Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Timothy B. Lee

Zerg Overlord

Timothy B. Lee is a senior editor at Vox, where he covers technology. He has previously written for the Washington Post, Ars Technica, and Forbes. He prefers vi to emacs and barely missed having a 4-digit Slashdot ID.

Most Recent Posts

Why Augustus was one of history's greatest leaders

Rome's first emperor, Caesar Augustus, died on August 19, 14 AD. He changed the history of Europe, and the world.

New study shows how patent trolls harm innovation

A new study finds that companies dramatically scale back their R&D spending after losing lawsuits from patent trolls.

6 secrets to getting a good deal on a house

Buying a house is complicated. We suggest 6 rules for getting a house you'll love at a price you can afford.

PRESENTED BY 891985163_discover_logo-revrs_260x60-_1_

The Times finally calls CIA torture "torture"

For almost a decade, the New York Times used euphemisms like "harsh interrogation techniques" to describe CIA torture.

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