Thursday, July 24, 2014

Matthew Yglesias

Red Mage

Vengeance is mine.

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Ted Cruz makes the world's worst chart

This is not how y-axes work.

SCOTUS really might wreck Obamacare

Conservatives are united around the idea that Halbig is good law. For John Roberts or another justice to overturn it would be a significant ideological betrayal. Betrayals do happen, but they're...

Big chains pay better than mom and pop stores

The rise of soulless big box retail chains has often been lamented, but there's persuasive evidence that big stores and big chains are good for workers. The data comes from Brianna Cardiff-Hicks,...

3 reasons nobody believes official inflation stats

It's all about the cognitive bias

One fact that explains Europe's edge over Russia

Vladimir Putin needs the EU a lot more than the EU needs Russia

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