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John C. Reilly explains how to properly fit a men’s hat

Reilly co-stars with Joaquin Phoenix, Riz Ahmed, and Jake Gyllenhaal in The Sisters Brothers, a darkly comic Western.

Is there a humane way to boil lobsters alive? One woman thinks it’s by getting them high.

The owner of a Maine lobster pound is sedating her lobsters with marijuana before killing them.

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Hurricane Florence’s floods caused severe property damage. Here’s a solution.

The government has a buyout plan, but it needs to be bigger — and better coordinated.

The fight over Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie as a gay couple, explained

The history of Bert and Ernie as queer icons is a history of people being incensed by their status as queer icons.

Essays from disgraced men aren’t provocative and new. They reinforce the status quo.

What’s at stake in publishing essays like Jian Ghomeshi’s New York Review of Books piece?

A top Cornell food researcher has had 13 studies retracted

Brian Wansink has six new high-profile study retractions. He’s a cautionary tale in bad incentives in science.

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China's concentration camps

China has a secret that’s slowly slipping out: roughly a million Uighurs are being held in “reeducation camps”. Gulchehra Hoja, a Uighur journalist, explains how reporting on China’s human rights abuses against Muslims led to the disappearance of 23 of her relatives.

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Where Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation process stands

Vox Sentences: Will Texans bet on Beto?

Cody Wilson, 3D-printed gun creator, is accused of sexually assaulting a minor

Mixing ketchup and mayonnaise isn’t new. Here’s why Heinz is trying to cash in on it now.

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Why is Marco Rubio tweeting about Salt Bae?

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Americans’ approval of Pope Francis drops to 53% amid more church sex abuse revelations

How the Canadian cannabis company Tilray became worth more than American Airlines

What’s wrong with the “just a teen” Kavanaugh defense, according to a psychologist

Lorde’s Adidas sneakers, Marilyn Manson’s absinthe, and other things celebrities compelled us to buy

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The striking parallels between Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas

Democrats should worry about all their close special election losses

What Kavanaugh is accused of isn’t “horseplay”

Senate Republicans are playing straight into Democrats’ message about Brett Kavanaugh allegations

Instagrammable pop-ups are everywhere. What does that mean for art?

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Fox News won’t say Kavanaugh’s accuser is lying. They say she’s misremembering.

“She’s afraid of being trapped”: Ford’s friend on the aftermath of Kavanaugh’s alleged assault

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Hog manure is spilling out of lagoons because of Hurricane Florence’s floods

The battle for state legislatures

An engineer explains the emotion-driven evolution of car design

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A disgraced evangelical leader returns to ministry after #MeToo. He won’t be the last.

Trump’s China strategy is the most radical in decades — and it’s failing

"The administration diagnosed the right problem, but it came up with the wrong remedy."

The gleeful maximalism of fashion legend Bill Cunningham, explained in 8 hats

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The banking industry is spending big on red-state Democrats in 2018

9 experts warn that Latino dislike of Trump may not translate into midterm turnout

Elon Musk is now facing a Justice Department probe over his privatization tweet

More than ever, our clothes are made of plastic. Just washing them can pollute the oceans.

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What’s next for #MeToo? The McDonald’s strikes have an answer.

How fascism works

Every known human culture has had its own music

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are free. But people say paying for them is worth the money.

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How cauliflower took over your pizza, your kitchen, and the world

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Christine Blasey Ford wants an FBI investigation before she’ll testify about Kavanaugh

Vox Sentences: Florence’s flooding continues

The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold, explained

3 things we learned from the Captain Marvel trailer

Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s classmate, says he won’t testify on sexual assault allegations

New UN report documents evidence of mass atrocities in Myanmar against the Rohingya

599 alumnae from Christine Blasey Ford’s high school sign letter saying they support her

We asked 5 senators what they’re looking for in Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony