapo Trap House’s Felix Biederman

Are we ever authentically ourselves on the internet?

The many, many costs of breastfeeding

What to watch in Pennsylvania’s and North Carolina’s primaries

The staggering amount of US military aid to Ukraine, explained in one chart

A neo-Nazi idea to spark a race war inspired the Buffalo killings


The hidden history of “Hand Talk”

The Supreme Court just made it much easier to bribe a member of Congress

John Fetterman is redefining how swing-state Democrats campaign

Crypto believers insist this is all worth it. Is it?

Lebanon is in political crisis. Sunday’s elections won’t change that.

Summer Lee could be the latest addition to the Squad

Bill Gates knows philanthropy alone can’t solve inequality

Why Sri Lanka’s new PM isn’t the change the country needs

Flight delayed? Blame a spaceship.

The best $15 I ever spent: An audiobook subscription