Thursday, October 30, 2014

Matthew Yglesias

Red Mage

Matthew Yglesias used to have other, different jobs writing things on the internet for different websites. It all started at The American Prospect, then there were stints at The Atlantic and Think Progress, a troll-tastic run at Slate, and now it's Vox, Vox, Vox all the time.

Most Recent Posts

Trust Russell Brand, not this condescending professor, on the economics of debt relief

As Brand says, debt forgiveness would give the economy a very useful boost.

Taxi mogul calls UberX “exactly the same menace” as ISIS

Uber, but for the Caliphate. Or is there really any difference?

Why don't the poor use bike share systems?

Bike sharing is supposed to be a new kind of transit, but it has the demographics of a high-end leisure activity.

A $20 an hour minimum wage really would cost a lot of people their jobs

Denmark pulls off high-pay for fast food workers, but it doesn't have many fast food jobs.

See every New Deal project in America, in one map

See the legacy of the 1930s in your neighborhood.

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