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The $22 billion gamble: why some physicists aren’t excited about building a bigger particle collider

Particle accelerators have taught us so much about physics that the new one might have nothing to find.

Judge refuses to certify GOP victory in contested North Carolina Congress race

The House remains at least one member short as a state investigation continues.

How a long-lost Leonardo da Vinci painting got dragged into a Trump-Russia conspiracy theory

A theory linking the world’s most expensive painting to Trump has little merit, but reveals current anxieties.

Theresa May’s Brexit plan B sounds a lot like plan A

Parliament will now try to take some control, as the Brexit deadline gets closer.

The latest whirlwind of Trump-Russia news, explained

The BuzzFeed story hasn’t been corroborated, Giuliani made (and retracted) a new admission, and more.

The Supreme Court isn’t giving Trump leverage on a shutdown DACA deal

The court hasn’t officially agreed to hear the lawsuit over DACA — which means the program will probably remain on life support for several more months.

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28 Days Later

The partial government shutdown is now officially a record-breaking, trip-cancelling, State of the Union-postponing, Cardi B-angering hot mess.

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Are 26 billionaires worth more than half the planet? The debate, explained.

Sarah Kliff has spent the past year reporting on high ER fees. Ask her anything.

Secret military bases, spy talks, and Trump tweets: the weekend in US-North Korea news

Where things stand with the government shutdown this week

The Ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo is moving toward a major city. That’s not good.

How the story of a clash between a boy in a MAGA hat and a Native American elder unfolded

Is the CRISPR baby controversy the start of a terrifying new chapter in gene editing?

Hospitals keep ER fees secret. We’re uncovering them.

Reporter Sarah Kliff is collecting emergency room bills as part of a year-long project focused on American health care prices.

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The 2019 Best Picture nominees have one of the biggest combined box office tallies ever

How to watch all 8 of the 2019 Oscars Best Picture nominees

LeBron James, the most important athlete in America, explained

Toxic masculinity is under attack. That’s fine.

Greenland’s ice is melting much faster than we thought. Here’s why that’s scary.

Trump’s new favorite poll actually contains almost nothing but bad news for him

Vox 2019 Audience Survey: help us serve you better

Rudy Giuliani just muddied the waters even more about the 2016 Trump Tower Moscow talks

Here are all the 2019 Oscar nominees

Black Panther’s Best Picture Oscar nomination is a first for superhero movies

Roma just scored Netflix its first Best Picture Oscar nomination

The shutdown’s effect on the US economy, explained

Focus groups shape what we buy. But how much do they really say about us?

Social media is rotting democracy from within

Roe v. Wade is at risk, but abortion rights groups see surprising opportunities for gains

Prices at Zuckerberg hospital’s emergency room are higher than anywhere else in San Francisco

Brandon Truaxe, the controversial founder of the skin care company Deciem, has died

Kamala Harris has been criticized for her criminal justice record. She’s just begun to offer a response.

How to make more Vox Video happen

The sanctification — and sanitization — of Martin Luther King Jr.

Study: Cory Booker’s baby bonds nearly close the racial wealth gap for young adults

Kamala Harris announces her historic 2020 presidential campaign

For Bachelor contestants, every outfit is an opportunity for #sponcon

Immigration hardliners outraged over Trump’s proposed shutdown deal

White students in MAGA gear taunt Native American elders

Exploratory committees, the weird opening act of the 2020 campaign, explained

Star Trek: Discovery and the problem of charting a new future for a franchise with so much past

SNL tests Trump’s negotiating prowess in ‘Deal or No Deal’: Government Shutdown Edition

The 2019 Women’s March battled controversy. These women turned out anyway.

9 key questions about the longest government shutdown in history, answered

Here’s Trump’s latest offer to end the shutdown — and why Democrats aren’t interested

Why Trump and Pelosi are caught in a bitter, petty game of one-upmanship