Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dylan Matthews


Forget it, Jake, it's the ARPAnet. Here is a novel about me.

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Dear Dylan needs questions

I'm starting an advice column. Let's see how it goes.

OkCupid set up incompatible people — for research

The popular dating portal took 30 percent matches and told them they were 90 percent matches, in the name of science.

The EITC is not going to be increased

Ryan and Obama's identical EITC plans are paid for in dramatically different ways. And that's why they're doomed.

America's most polarized state legislatures

Political scientists Boris Shor and Nolan McCarty find that California has the most polarized state legislature of any state — but New York has the most liberal.

Paying everyone enough to escape poverty is doable

Contrary to recent arguments, a guaranteed minimum income wouldn't produce a nation of layabouts. And it would eliminate America's gravest social problem.

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