Thursday, July 31, 2014

Julia Belluz

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Chart: America's nine fattiest restaurant meals

The Center for Science in the Public Interest scoured the country for the worst waistline offenders. Here are the winners.

Should you be afraid of the Ebola threat?

With the worst outbreak in history playing out in West Africa, people everywhere are scared of Ebola. Is this a real threat to global health?

How vaping companies may win the war on regulation

The e-cigarette industry is sponsoring state bills that have the veneer of public health.

Why the fist bump may soon overtake the handshake

A new study shows that the alternative greeting spreads many fewer microbes than the classic handshake.

Why doctors are to blame for poor HPV vaccine rate

The US lags other industrialized countries when it comes to coverage of the vaccine against human-papilloma virus.

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