Everything you need to know about Easter eggs

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2014-04-07 11:54:49 -0400

  1. What's an Easter egg?
  2. Seriously, what's an Easter egg?
  3. Where does the term "Easter egg" come from?
  4. What is the Konami code?
  5. What are some famous Easter eggs?
  6. Which company loves Easter eggs the most?
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    What's an Easter egg?

    Easter eggs are a common way that people around the world celebrate the Christian holiday of Easter. Typically made using hollow chicken eggs, Easter eggs are dyed bright colors to celebrate the coming of spring and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


    Easter Eggs/Via Flickr

    In some countries, Easter eggs are hung from trees or otherwise used as decorations. In other countries, eggs are hidden outside for children to find. Another common activity is the Easter egg roll, in which eggs are rolled down hills, or along a flat stretch of ground with a spoon. In the United States, the president hosts an annual Easter egg roll at the White House.

    Easter eggs are especially elaborate in Eastern Europe, where there is a rich folk tradition of painting complex patterns onto Easter eggs.

    While Easter eggs have traditionally been actual eggs, imitation Easter eggs have become common in recent years. Chocolate Easter eggs are widely available in stores during Easter season, and parents can also buy hollow plastic eggs which hold candy or other treats for children who find them.

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    Seriously, what's an Easter egg?

  3. Card 3 of 6

    Where does the term "Easter egg" come from?

  4. Card 4 of 6

    What is the Konami code?

  5. Card 5 of 6

    What are some famous Easter eggs?

  6. Card 6 of 6

    Which company loves Easter eggs the most?

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