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Take this job and shove it

Job growth has slowed, but there are plenty of positions posted. That's got politicians arguing about the cost of benefits. Matt Yglesias explains.

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Vox’s audience support program, explained

Seems like everyone hates Instagram for kids

One Good Thing: HBO Max’s Hacks features the amazing Jean Smart as an aging comedy legend

The best £85 I ever spent: A cat to keep me company when I restarted my life

Brett Kavanaugh’s latest decision should alarm liberals

Parler is back in Apple’s App Store, with a promise to crack down on hate speech

Take a mental break with the new Vox crossword

Covid-19 proved bad indoor air quality makes us sick. We can fix that.

The FCC’s big bet on Elon Musk

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The human cost of Biden’s travel ban on India


Dodger Stadium’s violent origin story

Mourning my grandmother — and India — from across the ocean

The Supreme Court just took a case that poses a major threat to Roe v. Wade

The Olympics’ Covid-19 dilemma

Many Americans struggle with debt. Social media doesn’t help. 

What we owe and are owed

The black box economy

Welcome to The Fairness Issue

Can sports ever really be “fair”?

Anti-trans bills, women’s sports, and the misguided pursuit of an even playing field.

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Who deserves a book deal?

As former Trump officials and other polarizing figures seek book deals, publishing is caught in a generational battle that’s becoming an existential crisis.


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The plan for more free school

Matt is joined by New York Times education reporter Dana Goldstein to discuss Biden's plan to vastly expand public education in America

Why Mare of Easttown’s latest episode is its biggest yet

It never made sense for AT&T to buy WarnerMedia. Now it’s undoing its $100 billion deal.

The GOP whitewash of the Capitol attack shows the need for a January 6 commission

“Get the vaccine and enjoy life with no masks”: Kate McKinnon returns as SNL’s Dr. Fauci

“Shocked and horrified”: Gaza news bureau is destroyed on live TV

Israel’s unraveling

We should be talking about the death of Mikayla Miller

The US should give away its vaccine doses. Now.


Why captchas are getting harder

WeWork’s CEO says remote workers are less engaged. Is he right?

Israel’s Iron Dome, explained by an expert

How Gold Diggers finds the horror in petty high school betrayal

What went wrong with The Woman in the Window?

One Good Thing: The gorgeous horror movie St. Maud finds religious ecstasy in self-destruction

How Biden can beat vaccine polarization, explained in 600 words

Ramps, spring’s trendiest produce, explained

Los Angeles’s quixotic quest to end homelessness

How angry Apple employees’ petition led to a controversial new hire’s departure

Trump’s signature Israel policy had a key flaw. We’re seeing it now.

ExxonMobil wants you to feel responsible for climate change so it doesn’t have to