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We asked 2020 Democratic candidates 6 key questions on climate change

Here’s what they said.

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The Nobel Prize in economics goes to 3 groundbreaking anti-poverty researchers

In the last 20 years, development economics has been transformed. These researchers are the reason why.

Why the government is investigating Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook for antitrust — but not Microsoft

Microsoft is trying to crush Slack and Zoom by essentially giving away Teams for free.

How to pack a Norwegian sandwich, the world’s most boring lunch

For people who cannot deal.

The push to unionize cannabis workers, explained

Labor unions see an opportunity to organize one of the fastest-growing industries.

“They murdered this woman”: Outrage after Texas officer shoots a black woman in her own home

The officer who shot Jefferson was identified as Aaron Dean on Monday, the same day he resigned from the Fort Worth Police Department.

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Indigenous Peoples' Delegate

Nearly 200 years ago, the Treaty of New Echota offered the Cherokee Nation representation in Congress. Kimberly Teehee just became its first nominee.

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Democratic presidential debate: October 15, 2019

Vox Sentences: Gunned down by police in her home

The good, the bad, and the unknown in the House plan to lower drug costs

The week ahead in impeachment, briefly explained

ISIS breakouts, US troop withdrawals, Assad advances: the weekend in Syria news

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The rise of Succession, TV’s new must-watch show

A pro-Trump conference showed a fake video of Trump shooting the media and his opponents

What to expect at the fourth Democratic debate

Did Joker deserve all the discourse?

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How the US stole thousands of Native American children

Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy are two sides of a story that Joker doesn’t get

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The 19 Democrats running for president, the next debate lineup, and everything else you should know about 2020

8 Republican senators to watch on impeachment

Silicon Valley is snubbing Saudi Arabia’s glitzy conference a year after the Khashoggi killing

Millennials have dinner parties, they just don’t call them that

Bernie Sanders’s plan to reshape corporate America, explained

Amazon’s new weapon to crush competition: $1 items delivered for free — by tomorrow

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8 winners and 6 losers from a Succession finale that blows up the whole show

As conflict mounts at Syrian border, US will withdraw almost all its troops from the country

Hunter Biden resigns from a Chinese firm amid controversy over his business dealings

How El Camino captures what Breaking Bad did best

Simone Biles is the greatest female gymnast ever

SNL’s cold open reimagines the presidential LGBTQ forum as a drag ball

As the Ukraine probe heats up, Trump and Giuliani are sticking together. Mostly.

Trump went to Louisiana to stump for local Republicans. He ended up attacking national Democrats instead.

Hot, dry, and windy conditions in California have sparked big fires

The former ambassador to Ukraine says she was ousted because of her anti-corruption work

How to protect your books with medieval curses

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan just resigned

Vox Sentences: Would you hire a company called Fraud Guarantee?

A new lawsuit describes a violent gang in LA County. Its members are deputy sheriffs.

Courts blocked Trump’s rule to keep out low-income immigrants

US and China reach a “phase one” trade deal

Shepard Smith is leaving Fox News

Leigh Bardugo turns Yale into a haunted, haunting fantasy world in Ninth House

11 questions about Brexit you were too embarrassed to ask

Letterkenny, streaming on Hulu, is a love letter to small-town life and weird, wonderful slang

Why Joker is unlikely to inspire real-world violence, explained by an expert

American brands are trying to play both sides of the Hong Kong-China conflict