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“We are at a turning point”: The coronavirus outbreak is looking more like a pandemic

Health experts say it’s time to prepare for worldwide spread on all continents.

Why Twitter says Bloomberg’s fake Sanders tweets don’t break its rules

The Bloomberg campaign’s controversial tweets fictitiously quoting Bernie Sanders, briefly explained.

The fight over whether religion is a license to discriminate is back before the Supreme Court

Fulton v. City of Philadelphia is likely to deal a severe blow to LGBTQ rights.

Coronavirus has Americans rushing to buy face masks. That isn’t necessary.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not recommend that the general public wear masks in the US.

Disney has a new CEO, but its old CEO isn’t going away quite yet

Bob Chapek, who ran Disney’s parks business, is the new boss. But Bob Iger, the old boss — and one of the most powerful people in media — isn’t really leaving.

Bernie Sanders looks electable in surveys — but it could be a mirage

New research suggests Sanders would drive swing voters to Trump — and need a youth turnout miracle to compensate.

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Putin his thumb on the scale

Russian interference in U.S. elections could go from Vlad to worse as President Trump sidelines U.S. intelligence agencies.

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What a Mike Bloomberg foreign policy might look like

A symbolic vote on abortion bills puts senators in close reelection races in a bind

Bernie Sanders’s evolution on immigration, explained

Trump praises India’s religious freedom while Muslim-Hindu violence erupts

Hosni Mubarak’s death and despotic rule, briefly explained

Nonbinary people could get a gender-neutral passport under new legislation

What the Harvey Weinstein trial won’t change for survivors

The coronavirus cruise ship outbreak confirms cruises are bad

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Trump says coronavirus is “under control.” It’s not.

There’s something strange about TikTok recommendations

The Supreme Court just held that a border guard who shot a child will face no consequences

Mike Bloomberg says he has the best record on climate change. Does he?

Corporate monopolies are hiding in your grocery aisle

This week in TikTok: How a dance goes viral

This viral chart doesn’t explain much about middle-class living standards

Trump’s flailing incompetence makes coronavirus even scarier

Meet the moderators of the South Carolina Democratic debate

Real IDs, explained

Climate change and soaring flood insurance premiums could trigger another mortgage crisis

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What's next for CRISPR

Jennifer Doudna, co-developer of the revolutionary gene editing technology, reflects on CRISPR's past and its future.

Amazon is opening a supermarket with no cashiers. Is Whole Foods next?

Silicon Valley asked Elizabeth Warren to help with a fundraiser. She said no — but only eventually.

Your free TurboTax alternative now belongs to TurboTax

Sanders’s Cuba comments are bad politics

Some say the Me Too movement has gone too far. The Harvey Weinstein verdict proves that’s false.

Amazon tells Sanders and Warren that warehouse workers can pee whenever they want

This is the math that made Katherine Johnson — one of NASA’s “Hidden Figures” — a legend

Coronavirus fears have spurred a stock market sell-off

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The race for presidential delegates has begun. Track them here.

A female Saudi rapper is facing possible arrest over her “Mecca Girl” music video

Trump’s rule creating a wealth test for immigrants is now in effect

How researchers are using Reddit and Twitter data to forecast suicide rates

The charges in the Harvey Weinstein verdict, explained

How swing voters feel about Medicare-for-all

Hunters’ devastating ending and its 2 twists, explained

Trump’s explanation for replacing the intel director with a loyalist doesn’t make sense

In Real Life, a queer black scientist tries to survive grad school

Poll: Bernie Sanders’s frontrunner status looks secure following the Nevada caucuses

Harvey Weinstein convicted on rape and criminal sexual act charges

Harvey Weinstein’s trial matters. Here are 4 resources to help make sense of it.