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The deficit is rising, so Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare

The GOP agenda is cutting corporate taxes while also cutting government benefits.

Marijuana is now for sale (legally) in Canada

Marijuana legalization in Canada is not only a big move for the country; it challenges the entire international drug policy regime.

These consumer advocates successfully boycotted Ivanka Trump. Now they’re turning to the ballot.

The activists behind #GrabYourWallet and Sleeping Giants mull what’s next in 2018 and beyond.

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Beto and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including a Senate race that feels more like a presidential one. Texas Monthly’s Eric Benson explains how Beto O’Rourke might break the Democrats’ dry spell in the Lone Star State on the eve of the second O’Rourke-Cruz debate.

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The Conners killed off Roseanne via opioid overdose. The real Roseanne Barr is not happy.

Toronto police to Canadians: stop snitching on your neighbors about marijuana

How the Roseanne revival evolved into The Conners — and became a better show in the process

Netflix bet on the long-ignored romantic comedy this summer. It paid off.

Trump only wants to take credit for Republicans’ midterm outcomes if they win

23 charts and maps that show the world is getting much, much better

How meditation and psychedelic drugs could fix tribalism

One in 10 potential Florida voters can’t legally vote. Amendment 4 could change that.

Cherokee Nation citizens like me are used to people claiming our heritage. It’s exhausting.

Bail reform, which could save millions of unconvicted people from jail, explained

Lust meets wanderlust: why everyone uses travel photos on their dating profiles

Immigrant moms have had more preterm babies since Trump was elected

3 key moments in Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke’s final Senate debate

Vox Sentences: Russia and the second Great Schism

Nathan Fillion is a rookie cop, Black-ish is back, and more from the week in fall TV

Trump buys Saudi leader’s claim that he wasn’t involved in Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance

Mary Bono resigns as USA Gymnastics president

Trump tweeted he has no ties to Saudi Arabia. A Fox News account proved him wrong.

A guide to the 2018 midterm elections

The 2018 midterms could be pivotal for the future of the Trump administration. Here’s everything you need to know about who’s running, what to watch, and why it matters.

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A leaked email reveals why you can’t always trust Sephora product reviews

Stephen Hawking’s final warning for humanity: AI is coming for us

A new study reveals the real reason Obama voters switched to Trump

China once denied detaining Uighur Muslims. Now an official claims it’s a good thing.

The Ohio governor’s race shows the opioid epidemic is invigorating a new war on drugs

How to write an angry, hopeful play about the Constitution

Do celebrities of color have an obligation to wear minority designers on the red carpet?

5 signs Democrats could flip an Arizona Senate seat this November

Shopping local won’t save small businesses from closing. Here’s what will.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

This autism dad has a warning for anti-vaxxers

The share economy is coming for your closet

Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test has started a whole new controversy

Piers Morgan made fun of Daniel Craig for carrying his baby. The response from dads was adorable.

The state of the battle for the House of Representatives, explained

Shitty Media Men List creator Moira Donegan on the year in #MeToo

Pompeo just met with the Saudi royal who may be behind Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance

Tacos, dumplings, bagels: the complicated politics of food emoji

Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels’s defamation suit against Trump, requires her to pay his legal fees

Republican Duncan Hunter is baselessly calling his Mexican-Palestinian-American opponent a “security threat”

The Great Recession was awful. And we don’t have a plan to stop the next one.