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"The House That Jack Built" opens in select theaters across the country today, but it’s not the version director Lars von Trier wanted you to see. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) put the kibosh on the director’s cut. Some say it’s censorship, but Vox’s Alissa Wilkinson explains how the MPAA is trying to save Hollywood from itself.

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The simple reason the 2020 Democratic presidential primary is so wide open

The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine critical of Trump, is officially shutting down

Critics called Lars von Trier’s new movie “repulsive.” It’s being released twice.

The Vox guide to Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation

Everything you need to know about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s contact with Russia.

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How to get a good night’s sleep

YouTube’s conspiracy theory crisis, explained

Having kids leads to a small, but significant, increased risk of breast cancer

How the federal courts have failed victims of sexual harassment

Obamacare enrollment is about to end and sign-ups are lagging

Roma, from celebrated director Alfonso Cuarón, is one of the year’s best movies

Denmark gives new fathers paid leave. Why do so few take it?

“He directed me to make the payments”: Cohen says Trump instructed illegal hush money payments

Top House Democrats join Elizabeth Warren’s push to fundamentally change American capitalism

Roma is now on Netflix. You should still see it in a theater.

How to do good better

The Geminid meteor shower — one of the best of the year — peaks Thursday and Friday

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Adélie penguins poop pink guano. It’s so bright, you can see it from space.

The spare button represents all the ways we fail to be good consumers

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: the movie’s 2 post-credits scenes, explained

Vox Sentences: Will the Boy Scouts go bankrupt?

What you need to know about accused Russian spy Maria Butina’s plea deal

The Senate just passed a resolution to end US support for the Saudi war in Yemen

Congress just legalized hemp. That’s huge for the CBD industry.

PewDiePie’s ties to white supremacy spell serious trouble for the future of YouTube

How many lights should you put on your Christmas tree? There’s a calculator for that.

If Beale Street Could Talk adapts James Baldwin’s novel into a haunting, gorgeous film

More than 500 million Marriott guests’ information was hacked. Here’s what you need to know.

Nancy Pelosi’s red coat is so popular that Max Mara is bringing it back

Kids’ toys are the latest battleground in the online privacy wars

California’s cap-and-trade system may be too weak to do its job

Read: accused Russian spy Maria Butina’s plea agreement

Young people are having less sex. Who cares?

Trump: I never directed Cohen to make illegal payoffs. Prosecutors: Yes, you did.

Why millennial-themed airlines don’t attract millennials

The Geminid meteor shower peaks Thursday night. Thank this very cool “rock comet.”

Mortal Engines’ eye-popping spectacle makes up for a flimsy plot

Everything Amazon did in 2018 that you might have missed

Vox Sentences: Theresa Maybe

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse makes Spider-Man feel original again